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Three guys that have no idea what they are talking about, reviewing movies, tv shows and oversharing life stories. Join Dex (@LordDexHinton), Royden (@roydenogletree), and Teej (@Less_HumbleTeej) every week for the LIVE recording on the Apollo Twitch Channel ( and then catch the podcast every Thursday. "This show will change your life!" -Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

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Ep. 25 - "The Lighthouse" Take Down
HARK TRITON, HARK! Today the gang takes on the 2019 Academy Award nominated film, "The Lighthouse". Come listen to our sea shanties as we discuss the fundamentals of seagull killing, Question how much kerosine can one drink, and learn about the origins of perhaps the greatest contribution to society in the last 20 years. Are we picking movies you don't care about? Give us a rate & review on Apple Podcasts & we will discuss any movie or show you want us to! heck we might invite you to just join us wickies to discuss it on the pod!
125 min
Ep.24 - "Monster" Take Down
We gotta spend this 5 bucks but when it's gone so are we, if you got something for me in this life you better bring it on, and there this movie was. This week we are joined by the one & only Kaitlyn (@kaityewest) of "The Real Lady Killers" to talk about the 2003 Academy Award winning film "Monster". Come murder with us as we discuss the real Aileen Wuornos, figure out how to bleach our eyebrows, & offer a quick & aggressive "You're Welcome" after a job well done. Hate this movie, but love us? Visa versa? Want us to talk about your favorite movie or show? Rate & review us on Apple Podcasts & we'll happily talk about whatever you want us to! Heck we might even invite you on to talk about it with us!
111 min
Ep.23 - "Bad Education" Review + Actors & Actre...
One man's taxes is another man's Sky Bridge. This week the boys review the new HBO release "Bad Education". Come embezzle with us as we discuss why letting people have access to your record room isn't a smart move, question why you would hire your ex-felon son for contracting work, & commit victimless crimes with razr phones. Love this movie & hate us? Visa Versa? Want us to talk about your favorite film or show? Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts and we'll talk about whatever you want us to talk about! Heck we might even invite you to come talk with us!
120 min
EP. 22 - "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" Take Down ...
Nothing says Cold War Spy Thriller like governmental bureaucracy. The boys take down the 2011 espionage film "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy". Listen in as we try & figure out what exactly happens in this movie, Ponder where 2 hours of our lives went, & how incredible of a marksmen Mark Strong is. Plus we fantasy draft things to do during this quarantine! Love this movie & hate us? Visa versa? Well, give us a rating & review on Apple Podcast & we'll review whatever movie or show you want us to! Heck we might even invite you on to defend your terrible choice in movies!
102 min
Ep. 21 -"Inglourious Basterds" Take Down + Fant...
We're quite tickled to hear you say that. Quite frankly reviewing Tarantino Films is the closest we ever get to goin' to the movies. On this episode we take down the 2009 Tarantino Epic "Inglourious Basterds". Joined by Ryan (@rev_23) the team discusses the German 3 & why you should never loudly speak about war crimes in a crowded bar, Christoph Waltz's sociopathic brilliance, and of course we wait for the cream for our strudels. Hate this movie, but love us? Or visa-versa? Rate & review us on Apple Podcasts & we'll talk about whatever movie you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to come on & talk about it with us!
108 min
Ep. 20 - "10 Things I Hate About You" Take Down...
The thing we hate the most, is that we don't hate this movie, not even a little bit..not even at all. That's right, this week we are joined again by the hilarious Mallory (@mallorycanteven) to discuss the 1999 classic rom-com "10 Things I Hate About You". Join the gang as we figure out what happened to Kat & Bianca's mom, What is going on with their dad, What happened to Hot Rod Joey once his acting career was over .....& Mallory tells the embarrassing true story of how Jake ruined her prom. Love this movie? Hate this Movie? Hate our stupid combat boots and the way we cut our hair? Give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and well talk about your favorite movie! Heck we might just invite you on to talk about it with us!
116 min
Ep. 19 - "Tiger King" Review
Hey all you cool cats & kittens! We're back with our own exotic animal, Matt (@mattisbear) to review the Netflix smash hit docu-series "Tiger King". Join these zoo keepers as we discuss what makes Doc Antle so dang sexy, Why the Tiger Bus should have been a financial success, & of course that bitch Carole Baskin. Want us to talk about what you're watching? Rate & review us on Apple Podcasts & We'll review your favorite movie or tv show! Hell we might ask you to come join us talking about it!
115 min
Ep. 18 - "Onward" Review + Build Your Own Oscar...
On the most chaotic episode yet, the gang is once again joined by Pixar expert Matt!(@mattisbear) Join us on our quest as we question if electricity would really replace magic, Can your brother really be your father figure, and did the mom actually have the happiest ending? Love the podcast? Hate us? Want us to talk about your favorite movie or show? Rate and review us on apple podcasts and we will take down your favorites!
85 min
Ep. 17 - "Les Miserables" Take Down + Your quar...
Do you hear the people sing? Because we did! & the people wanted the 2012 Academy Award Winning film "Les Miserables". Listen in as Dex celebrates all things Helena Bonham Carter, The group dreams a dream of a world without Russell Crowe, and hotly debate if Hugh Jackman is a good singer or not. Hate this movie? Wish we would talk about your favorite? Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts, and we'll review your favorite movie!
102 min
One Take Pod EP. 16 - "Avatar" Take Down + the ...
This week, you the fans got to pick our take down! Today we take down the okayest film of 2009, James Cameron's "Avatar". Listen in as we question why is the military so excited to commit genocide? Why have Jake Sully be a paraplegic? And of course, why are the avatars completely anatomically correct & fully functional? Hate this movie? Want us to take down your favorite? Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts & we'll take down whatever you want us to!
113 min
One Take Pod EP. 15 - "Booksmart" One Take Down
In this weeks quarantine edition One Take, the One Take Crew takes down the hit 2019 teen comedy "Booksmart". Listen In as we fantasy draft the background characters, celebrate everything Beanie Feldstein & Kaitlyn Dever, & talk about all the pranks and felonies that went on at our high schools! .....ALAN!
100 min
One Take Pod EP. 14 - "Twilight" One Take Down
This week on the One Take Podcast we are joined by our special guest J'neia Stewart(@TheLady_Artemis) of the "House Of Black" Podcast (@houseofblackpodcast) as we try to dissect the most celebrated & hated young adult movie of the 2000's. Listen In as we question proper baseball attire, What's the average age of a Forks HS student, & who has the most dead eyes out of the cast.
119 min
One Take Pod EP. 13 - "Walk The Line" One Take ...
This weeks Corona quarantine edition of One Take, We take down the 2005 Best Actress Oscar Winning film "Walk The Line". Listen in as Jake has takes on the movie "Crash". Royden has A long discussion about child labor laws, and Dex tell us how they did Vivian Cash dirty in this movie.
109 min
One Take Pod Ep. 12 - "Uncut Gems" One Take dow...
This week the gang is back together & taking on the late 2019 dark horse Oscar favorite (and massively snubbed), "Uncut Gems". We discuss the career arc that lead Adam Sandler to this pinnacle, and also question why was the Weeknd in this? Plus Dex defends himself & Captain America from last week's question asking which franchise is better, "Captain America" or "Dark Knight". Remember to like/ subscribe/ and rate us. Send us a pic of your review and we'll let you pick which movie we take down next! (Dex & Jake love scary Moves...!)
95 min
One Take Pod Ep. 11 - "The Invisible Man" revie...
This week we are joined by special guests Conor Burns (@conorburns91) and Mallory Layfield (@mallorycanteven). We take a look at the Dark Universe salvage project "The Invisible Man". Is it good? Who's to say? (Royden) Is it a Lifetime movie disguised as a thriller? Who knows? (Jake and Mallory) We answer those questions and try our best to be thoughtful with some great listener questions.
101 min
One Take Pod Ep. 10 - One Take Down: "Drive" + ...
We continue our take down of the Ryan Gosling cinematic universe with the 2011 sleeper "Drive". Plus we read off tweets from the viewers about the worst movie they ever took a date or a group of friends to see.
105 min
One Take Pod Ep. 9 - One Take Down: "The Fugiti...
In this weeks One Take Down we poke so many holes in the plot of the dad movie classic "The Fugitive"....Don't get mad at us. Plus we have some bonus talk about the biggest dumpster fire on TV "Love Is Blind".
75 min
One Take Pod Ep 8 - "Sonic the Hedgehog" review...
This week we review first film in the Sega cinematic universe, "Sonic the Hedgehog". Plus we look back at movies that traumatized us as kids, and talk about what we are streaming...Mostly love is blind.
77 min
One Take Pod Ep. 7 - "Crazy, Stupid, Love." One...
On this week's One Take Down, we take down the Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling banger, "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Spoiler alert: We still love it.
77 min
One Take Pod Ep. 6 - Oscars reaction, "Birds of...
In this weeks episode we are joined by "Stir the Plot" host Derek Fults. We discuss the Oscars (ratings and awards), "Birds of Prey", and as always give overlong answers to your questions.
118 min
One Take Pod Ep. 5: "Miss Americana" and "You" ...
Full streaming episode! We review Taylor Swift's new documentary "Miss Americana" and finally review season 1 of the best worst show of all time, "You". Plus we answer listener questions which include, "What do we think about Tarantino?" and "Is the western dead?"
86 min
One Take Pod Ep. 4 -One Take Down: "Toy Story 4"
Special guest/dad/Disney expert Matt (@mattisbear) comes on the pod to discuss "Toy Story 4" that recently dropped on Disney+. Is this movie necessary? The answers can be found inside!
80 min
One Take Pod Ep. 3 - "The Gentlemen" review, Ma...
On an extra long episode we review Guy Ritchie's "The Gentlemen", breakdown Matthew McConaughey's wild career and answer listener questions. Mostly about "Cats" and why that was a movie. Subscribe!
130 min
One Take Pod Ep. 2 - One Take Down: La La Land
Once a week we will take a universally loved or critically acclaimed film, break it down and sometimes take it down. This week we focus on the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone hit, "La La Land". Is the singing good? Is Gosling even acting or is this just him in real life? Does his jazz club remain open after the film? The answers are inside!
93 min
One Take Pod Ep. 1 - Oscar Nominations, roast J...
In our first episode, we are talkin Oscars. Nominations and predictions. We also roast Joker (4 months too late), review "1917", talk about what we're binging (It's "Cheer"), and we give our One Take Hot Takes about what's bugging us in film and television. Subscribe!
108 min