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Society & Culture
(Rebroadcast) Pt. 1: E.M.P. - The Day the Eart...
EMP, electromagnetic, pulse, nuke, nuclear, Iran, North, Korea, Russia, defense, neocon, electric, grid, NORAD, national, security,
33 min
Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Foru...
Islam, ISIS, Iran, Syria, Jihad, Israel, Palistinian, terrorism, Islamist, terrorism,
39 min
Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review on Willia...
Conservative, William, Buckley, National, Review, Republican, Firing Line, Fox, News,
46 min
Garry Kasparov Warns That Vladimir Putin Is The...
Russia, Vladimir, Putin, President, Ukraine, Crimea, KGB, FSB, Kremlin, Medvedev, Corruption, Yeltsin, NATO, Gorbachev
49 min
Karl Rove on William McKinley & Why the Electio...
Rove, politics, political, American, Presidential, history, election, McKinley, Bush, 1896
39 min
Brian Kilmeade, Co-Host of "Fox & Friends" on T...
Thomas, Jefferson, Barbary, Wars, Pirates, Tripoli, Navy, Marines, Revolution
34 min
The Young Turks - Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, & ...
TYT, Young, Turks, Think, Tank, News, Current, Events, Politics, Online, YouTube, Millennials, MSNBC,
41 min
The Rise & Reign of Vladimir Putin w/ guest Ste...
Putin, Russia, President, KGB, FSB, Soviet, Tsar, Ukraine, Sochi, Syria, Yeltsin
52 min
Rebroadcast: Reagan's "A TIME FOR CHOOSING" spe...
Ronald Reagan, Goldwater, Republican, President, Politics, Conservative, speech, campaign, Libertarian,
33 min
Bob Woodward on Nixon & The Last of the Preside...
Woodward, Bernstein, Watergate, President, Richard, Nixon, Washington, Post, Vietnam, Republican, Henry, Kissinger,
41 min
Fred Barnes & Mort Kondracke from Fox News' "Th...
Jack, Kemp, Fred Barners, Mort Kondracke, Reagan, supply-side, economics, Reaganomics, elections, Congress, House
50 min
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Tax Reform, t...
Republican, Conservative, Tea, Party, Congress, House, Minnesota, Politics, Presidential, Election, Flat, Tax, Iran, Russia, Obama
47 min
Mike Pesca, Host of Slate's The Gist
Slate, Magazine, The, Gist, podcast, NPR, On, The, Media, journalism, politics
38 min
Curator of the International Spy Museum Dr. Vin...
Spy, Espionage, Cold, War, CIA, KGB, Intelligence, BRIDGE OF SPIES, James, Bond, gadgets, SpyCast,
51 min
David Axelrod On The President, Hillary Clinton...
President, Barack, Obama, Election, Campaign, Strategy, 2016, Democrat, Debate, The, Axe, Files, Progressive, Liberal, Chicago, Illinois, Clinton,
48 min
Michael Reagan On Why Conservatives Need To Sto...
Ronald, Reagan, Michael, Reagan. President, 2016, Republican, Primary, Election, Debate, Trump, Bush, Rubio, politics, Reaganism,
45 min
ISIS's War on Cultural Heritage & the Modern Da...
ISIS, archeology, Islamic State, terrorist, Syria, civil war, ISIL, Palmyra, ancient, antiquities, artifacts, Middle East, conservative, political,
54 min
Cuba Under Castro w/ guests Miami Mayor Tomas R...
Cuba, Fidel, Castro, Obama, Foreign, Policy, Embargo, Havana, Dictator, Socialist, Miami, Cuban, Dissidents, Exile, Human, Rights,
43 min
Senator Lindsey Graham on the Iran Nuclear Deal...
Iran, nuclear, agreement, Obama, foreign, policy, hawk, conservative, Republican, Presidential, Primary, 2016, election, campaign, GOP
25 min
Millennials & the 2016 Election w/ Pollster Kri...
Millennials, Young, Voters, Selfie, Vote, Election, Polls, Republican, GOP, Pollsters, Data, Campaign, Trump, Clinton, Issues
47 min
The End of Doom with Ronald Bailey, Science Wri...
End, of, Doom, Reason, Magazine, Cato, Institute, Science, Environment, Environmental, Skepticism, Climate, Change, Global, Warming, EPA, Greenpeace, population, world, hunger, FDA, GMO, pesticide, endangered, species
41 min
THE CONSERVATIVE HEART w/ Author Arthur C. Broo...
AEI, American Enterprise Institute, Conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Conservative, Heart, Election, GOP, Debate
44 min
A Governor, a Speechwriter & the Scandal That B...
Speechwriter, Politics, Governor, Mark Sanford, Writing, Scandal, Republican, Tea Party, Conservative, Crisis Management, Spin, Damage Control, Public Relations
41 min
Former Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon On The I...
Israel, Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu, Iran, nuclear agreement, Obama, Middle East, diplomacy, nuclear proliferation, defense, security, John Kerry, conservative, Republican, hostages, weapons of mass destruction, I.A.E.A., International Atomic Energy Agency,
32 min
The Iran Nuke Deal w/ guest Michael Rubin, Midd...
Iran, Nuclear, Agreement, Deal, Obama, Rouhani, Terrorism, Israel, Middle, East, Security, Defense, Conservative, Diplomacy
35 min