Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #293 with Heidi Trefethen - Live Sound, Rec...
Live Sound, Recording, French Horn, Struggles with The Mormon Church, Session Mindset, Sexism and Learning to Evolve
54 min
WCA #292 with Jessica Paz - Manhattan Special, ...
Manhattan Special, Soda Stream, Theater Sound, Women in Audio, Sound Design, Advocacy and Last Minute Christmas Gifts
47 min
WCA #291 with Greg Gordon - Great Landlords, G...
Great Landlords, Glee Club, Relationships, Early Days of Internet Audio, Online Mentorship, Pyramind, and the Letter I
58 min
WCA #290 with Joe Chiccarelli - Frank Zappa, Pr...
Frank Zappa, Producing, Psychology, Budgets, Learning From Others, Sharing Knowledge, and The Tonelux Mic Collaboration
61 min
WCA #289 with George Vlad - The Draw of the Out...
The Draw of the Outdoors, Field Recording, Ecology, Adventure, Bribes, and Bees
59 min
WCA #288 with Jens Bogren - Chaos Theory, Worki...
Chaos Theory, Working in Metal, Psychology, Banks, Sports Fishing and, Motion Sickness
51 min
WCA #287 with Nacho Molino - Panama, The Norieg...
Panama, The Noriega Years, Bilingual Advantage, 15 year US immigration Process and, Responsible Grammy Voting
57 min
WCA #286 with Cullen Brooks - Music to Film Sou...
Music to Film Sound, Star Wars, Michigan, Recording Punk bands, Division of Labor and Disruptive Clients
46 min
WCA #285 with Sam Pura - The F-Word, Smoking We...
The F-Word, Smoking Weed, Doing the Hard Work, Intuition and, Being Responsible for Yourself
53 min
WCA #284 with Dallas Taylor - Twenty Thousand H...
20K Podcast, Crafting stories with Sound, Positioning, Ben Burtt, Challenging Covention and Burnout Prevention
53 min
WCA #283 with Jermaine Hamilton - Music Annex, ...
Music Annex, Tickle Me Elmo, Green Day, Zen Mindset, Financial Buffers, and Coffee
35 min
WCA #282 with Björgvin Benediktsson - Alternati...
Alternative Studio Income Strategies, Book Recommendations, Creating Online Content, and Audio Issues
57 min
WCA #281 with Baba Prasad - Knowledge from the ...
Knowledge from the Trash, IT in Singapore, Self Education, Childhood Inspiration, and 20 years of Studio Ownership in Chennai, India.
43 min
WCA #280 with Brad Wood - Virus Talk, Blacksmit...
Virus Talk, Blacksmiths, New Habits, Pandemic Albums, Instagram and the return of Andy Kaufman
45 min
WCA #279 with Kevin Ward - Teaching, Learning, ...
Teaching, Learning, Seizing Opportunity, Migrating to California, Team Building, and Faith
65 min
WCA #278 with the Work From Home Panel - Sara C...
Sara Carter, Jaimeson Durr and Fela Davis join me to talk about all things audio, business and survival in the time of Coronavirus.
50 min
WCA #277 with Rafa Sardina - Coming to America,...
Coming to America, Leaving Medical School, Empathy, People Skills, Educating Clients and No Plan B.
61 min
WCA #276 with Matthew Boudreau - Soul-Sucking J...
Soul Sucking Jobs, Audio Drama, Field Recording, Spiderman vs Draco The Dragon, and the Language of Audio
47 min
WCA #275 with Carlos Novais - Life on the road,...
Life on the road, Brazil, Organization, Multi-Tasking and the loss of gigs due to Coronavirus.
54 min
WCA #274 with Katie McMurran - NPR, KQED, Podca...
NPR, KQED, Podcasts, Rates, Interviewing for Radio Gigs, Codecs and Staying Calm Under Pressure.
47 min
WCA #273 with Maya Finlay - Mentors, Rosanne Ca...
Mentors, Rosanne Cash, Meditation, Finances Being an Introvert and taking City Cabs
36 min
WCA #272 with Alberto Hernandez - Fantasy Studi...
Fantasy Studios, Languages, Health Insurance, Planning for Sessions, Budget Rejection, Serving the Clients, Mistakes, Business advice, Worth to your Work, Retirement
40 min
WCA #271 with Dusty Wakeman - Texas Roots, Mad ...
In this episode, we discuss: Mad Dog Studios, Texas Roots, Playing bass, Running a Studio, Hard Drives and Hammers, Mojave Audio, David Royer, Viral Meningitis, Coronavirus, Hot Yoga, Dwight Yokam
55 min
WCA #270 with Dereck Blackburn - Studio Buildin...
Studio Building, Dual Electrical Systems, Mini Splits, Community Participation, Mastermind Groups and Meditation.
65 min
WCA #269 with Lij Shaw - Saving Home Studios, P...
Saving Home Studios, Podcasts, Creating Paid Content, Nashville Growth and The Hay Bale Studio.
61 min