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Three guys that have no idea what they are talking about, reviewing movies, tv shows and oversharing life stories. Join Dex (@LordDexHinton), Royden (@roydenogletree), and Teej (@Less_HumbleTeej) every week for the LIVE recording on the Apollo Twitch Channel ( and then catch the podcast every Thursday. "This show will change your life!" -Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

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Ep. 116 "Movie Retakes"...Movies we have change...
Sometimes it's good to go back. This week we take a look back and regrade some of the films we have previously reviewed.
77 min
Ep. 115 "Thor: Love and Thunder" review + Phase...
Thor 4 has dropped and there are some mixed reviews online. We're here to say this movie is actually good. Tap in!
105 min
Ep. 114 "Elvis" (2022) review + most overrated ...
This week we reviewed the Elvis Presley movie, "Elvis" from Baz Luhrmann, plus we draft most overrated musicians
91 min
Ep. 113 "Hustle" (2022) review + our favorite b...
Erin is back to talk about a good Adam Sandler Netflix movie, Hustle.
80 min
Ep. 112 "Jurassic World: Dominion" (2022) revie...
We review possibly the worst Jurassic Park/World movie to date.
67 min
Ep. 111 "Top Gun: Maverick" (2022) + mundane ta...
@AyeThatsHoOtie joins us to discuss the instant classic, which is a sequel to a classic, Top Gun: Maverick
117 min
Ep. 110 "Paddington 1 & 2" review + we react to...
The number one Paddington 2 fan, Oliver Stacks joins us to discuss couple of the most well received movies ever, Paddington 1 & 2.
70 min
Top 10 movies of the year so far + most anticip...
Just waiting for Top Gun: Maverick to be released so we talk about our favorite movies so far.
52 min
Ep. 109 "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Ma...
Oh no. Our Multiverse. It's broken.
96 min
Ep. 108 "The Godfather" (1972) throwback review...
Royden caved and finally watched The Godfather. Spoiler's good.
127 min
Ep. 107 "The Northman" (2022) review + movie ch...
This week we review a movie that will for sure be used in hype up montages across all sports, The Northman.
96 min
Ep. 106 "Everything Everywhere All at Once" (20...
Mo (@mspeacherino) from What We Watch joins us to talk about the truly brilliant and chaotic film, Everything Everywhere All at Once
106 min
Ep. 105 "Ambulance" (2022) review + Michael Bay...
This week we break down the truly insane film, Ambulance. Plus we give the definitive Michael Bay movie tiers
89 min
Ep. 104 "Top Gun" (1986) throwback review + fav...
Matt and Evan from Between Two Bears are back for a movie more sexual than Boogie Nights!
89 min
2022 Oscars reaction pod! Or the one where Will...
This is our instant reactions minutes after the 2022 Oscars ended. We discuss the slap heard around the world.
77 min
Ep. 103 "The Adam Project" (2022) review + favo...
Netflix is back tomaking blockbusters for 100 million dollars. We talk about the latest one, The Adam Project.
77 min
Ep. 102 "Turning Red" (2022) review + best fema...
We are back with another Pixar banger. We review Turning Red!
97 min
Ep. 101 "The Batman" (2022) review + real life ...
Marcus Brent (@MarcusJBrent) joins us to talk about the newest Batman...The Batman.
138 min
Ep. 100!!!! "Worst movie and tv takes"
Guests of Christmas past join us to give their worst takes about movies and tv!
122 min
Ep. 99 2022 Oscar Nominations reaction with @ms...
Mo (@mspeacherino) joins us to talk about the 2022 Oscar Nominations
115 min
Ep. 98 "The Last Duel" (2021) review + movies t...
Dex was right...The Last Duel is good. We talk about it.
103 min
Ep. 97 "Tombstone" (1993) throwback review + be...
We break down the 1993 classic, Tombstone! Is it good? What works and what doesn't? Is this movie just better as youtube clips?
88 min
Ep. 96 "Don't Look Up" review on Twitter Spaces...
We joined What We Watch on Twitter Spaces to talk "Don't Look Up" from Netflix
108 min
Ep. 95 Top 5 movies or TV shows of 2021
Prodigal daughter Kaitlyn Zoeller returns to the podcast as we talk about our top 5 movies or tv shows of the past year.
95 min
Ep. 94 "The Matrix Resurrections" (2021) review...
Marcus Brent joins us for another subpar HBO Max movie, The Matrix Resurrections + we draft the biggest busts of 2021
147 min