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Society & Culture
Inside Hillary Clinton's Shattered Campaign w/ ...
Hillary Clinton, Presidential, Election, 2016, Campaign, Politics, DNC, Trump, Bill Clinton, Obama, Biden
35 min
Comedian W. Kamau Bell on Denzel, the KKK & Bla...
CNN, news, comedy, comedian, race, politics, humor, diversity, Denzel Washington,
46 min
Adam Campbell of NBC's "Great News"
Comedy, NBC, television, sitcom, Tina Fey, UK, SNL, CNN, 30 Rock, News, humor, fake news, England, Britain, Hollywood,
38 min
Chris Whipple on the President's Gatekeeper
White House, Chief of Staff, government, President, Reince Priebus, West Wing, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, Trump,
43 min
Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night w/ NYT ...
comedy, David Letterman, talk show, Johnny Carson, comedian, late night, television,
57 min
Daniel Franklin of "The Economist" Envisions Te...
Technology, Futurist, The Economist, Future, AI,
40 min
Laughing Through the Arab Spring w/ Bassem Youssef
comedy, political, satire, Egypt, Middle East, Arab Spring, humor, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Muslim Brotherhood,
46 min
Philipp Meyer & Kevin Murphy Talk Texas Oil & B...
Texas, Oil, Literature, Television, Native American, American, History, Cowboy, Border, Wars,
37 min
Exploring the Dark Net w/ Mati Kochavi
Tech, Security, Deep Web, Dark Web, Internet, documentary, Israel, technology, trafficking, arms, terrorism, hacking, news, trends, Arab Spring,
34 min
Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss Answers "...
science, physics, existentialism, origins, evolution, universe, big bang, religion, bible, Einstein, atheism, atomic, doomsday, education,
31 min
P.J. O'Rourke on Election 2016: How the Hell Di...
politics, satire, libertarian, conservative, humor, election, president, Trump, Clinton, Weekly Standard, political, campaign,
48 min
Professor Tom Nichols on the Death of Expertise...
education, politics, schools, national security, Snopes, facts, internet, conspiracy theories, reason, science, college, sociology, Jeopardy, Trump,
52 min
Henry Winkler on the Fonz, Fonts & Helping Dysl...
dyslexia, learning, disorder, reading, acting, television, children, film, Hollywood, Happy Days, Hank Zipzer, ADD,
39 min
Making a Murderer: Jerome Buting vs. Ken Kratz
true crime, marking a murderer, law, serial, criminal, trial, mystery, documentary, Steven Avery, legal, conspiracy,
54 min
Evgeny Afineevsky Discusses His Documentary "Cr...
Syria, FSA, Revolution, Free Syrian Army, Protests, Arab Spring, Civil War, Bashar al-Assad, Assad, Putin, Syrian, Refugees,
41 min
Man of 1000 Voices Rich Little
comedy, impersonations, comics, Hollywood, celebrities, Reagan, Carson, Tonight Show, show business, television, movie, stars,
41 min
Author Patricia Cornwell Solves Jack the Ripper...
true crime, forensics, Jack the Ripper, murder, serial killer, art, detective, Scarpetta, London, Scotland Yard, Britain, history, impressionism,
49 min
The Most Famous Hacker Gives Tips For Personal ...
Hackers, Cyber-Security, Hacking, Tech, Protection, Computers, Security,
46 min
Legendary Mathematician Edward Thorp on Card Co...
Math, Investing, Finance, Blackjack, Casinos, Counting, Odds, Statistics, Computers, Wall Street, Gambling,
47 min
VICE Correspondents Gianna Toboni & Isobel Yeung
Vice, HBO, news journalism, documentary, current events, Syria, ISIS, Russia, media, Shane Smith,
44 min
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on ...
Australia, Asia, Pacific, Politics, Diplomacy, China, Japan, North Korea, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Policy, United Nations, One China,
43 min
Bloomberg Tech Editor Brad Stone on Uber, AirBn...
Uber, AirBnB, technology, business, tech, startup, sharing economy, Lyft, innovation, regulation, Trump, Amazon, Decrypted, Bezos,
52 min
The Cast & Creators of AMC's HUMANS Imagine a F...
artificial intelligence, television, tv, AMC, tech, future, robots, BBC, the singularity, science, technology, A.I.
46 min
Political Dirty Trickster Roger Stone on The Ma...
Politics, strategy, opposition research, Trump, President, Nixon, Republican, Russia, hack, campaign, Reagan,
44 min
Hugh Hewitt's "Fourth Way" for President Trump...
Hugh Hewitt, Conservative, Republican, Constitution, Trump, Hamilton, Lincoln, Infrastructure, Immigration, Navy, Nixon, Impeachment, Government, Law,
46 min