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The FCPA Compliance Report is the longest running podcast in the in compliance and business ethics. Join its award-winning host, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance as he visits with top compliance practitioners, key figures from business, the government and law firms in the top podcast dedicated to all things compliance.

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News Commentary
Maria D’Avanzo on Investigations
Maria D'Avanzo returns to discuss investigations and the decision to self-disclose.
26 min
Measuring Ethical Culture & Compliance Training...
I am joined by LRN's Parijat Jauhari and Susan Divers to consider ethical culture and compliance training.
24 min
Scott Solomon on Managing Cash Risk Through Com...
Today, I visit with Scott Solomon on managing cash risk through compliance.
19 min
GWIC Ladies Reflect
Tom visits with Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley about their 4+ year journey with GWIC.
26 min
Brad Hibbert on Prevalent’s 3rd Party Risk Mana...
Today, Tom visits with Brad Hibbert and they discuss the surprising findings of Prevalent's annual third-party risk management study.
19 min
Maria D’Avanzo on Corporate Whistleblower Response
Tom and Maria D'Avanzo on creating and implementing a Corporate Whistleblower Response.
17 min
Virginia Newman on Enhancing UFLPA Compliance: ...
Today, I visit with Virginia Newman on complying with the UFLPA.
21 min
Candice Tal on Due Diligence: Levels and Evalua...
Candice Tal joins Tom to talk about levels of due diligence and its evaluation.
9 min
Maria D’Avanzo on Privacy Issues in the US and ...
Tom visits with Maria D'Avanzo on privacy concerns from the compliance perspective.
17 min
Adrienne Bellehumeur on The 24 Hour Rule: Maste...
Adrienne Bellehumeur joins Tom to discuss her new book, The 24-Hour Rule.
21 min
Executives at Risk Winter: 2022/2023
In this episode I welcome back Miller & Chevalier lawyers to discuss their recent Executives at Risk client alert.
34 min
Incorporating EHS and Safety in an ESG Program
What is the role of safety in ESG? Find out in this episode.
19 min
Jon May On Defending Individuals in FCPA Cases
Tom visits with Jon May on his the changes in the CEP will impact defending individuals in FCPA criminal enforcement actions.
26 min
Ethics Madness 2023
Jason Meyer returns for his annual 'Ethics Madness' episode with Tom.
51 min
Maria D’Avanzo on the 2023 ECCP
Tom and Traliant's Maria D'Avanzo discuss the 2023 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.
25 min
Ryan Patrick on the Role of a US Attorney Under...
Ryan Patrick joins Tom to discuss the changes from the Monaco Memo, and in the CEP and 2023 ECCP from the US Attorney's perspective.
32 min
Khayot Salijanov-Compliance in Uzbekistan
In this episode, Tom visits with Khayot Salijanov, a Master's Degree candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. He is originally from Uzbekistan and has practiced compliance there.
20 min
Erica Salmon Byrne on 2023 World’s Most Ethical...
In this episode, Tom visits with Erica Salmon Byrne to discuss the newly announced Class of 2023 for the World's Most Ethical Companies.
20 min
Kelly Paxton on Maximizing Your Network
Tom welcomes Kelly Paxton, well known certified fraud examiner and co-host of the Fraudish podcast.
28 min
Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer
I am joined by Gordon Firemark, the Podcast Lawyer.
21 min
Sam Tate on New Failure to Prevent Cause of Action
Tom welcomes Sam Tate to discuss the proposed Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill which would create a failure to prevent fraud cause of action.
24 min
HHR Webinar on Strategic Competition Between US...
In this special episode, I repost a HHR webinar on Strategic Competition Between US and China.
60 min
Egle Karalyte on Creating a Brand for the World
Tom visits with Egle Karalyte who discusses branding in the corporate world.
22 min
Mary Inman on Top FCA Health Care Recoveries an...
Mary Inman joins Tom Fox to look at FCA cases in health care from 2022.
28 min
Erica Salmon Byrne-Information is a Gift
Ethisphere CEO Erica Salmon Byrne joins me to discuss the Ethisphere 2023 Culture Report.
28 min