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Three guys that have no idea what they are talking about, reviewing movies, tv shows and oversharing life stories. Join Dex (@DexHinton), Royden (@roydenogletree), and Teej (@Less_HumbleTeej) every Sunday for the LIVE recording on the Apollo Twitch Channel ( and then catch the podcast every Thursday."This show will change your life!" -Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

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TV Reviews
Ep. 135 "M3GAN" review + Top five movies of 2022
Talking about the first big hit of 2023, M3GAN and why it worked. Plus we talk about our favorite films of 2022
63 min
Ep. 134 2023 Oscar Nominations with @mspeacherino
Mo (@mspeacherino) from What We Watch joins us to talk about the 2023 Academy Awards Nominations
92 min
Ep. 133 "The Banshees of Inisherin" & "Babylon"...
Talking about two very similar films, The Banshees of Inisherin and Babylon! Plus we talk about awards season.
112 min
Ep. 132 "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" rev...
Kaitlyn is back to help us review one of the best movies of the year! Also we talk about her dating life.
89 min
Ep. 131 "Avatar: The Way of Water" review with ...
Derek joins us because Teej refused to see the newest Avatar movie. He missed out. It's good!
88 min
Ep. 130 "The Fabelmans" review + "The Menu" min...
We're back after nearly a month off! So many movies came out! We talk about a couple of them.
99 min
Ep. 129 "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" review...
Reviewing the follow up to one of the biggest movies of all time and updating our list of the best movies of 2022.
101 min
Ep. 128 "Tár" review + a little Oscars talk
This week we review potentially the best film of 2022, "Tár" from writer/director Todd Field.
95 min
Ep. 127 "Black Adam" review + our favorite film...
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has told some generational lies about his films. Does he actually deliver with Black Adam?
88 min
Ep. 126 "The Redeem Team" review + things Ameri...
This week we review the Netflix documentary about the 2008 Olympic Basketball Redeem Team "The Redeem Team"
89 min
Ep. 125 "Don't Worry Darling" (2022) review + T...
Our Darlings might be worried. We finally review the much awaited film from Olivia Wilde, "Don't Worry Darling"
83 min
Ep. 124 "The Woman King" + what we're watching
This week we talk about one of the best reviewed movies of the year, "The Woman King"
64 min
Ep. 123 "Barbarian" review + best horror movies...
Derek Fults is back to talk about the wild film, "Barbarian" from Zach Cregger.
95 min
Ep. 122 "Parasite" (2019) review + what we're w...
This week we re-watched Bong Joon-ho's Oscar winning masterpiece, Parasite!
96 min
Ep. 121 "John Wick" (2014) review + an in-depth...
Dex has some wild takes about Keanu Reeves plus we talk about the first John Wick movie
84 min
Ep. 120 "Bullet Train" (2022) review + Top Five...
Talking about Bullet Train from Brad Pitt and the guys behind Deadpool. Plus we'll rank our top 5 Brad Pitt films.
88 min
Ep. 119 "Prey" (2022) review and why Hulu has t...
Rascal F Kennedy joins us to talk about the Predator prequel "Prey" and how Hulu has figured out how to make good streaming movies.
68 min
Ep. 118 "The Departed" (2006) review + What is ...
This week we take a look back at The Departed from Martin Scorsese. Is it as good as we remember? Plus we try to figure out what is going on with HBOMax and Warner Bros. Discovery.
107 min
Ep. 117 "Nope" (2022) review + movie tropes we ...
Mo (@mspeacherino) from What We Watch joins us again to talk about the third film from Jordan Peele, "Nope".
98 min
Ep. 116 "Movie Retakes"...Movies we have change...
Sometimes it's good to go back. This week we take a look back and regrade some of the films we have previously reviewed.
77 min
Ep. 115 "Thor: Love and Thunder" review + Phase...
Thor 4 has dropped and there are some mixed reviews online. We're here to say this movie is actually good. Tap in!
105 min
Ep. 114 "Elvis" (2022) review + most overrated ...
This week we reviewed the Elvis Presley movie, "Elvis" from Baz Luhrmann, plus we draft most overrated musicians
91 min
Ep. 113 "Hustle" (2022) review + our favorite b...
Erin is back to talk about a good Adam Sandler Netflix movie, Hustle.
80 min
Ep. 112 "Jurassic World: Dominion" (2022) revie...
We review possibly the worst Jurassic Park/World movie to date.
67 min
Ep. 111 "Top Gun: Maverick" (2022) + mundane ta...
@AyeThatsHoOtie joins us to discuss the instant classic, which is a sequel to a classic, Top Gun: Maverick
117 min
Ep. 110 "Paddington 1 & 2" review + we react to...
The number one Paddington 2 fan, Oliver Stacks joins us to discuss couple of the most well received movies ever, Paddington 1 & 2.
70 min
Top 10 movies of the year so far + most anticip...
Just waiting for Top Gun: Maverick to be released so we talk about our favorite movies so far.
52 min
Ep. 109 "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Ma...
Oh no. Our Multiverse. It's broken.
96 min
Ep. 108 "The Godfather" (1972) throwback review...
Royden caved and finally watched The Godfather. Spoiler's good.
127 min
Ep. 107 "The Northman" (2022) review + movie ch...
This week we review a movie that will for sure be used in hype up montages across all sports, The Northman.
96 min
Ep. 106 "Everything Everywhere All at Once" (20...
Mo (@mspeacherino) from What We Watch joins us to talk about the truly brilliant and chaotic film, Everything Everywhere All at Once
106 min
Ep. 105 "Ambulance" (2022) review + Michael Bay...
This week we break down the truly insane film, Ambulance. Plus we give the definitive Michael Bay movie tiers
89 min
Ep. 104 "Top Gun" (1986) throwback review + fav...
Matt and Evan from Between Two Bears are back for a movie more sexual than Boogie Nights!
89 min
2022 Oscars reaction pod! Or the one where Will...
This is our instant reactions minutes after the 2022 Oscars ended. We discuss the slap heard around the world.
77 min
Ep. 103 "The Adam Project" (2022) review + favo...
Netflix is back tomaking blockbusters for 100 million dollars. We talk about the latest one, The Adam Project.
77 min
Ep. 102 "Turning Red" (2022) review + best fema...
We are back with another Pixar banger. We review Turning Red!
97 min
Ep. 101 "The Batman" (2022) review + real life ...
Marcus Brent (@MarcusJBrent) joins us to talk about the newest Batman...The Batman.
138 min
Ep. 100!!!! "Worst movie and tv takes"
Guests of Christmas past join us to give their worst takes about movies and tv!
122 min
Ep. 99 2022 Oscar Nominations reaction with @ms...
Mo (@mspeacherino) joins us to talk about the 2022 Oscar Nominations
115 min
Ep. 98 "The Last Duel" (2021) review + movies t...
Dex was right...The Last Duel is good. We talk about it.
103 min
Ep. 97 "Tombstone" (1993) throwback review + be...
We break down the 1993 classic, Tombstone! Is it good? What works and what doesn't? Is this movie just better as youtube clips?
88 min
Ep. 96 "Don't Look Up" review on Twitter Spaces...
We joined What We Watch on Twitter Spaces to talk "Don't Look Up" from Netflix
108 min
Ep. 95 Top 5 movies or TV shows of 2021
Prodigal daughter Kaitlyn Zoeller returns to the podcast as we talk about our top 5 movies or tv shows of the past year.
95 min
Ep. 94 "The Matrix Resurrections" (2021) review...
Marcus Brent joins us for another subpar HBO Max movie, The Matrix Resurrections + we draft the biggest busts of 2021
147 min
Ep. 93 "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (2021) review ...
Deonte Epps and Paul Catalina join us to review the biggest movie of 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spoilers ahead!
156 min
Ep. 92 "House of Gucci" (2021) review + best br...
Derek joins the Gucci Gang for another wild episode to talk about House of Gucci and best brands #MakeGildanGreatAgain
135 min
Ep. 91 "King Richard" (2021) review + Best Dads...
Will Smith is BACK! We talk about his performance, career and Oscar chances. Plus we draft best dads.
108 min
Ep. 90 "The Harder They Fall" (2021) review + b...
Lisa (@lolalissaa) joins us to review The Harder They Fall from Netflix + we draft best shooters
107 min
Ep. 89 "Eternals" (2021) review + what we're wa...
Back on our MCU grind! We are reviewing Eternals. Is it good? We are still trying to figure that out. + The Rock is going to kill Teej
114 min
Ep. 88 "Boogie Nights" (1997) review with Betwe...
Matt and Evan from Between Two Bears join us for a wild episode about an insane movie. Buckle up!
138 min
Ep. 87 "Dune" (2021) review + sci-fi movie draf...
This week we review "Dune", the good one. Plus we draft top sci-fi movies!
112 min
Ep. 86 "No Time To Die" 2021 review + iconic mo...
Finally back after a short break to review the final Daniel Craig James Bond film and to slander Rami Malek like only we know how!
104 min
Ep. 85 "Squid Game" (2021) review with @mspeach...
Mo (@mspeacherino) joins us for a long episode as we review the entire Netflix hit series "Squid Game"
138 min
Ep. 84 "The Hangover" (2009) review + best cele...
Derek Fults joins us to review another Todd Phillips movie, "The Hangover". Plus we draft best celebrity movie cameos.
102 min
Ep. 83 "Legally Blonde" (2001) review with Etta...
Etta (@bayloretta) from The Sour Grapes Podcast joins us to talk about our Queen, Reese Witherspoon and her hit "Legally Blonde"
116 min
Ep. 82 "Django Unchained" (2012) review with Ma...
Marcus Brent actually joins us for a good movie this time as we review "Django Unchained" plus we draft the best "what if" castings in Hollywood history
130 min
Ep. 81 "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rin...
The MCU is back! This week we review one of the best MCU releases in sometime with "Shang-Chi" + we give our definitive MCU Tier List
93 min
Ep. 80 "Candyman" (2021) review + best candy dr...
@mspeacherino joins us to talk about the new Candyman + we roast each other for picking our favorite candy
108 min
Ep 79 "Magic Mike" (2012) review + chick flick ...
Three straight males review Magic Mike! That's the whole podcast! Plus we draft chick flicks.
101 min
Ep. 78 "Untold: Malice at the Palace" documenta...
This week we are talking about one of the biggest and most influential moments in NBA history and the so-so documentary made about it.
100 min
Ep 77. "The Suicide Squad" (2021) review + "mov...
Some movies deserve a hard reset and a do-over. Did The Suicide Squad? Who knows? But they tried anyway!
108 min
Ep. 76 "Project X" (2012) review + "people you ...
Derek Fults (@DerekFults) from Stir The Plot joins us to talk about whatever "Project X" is.
95 min
Ep. 75 "Fight Club" (1999) throwback review + "...
We tried to figure out if "Fight Club" is, or ever was good. Plus we draft movies that "Bros" love.
80 min
Ep. 74 "Space Jam: A New Legacy" review + movie...
Space Jam: A New Legacy or just Space Jam 2. Is it good? No. But what exactly is it? We try to figure that out.
61 min
Ep. 73 "Loki" review with @mr_blah_blah_
The most wholesome account on twitter, @mr_blah_blah_ joins us to review "Loki" from Disney+
71 min
Ep. 72 "Black Widow" review + most anticipated ...
The most anticipated movie review of this podcast is here! We are Supporting Florence Pugh and reviewing Black Widow
75 min
Ep. 71 "F9" (Fast and Furious 9) review + movie...
The gang talks about family and tries to figure out if the ninth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is good.
73 min
Ep. 70 "Twister" (1996) review + disaster movie...
This week we review a classic piece of 90's cinema, the 1996 hit "Twister" with guest Tony Adams
74 min
Ep. 69 "Luca" and "Raya and the Last Dragon" re...
@mattisbear joins us for a very nice episode. We review both "Luca" and "Raya and the Last Dragon"
47 min
Ep. 68 "In the Heights" (2021) review + movies ...
No guest this week but the same contentious discussion. This week we review "In the Heights"
90 min
Ep. 67 "Cruella" review with Eric Ekwueme (inst...
Friend of the pod Eric Ekwueme joins us to talk about another live action Disney film, "Cruella"
80 min
Ep. 66 "Fargo" (1996) review + dark comedies dr...
Paul Catalina (@PaulCatalina) from Sic 'Em 365 joins us to talk about Fargo and also has a take you don't want to miss
113 min
Ep. 65 "Those Who Wish Me Dead" review + female...
The gang is joined by friend of the pod Marcus Brent to talk about whatever Those Who Wish Me Dead was
87 min
Ep. 64 "The Mitchells vs The Machines" review +...
Animated movie expert @mattisbear joins the pod to review "The Mitchells vs The Machines"
93 min
Ep. 63 "Gladiator" review + favorite sports mov...
Is Gladiator (2000) a sports film? Who is Maximus' athletic equivalent? The gang breaks it down. Plus a sports movie draft.
99 min
Ep. 62 "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" review +...
Deonte Epps from The Duo: Sports and Stuff Podcast joins the gang to break down "Falcon and the Winter Soldier"
95 min
2021 Oscars reaction pod!
The gang breaks down a truly strange Oscars night and react to all the winners.
100 min
Ep. 61 "21 Jump Street" review with Stir The Pl...
"21 Jump Street" review with Stir The Plot Podcast + a comedy movie from 2010 to 2020
139 min
Ep. 60 "Inception" review + self important movi...
Dex, Royden and Teej debate Inception for way too long and draft self important movies.
112 min
Ep. 59 "Godzilla vs. Kong" review + big dumb ac...
Sarah (@sarahndipity18) joins us to talk about monke vs. lizard movie.
90 min
Ep. 58: Speed review + Keanu movie draft
Royden, Dex and Teej review the 1994 classic, Speed and draft Keanu Reeves movies. Subscribe!
77 min
Ep. 57 "Zack Snyder's Justice League" Review + ...
MARTHA! oh wait, wrong movie. This week we are joined by absolute fan favorite and DC stan, Rascal! (@rascalfkennedy1) to take on the 4 hour variety show "Zack Synder's Justice League". Alternatively we are not joined by enemy of the podcast Teej. Love this movie (bruh why?) love us (bruh why?) then give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts & we will take down any piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to search for your motherbox with us.
101 min
Ep. 56 "WandaVision" review + sitcom draft
This week we review the biggest show on the planet, WandaVision! All hail our mouse overlords! They've done it again. Plus we draft our favorite sitcoms and destroy Jake for liking the most popular sitcom of all time. Subscribe and leave a review!
103 min
EP. 55 " Judas & The Black Messiah" Review + Bl...
WE ARE THE REVOLUTION.....Podcast. This week the team talks the best movie of 2021, the high anticipated "Judas & The Black Messiah". Love this movie? Love us? Leave us a rating & review on Apple Podcast & we will talk about whatever piece of media history you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to come and join the rainbow coalition with us!
116 min
"Dumline" watch along and commentary
Something different this week. Royden and Dex sit down to watch a classic piece of American cinema, Drumline! Jake joins in the second half to give his thoughts on what it's actually like to be in a band because the other two have zero idea. Press play when we do and listen along!
117 min
Ep. 54 "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2" Take Down + Taran...
Our name is Buck & we like movies! This week we take on Beatrix Kiddo in the Quentin Tarantino masterpiece "Kill Bill". Joining us on our revenge tour to kill 5 assassins that killed us on the day before our wedding is the one & only Bradford (@percivalpenman)! Love this movie? Love us? Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts and we will talk about whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even shoot you with rock salt!
143 min
EP. 53 "Malcolm & Marie" Take Down + Soon To Be...
Guys, I don't even know what to say here. How dare this movie? How dare this movie. This Week we are joned by the one, the only, the recently joined cast member Teej! (@lesshumbleteej) to talk about the 2021 disaster movie, "Malcolm & Marie". Love this movie? Well, thank you for listening, Sam Levinson. If you are everybody else though & hated this, well we want to talk to you! Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts & we will happily talk about whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even forget to thank you in our podcast Oscars award speech
119 min
Ep. 52 "Social Network" Take Down + Early 2000'...
How Bout Now? You Still Wired In? Because we are! This week we discuss the 2010 Academy Award winning crowd favorite "Social Network". Joining us on the masthead this with is Ted! (@tedvid) Love this movie? Love this episode? Wish to high heavens you could talk about your favorite piece of media with us? Well you can! Just give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and we will take down whatever you want us to! Heck we might even invite you into our secret society to kill chickens with us.
112 min
Ep. 51 A One Year Anniversary Extravaganza
WE'RE ONE YEAR OLD! This week we are celebrating our One Year Anniversary the only way we know how, with terrible movie takes & shocking revelations. We invited on our favorite guests & fans to deliver their hottest movie & media takes to shock us into discussion. Join us along with Derek (@derekfults) Jack (@ofc_dibble) Rascal (@rascalfkennedy) Sarah (@sarahndipity18) & Teej (@less_humbleteej) for the hottest takes the podcast world has ever heard. Love this episode? want us to make it to two years? well then give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and we will discuss whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even guest you and your hot takes.
213 min
EP. 50 - "Soul" Review + Pixar Draft
Its our 50th Episode! An to celebrate we decided it's the perfect time to contemplate our existence and purpose on what appears to be a meaningless rock drifting through uncaring space. Thats right! we're talking the 2020 Pixar existential crisis "Soul"! To join us on our journey to steal a childs soul and get back to earth we are joined by PHD candidate of family movies Matt! (@mattisbear) Love this movie? Concerned about your purpose in life? Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts and we will talk about whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to explore the other parts of The Hall Of Everything the movie doesn't talk about
101 min
EP. 49 "Wonder Woman 1984" Take Down + Disappoi...
We're back! After a nice holiday break the gang decided to relax in front of the fire place as the snow slowly drifted outside, and put on the most disappointing superhero movie of 2020 "Wonder Woman 1984". To help us as we try to figure out what this movie had to do with anything, we are joined by the one and only Sarah! (@Sarahndipity18). Hate this movie as much as we do? You absolutely should! Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts and we might just hate watch whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to help us rob a jewelry store in a mall.....for some reason?
142 min
Ep. 48 "Home Alone" Take Down + Christmas Song ...
Keep the change you filthy animals! This week we have a star studded episode as we joined by our sister-in-law podcast, The Sour Grapes Podcast! They'll help us take on the 1990 Christmas family favorite " Home Alone". Amy (@amygrahampagitt) & Etta (@bayloretta) make the mistake of joining us to discuss, amongst a thousand other topics, this popular Christmas movie and how every character in it should be dead or in jail. Love this movie? Love this episode? Love us? Love Sour Grapes? We arn't them. But if you give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts we'll discuss any piece of holiday media you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to join us on our family trip to Paris!
145 min
Ep.47 "Elf" Take Down + Ferrell Draft
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to listen to this weeks episode! This week the team talks about the greatest Christmas movie of all time, the 2003 family comedy "Elf". To join us as we help Santa fight off the Central Park Rangers, we are joined by world renowned expert on all family related media, Matt! (@mattisbear) Love this episode? Love us? Love Christmas? Give us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts and we will talk about whatever holiday media you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to Gimbals to sing with us!
106 min
EP. 46 "You Got Served" Take Down + 2000's Movi...
Served, Served, Served! You baby boys are about to be served the most quintessential 2004 movie of all time "You Got Served". Joining our crew and funeral service for Lil Saint is the one, the only, the queen of Twitter Sarah! (@sarahndipity19). Love this Movie? Are you Dex? Love this Episode? Give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and we'll talk about whatever piece of 2000's cultural touchstone that you want us to! Heck, we might even invite you to go varsity jacket and fedora shopping with us and Steve Harvey!
101 min
Ep. 45 - "Love Actually" Take Down + Christmas ...
Beautiful listeners, we've come here with a view of asking you to marriage us. We also want you to hang out with us as we talk about the 2003 holiday rom-com "Love Actually". Love this movie? Love us? Love Actually? Well then leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts & we will talk about whatever piece of media you want us to! Heck, we might even invite you to travel with us and our friend Colin to Wisconsin.
132 min
EP. 44 - "Jojo Rabbit" Take Down + Terrible Mov...
98 min
Ep. 43 - "Avengers: Endgame" Take Down + MCU Draft
Its our 3,000 download extravaganza! To celebrate this amazing feat we decided to talk about an amazing feat of cinema, The highly anticipated 2019 masterpiece "Avengers: Endgame". Joining us as we travel through time and space to gather the infinity stones is the ultimate, the greatest, the purple chinest fan favorite of all time TEEJ (@lesshumbleteej). Love this episode and movie? You absolutely should. Then give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Heck we might even invite you to come and talk the next Black Widow movie with us.....whenever that comes out
144 min
EP. 42 - "Avengers: Infinity War" Take Down + A...
Now? Reality can be whatever we want it to be. This week we take down the most anticipated movie of 2019 "Avengers: Infinity War". Joining us on our fight against Thanos is fan favorite, Rascal! (@rascalfkennedy). Love this podcast? love big daddy Thanos? Give us a rating 7 review on Apple Podcasts and we'll talk about whatever highly anticipated piece of pop culture you want us to! Heck we might even invite you to remove visions infinity stone with us.
137 min
Ep. 41 - "Moulin Rouge!" Take Down + Musical Draft
The Gangs all here and we do Voulez-vous coucher avec moi. This week we take down the 2001 Academy Award Winning Musical "Moulin Rouge!". Helping us try and understand this cacophony of color & sound, the gang is joined by our own musical prodigy & fan favorite, Derek (@derekfults)! Love this episode and us? Want to join our ranks? Were holding open auditions for guest spots and maybe even a full time co-host???? All you have to do is give us a rating & review on Apple podcasts.
136 min
Ep. 40 - "Ray" + Jamie Foxx career discussion &...
We are back for full episode with all-time guest, Teej (@lesshumbleteej)! This week we discuss the 2004 Jamie Foxx biopic, "Ray". Plus we have a long talk about Jamie Foxx's interesting career. And we make Dex relive the night he got roasted on twitter for his Jamie Foxx take. Download and Subscribe! Leave a 5 star review! Also follow us @1TakePod
119 min