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Society & Culture
Historian H.W. Brands on the Epic Rivalry Betwe...
American, History, Korean, War, Truman, MacArthur, Cold War, President, military, Soviet, World War,
43 min
Chef Mario Batali Celebrates America's Favorite...
Chef, cooking, foodie, Italian, restaurants, food, recipes, culinary, regional, American, Batali, The Chew, James Beard,
38 min
Author James Patterson on the Shocking True Cri...
True Crime, criminal, scandal, Bill Clinton, Trump, politics, sex, Palm Beach, Florida, Alex Cross, thriller
44 min
Critical Thinking in the Information Age w/ Dr....
news, politics, internet, science, psychology, sociology, data, polls, social media, fact-checking, neuroscience, conspiracy theories, medicine, health, election,
52 min
Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick At Wired, On 12 Te...
Technology, Wired, Business, Virtual Reality, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Tech, Future
44 min
Director Rod Lurie on "Killing Reagan" for Nati...
Ronald Reagan, President, American history, Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Reagan, National Geographic, Politics
50 min
Dylan Thuras of Atlas Obscura on the World's Hi...
travel, Atlas, Obscura, vacation, explore, weird, strange, unique, trivia, tourism, supernatural, curiosity
43 min
Artificial Intelligence (Pt. 2) w/ Prof. Nick B...
Artificial Intelligence, Superintelligence, Singularity, cognitive computers, technology, Science, AMC, Humans, Threats,
53 min
Artificial Intelligence (Pt. 1) w/ Michio Kaku,...
artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, IBM, Watson, Wired, Robots, Singularity, Tech, Future, Technology
43 min
Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer of CRIMINAL Pod...
CRIMINAL, true crime, podcast, mysteries, investigation, Serial, justice, stories, anthology, police, law
47 min
CNBC'S Larry Kudlow & Historian Brian Domitrovi...
Economics, CNBC, politics, Kennedy, Reagan, taxes, supply-side, policy, election, economy, Reaganomics, Laffer Curve, Conservative, Democrat,
42 min
Al Jean, Head Writer/Exec Producer of "The Simp...
Simpsons, Comedy, Humor, Animation, Fox Network, Television, Writing, James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, Lampoon
49 min
HBO's "Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo ...
Terrorism, Paris, Attack, Freedom of Speech, Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Extremism, Satire, 1st Amendment, Politics, France, Homeland Security, Burkini
40 min
James Carville Makes the Democrats' Case for 2016
Democrat, Liberal, Politics, Strategy, Election, President, Clinton, Economy, Matalin, War Room,
29 min
Discovery Network's "Taking Fire" w/ Kyle Bouch...
Army, War, Afghanistan, Military, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, war on terror, terrorism, documentary,
34 min
David Cay Johnston On The Making of Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Politics, Taxes, Net Worth, Fraud, Campaign, Trump U, Atlantic City, Election, Investigation, Business,
43 min
Ann Coulter on Trump, Immigration, The Roast & ...
Coulter, Trump, Conservative, Reagan, Republican, Election, Politics, Hannity, Comedy Central, Roast, Rob Lowe,
40 min
David Priess Reveals All About "The President's...
CIA, Intelligence, National Security, Intel, President, Espionage, POTUS, NSA, Top Secret, Politics, Bush, Conspiracies
48 min
CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin on the Patty H...
True Crime, Law, Legal, Hearst, SLA, CNN, FBI, News, New Yorker, People vs. O.J. Simpson, Stockholm Syndrome,
35 min
Mary Matalin Says the GOP Needs to Change, not ...
Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Election, 2016, Presidential, Politics, Donald, Trump, Gary, Johnson, Carville, Tea, Party,
30 min
Creators of AMC's Halt & Catch Fire, Chris Cant...
TV, tech, AMC, Silicon Valley, television, Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Silicon Prairie, programmers,
43 min
Can a Robot Take YOUR Job? w/ guest Martin Ford
Robots, Artificial Intelligence, A.I., tech, science, economics, economy, jobs, singularity,
37 min
Alexandra Pelosi Exposes the World of Political...
Campaign finance reform, political fundraising, Citizens United, Koch Brothers, Soros, Nancy Pelosi, documentary, HBO,
39 min
100th Episode! Special Guest Dick Cavett
television, TV, history, Hollywood, comedy, Cavett, talk show, Tonight Show, Groucho Marx, wit, stories, anecdotes, jokes,
50 min
Ben Shapiro on Political Correctness & Journali...
Daily Wire, Breitbart, Conservative, Free America, Political Correctness, Colleges, Republican, GOP,
34 min