Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #424 with Kevin Paul - Pirate Radio, Gettin...
Pirate Radio, Getting into the Chair, Working with Nick Cave, Knowing Your Value, and Revamping Audio Education
63 min
WCA #423 with "Greazy" Wil Anspach - Iraq War, ...
Iraq War, Marine Corp, Purple Heart, Working at East West, Communication, and Those Tik Tok Posts
114 min
WCA #422 with Mat Leffler-Schulman - The Barten...
The Bartender Analogy, Handling Money, Flooded Basements, Analog Mastering, and Oblique Strategies
46 min
WCA #421 with Raelynn Janicke - Mastering and M...
Mastering and Managing, New York Hardcore, Absorbing New Info, Being a Good Hang, Staying Healthy, and Communication
55 min
WCA #420 with Hugh Padgham Part 2- Approach to ...
Approach to Production, Gearbox Records, The Analog Sound, The Excess of the '80s, and Not Cutting Corners
79 min
WCA #419 with Hugh Padgham Part 1- Jingles, Rec...
Jingles, Recorders without Counters, Miles Copeland, Townhouse Studios, and THE Gated Drum Sound
67 min
WCA #418 with Dave Greenberg - Finding Your Val...
Finding Your Value, Studio Real Estate Lessons, Specializing, Learning from Failure, and a Spite Career
54 min
WCA #417 with Pamela Parker - Hyde Street Studi...
Hyde Street Studios, Occupying Multiple Lanes, Collaboration, Growing Up In DC, and Penny Loafers with Dimes
50 min
WCA #416 with Jez riley French - Listening Belo...
Listening Below the Surface, Contact Mics and Hydrophones, Traces, Swapping Cassettes, and Music Shop Blokes
52 min
WCA #415 with David Kalmusky - Acid Dropping Hi...
Acid Dropping Hippies, Drum Lessons with Levon Helm, Advocating For Yourself, Addiction Studios, and Swinging the Bat Everyday
66 min
WCA #414 with Todd Burke - One-Stoplight Towns,...
One-Stoplight Towns, Grandmaster Studios, Cocaine Trafficking, Sleeping on a Gobo, The Social Aspects of Recording, and All About Relationships
55 min
WCA #413 with Katie Tavini and Stephen Kerrison...
Running a Virtual Mastering Facility, Sharing Knowledge, The Right Reasons, Social Media Preferences, and Imposter Syndrome.
48 min
WCA #412 with Nathan Ruyle - Growing Up on a F...
Growing Up on a Farm, The Wild West, Sound for Film, Bootstrapping and Staying Nimble
63 min
WCA #411 with James "Fluff" Harley - The Origin...
The Origin of Fluff, Hockeytown USA, Fear of the Unknown, Operating at a Top Level, and Surviving the Prince Bootcamp
78 min
WCA #410 The Impact of WCA Guests - The Emotion...
The Emotion of A Mix, Field Recording, Backing Up and Archiving, The Cup Test, and the Many Lessons Learned.
48 min
WCA #409 with Roy Silverstein - Golden Handcuff...
Golden Handcuffs, Burning Out on the Corporate Life, Building a Studio, Taking a Paycut, and No Regrets
51 min
WCA #408 with Justin Cortelyou - Working with t...
Working with the Greats, Chuck Ainlay, Mike Shipley, Bob Ezrin, Soultrain Sound Studios, Family Time, and Meditation
68 min
WCA #407 with Maryam Qudus - Pursuing Music, Tr...
Pursuing Music, Transitioning to Recording, Spacemoth, The Role of Recording in Marriage, and So Much Coffee
58 min
WCA #406 with Joe Carrell - Owen & Bobby Bradle...
Owen & Bobby Bradley, Being Allowed to Fail, In The Hot Seat, Being on the Cusp of Change, and Helping People Have a Good Time
63 min
WCA #405 with Dan Johnson - Solving Archiving P...
Solving Archiving Puzzles, Burning Out, Rogue Tape Machines, Going Independent, and Not Cutting Corners
65 min
WCA #404 with Chris Clark - Playing Trombone, T...
Playing Trombone, The Draw of Classical Music, The President's Own Marine Band, Classical Recording, Planning for Second Career, and the Perfect Guilt Trip
56 min
WCA #403 with Catherine Vericolli- Changing Aud...
Changing Audio Careers, Shifting Mindset, Learning on The Fly, 90's Digital Formats, and Archivists Anonymous
70 min
WCA #402 with Arne Frager - The Plant Studios, ...
The Plant Studios, Finding a Path to Recording, Studio on the Beach, Lessons for Aspiring Studio Owners, and the Best Gig He Never Did
82 min
WCA #401 with Matt Wallace - Staying Visible in...
Staying Visible in the Business Crushing it with ATMOS, Keeping a Low Overhead, and the Importance of Alternative Income
76 min
WCA #400 with David Hewitt - Car Racing, Record...
Car Racing, Recording Trucks, Dallas Summer Heat, and Recording the Stars in a Golden Era of Live Music
54 min
WCA #399 with Dave Schiffman Part 2 - Mix Note ...
Mix Note Etiquette, The Journey of Creating a Studio, Deciding on ATMOS, Communication with Bands, and Evolving the Craft
56 min
WCA #398 with Dave Schiffman Part 1 - Tape Copi...
Tape Copies, Chicken and Egg Issues, Lessons from Rick Rubin, The Land of Yes, and Not Being Tall Enough To Record
48 min
WCA #397 with Bryan Cook - Recording as An Exit...
Recording as An Exit Strategy, Chillin with Tom Dowd, Landing at A&M Studios, and Doing Non-Music Things
48 min
WCA #396 with Nick Townsend - Punk Rock, Commun...
Punk Rock, Community College, Fishing, Mastering and Cutting Lacquers
52 min
WCA #395 with Daniel Rowland - Rehab vs. Colleg...
Rehab vs. College, MTSU, Adrian Belew, LANDR, and The ATMOS Gold Rush
60 min
WCA #394 with Mike Tucci - Playing in Bands, Se...
Playing in Bands, Seeing the Value In Recording Studios, Working at Masterdisk, The Slow Magic Of LA, and Focusing on Results, Not Gear
52 min
WCA #393 with Leff Lefferts - The World of Film...
The World of Film Sound, Working with Randy Thom, Telling Stories, Planning Your Life, Financial Security, and ATMOS
55 min
WCA #392 with Rachael Moore - Meeting Your Hero...
Meeting Your Heroes, Community of Success, Thinking Outside the Box, T Bone Burnett, and The Value of Being a Good Human Being
37 min
WCA #391 with Steve Rosenthal Part 2 - Magic Sh...
Magic Shop History, NDA's, 9/11, Importance of Good Staff, and The Business of Restoration
50 min
WCA #390 with Steve Rosenthal Part 1 - Driving ...
Driving Cabs, Punching 16th Notes, Bathrobe Sessions, Living in Dreamland, and The Search for the Perfect Console
53 min
WCA #389 with Carlos Castro - Falling in Love w...
Falling in Love with Recording, Dealing with Hypocrisy, Bruce Swedien, Bilingual Opportunities, and The Bigger Picture
46 min
WCA #388 with Will Kennedy - Harvard AV, New Yo...
Harvard AV, New York Struggles, LA Mentors, ATMOS, and the Rise of the Unintentional Tech
74 min
WCA #387 with Bobby Owsinski - The Mix Engineer...
The Mix Engineers Handbook, Dolby Atmos, Collecting Ideas, Networking, and Clarity
53 min
WCA #386 with Richard Dodd Part 2 - Kung Fu Fig...
Kung Fu Fighting, Cowboy Engineering, Testing Limits, Sleight of Hand, and The Old Way
72 min
WCA #385 with Richard Dodd Part 1 - Electronics...
Electronics Apprentice, Lansdowne Studios, Peter Coleman, Ashley Howe, Trying To Fit In, and Dropping in For the First Time
62 min
WCA #384 with Sam Moses - Private Closet Partie...
Private Closet Parties, Musical Assassins, Focusing on Mastering, Leaving the Church, and The Curtain Wall System
51 min
WCA #383 with Michael Cumming - Trading London ...
Trading London for Philly, Leaving School, Cooking, Building a Studio, and Rewarding the People You Inconvenience
61 min
WCA #382 with Sara Carter - COVID Silver Lining...
COVID Silver Linings, Learning By Teaching, Giving Away Secrets, Self Development Time, and Having Fun With It
54 min
WCA #381 with Ed Stasium - Tape Recorders, Maki...
Tape Recorders, Making Prank Calls, Living Colour, Vari Speeding JFK, Time Travel, and the Lockerbie Plane Crash
56 min
WCA #380 with Nick Raskulinecz - Rock Star Drea...
Rock Star Dreams, From Runner to Grammy Winning Producer, The Foo Fighters Story, Connecting with people, and Living on Taco Bell
57 min
WCA #379 with Margaret Luthar - BANFF, NPR, Mov...
BANFF, NPR, Moving to Big Bad LA, The Studio Bubble, and Fancy Cocktails
48 min
WCA #378 with Ryan Ulyate - Self Taught Skills,...
Self Taught Skills, Making a Living, Vibe Patrol, Dolby Atmos, Tom Petty, and Whatever It Takes
54 min
WCA #377 with Rob Folson Jr - DMV, Go Go Music,...
DMV, Go Go Music, Working for the Church, 9 to 5 Audio, and The Drag that is Commuting
52 min
WCA #376 with Brian Charles- Zippah Recording S...
Zippah Recording Studio Fire, Community Support, Band Directors, Studio Insurance, and The Jimi Hendrix Pep Rally
69 min
WCA #375 with Hillary Johnson - Home Ownership,...
Home Ownership, Pandemic Records, Experiencing The Symphony, Home R&D, and The Love of Recording Bands
51 min
WCA #374 with Kolton Lee - Target Karaoke Machi...
Target Karaoke Machine, Dumpster Diving, Working with Jacquire King, Finding Your Role, and the Green Beret’s of Audio
60 min
WCA #373 with Mark Abrams - Puremix, Supportive...
Puremix, Supportive Family, Automation, Intention, and Skipping the Bar for the SSL
75 min
WCA #372 with Glenn Schick - Mastering Without ...
Mastering Without Speakers, Customer Service, Audio Travel Tips, Streaming Levels, and Working Remote
49 min
WCA #371 with Pete Morse - Mixing for Video, Sk...
Mixing for Video, Sketchy Contractors, Working From Home, Comradery, and Frozen Dance Parties
57 min
WCA #370 with Nikki McGuinness - Farm Life, Stu...
Farm Life, Studio Building, Thinking on Your Feet, Pygmy Goats, and Falling Off Ladders
46 min
WCA #369 with Heidi Trefethen & Ben Bernstein- ...
Dolby Atmos, Gear Purchases, Audio Janitors, and Breaking Into Matts' House
55 min
WCA #368 with Wavy Wayne - Thinking Bigger Pict...
Thinking Bigger Picture, One Bad Night, Audio Education, Social Media Advice, and 7 AM Algebra
46 min
WCA #367 with Brad Dollar - Moving to Nashville...
Moving to Nashville, Getting Work, Classic Money Mistakes, Survival, and Time Travel Retrospective
52 min
WCA #366 with Perry Leenhouts - Anything is Pos...
Anything is Possible, US & Europe Comparison, Punk Rock Lessons Learned, and Living in an Abandon School.
55 min
WCA #365 with Alex Allinson - Cooking, Parallel...
Cooking, Parallels, Presentation, Running a Studio, and Taking the Crooked Path
47 min
WCA #364 with Chris Collier - Fathers Influence...
Fathers Influence, Controlling Your Destiny, Getting Involved, Client Tree Branches, and Realizing Your Worth
57 min
WCA #363 with Chaz Root - Classical Training, G...
Classical Training, Going Blind, 4 Track Mastery, and Residential Recording
52 min
WCA #362 with Matt Ross-Spang - New Studio, 60'...
New Studio, 60's and 70's Inspiration, 30,000 Feet Of Cable, 15% Redneck, and Nice But Not Too Nice
56 min
WCA #361 with Patrick Keane - Tinkering, Being ...
Tinkering, Being Prepared, Choosing Gear, Room Building, and Problem Solving Lessons
49 min
WCA #360 with Bryan Matheson - Keeping a Studio...
Keeping a Studio In Business, Always Learning, Good Landlords, and RTFM!
42 min
WCA #359 with Will Yip - Feeding Off Stress, Se...
Feeding Off Stress, Setting Goals, Power of Routine, Investment in Songs, and Hard Working Parents
55 min
WCA #358 with Robert Carranza - East LA, Lesson...
East LA, Lessons from Musicians, Gear vs. Good Songs, Listening, and Family
68 min
WCA #357 with Michael James - Small Town Strate...
Small Town Strategies, Dolby Atmos, Alternator Records, Shelter In Place, and a Room of 100 People
62 min
WCA #356 with Todd Hutchisen - Blinders on Head...
Blinders on Head Down, Serving the Scene, Anti-Trend, Triple Sessions, and Family Balance
47 min
WCA #355 with Jason Phelps - Lobster, Landlords...
Lobster, Landlords, Studio Partnerships, Portland, Maine, and Bluegrass
45 min
WCA #354 with Tom Gordon - Granny's House, Weed...
Granny's House, Weed Offerings, 80 Hour Weeks, Sammy Davis Jr., and Advice from Shelly Yakus
66 min
WCA #353 with Matt Qualls - Van Burnout, Doctor...
Van Burnout, Doctors Office Recording, Working with Limitations, Sound Baths, and Memphis
55 min
WCA #352 with Sean O'Keefe - Quitting School, W...
Quitting School, Wednesday Warriors, Hacking the Intern Process, Managers, Royalties, and Soft Cities
61 min
WCA #351 with Travis Ference - Talent Shows, Ca...
Talent Shows, Capital Studios, Waiting for the Phone to Ring, and Doing Awful Things to Audio
59 min
WCA #350 with Leslie Brathwaite - Island Cultur...
Island Culture, The Craft of Recording, Taking Pride in Work, Valuing Peace, and Salads for Whitney Houston
78 min
WCA #349 with Craig Alvin - Muscle Shoals, Men...
Muscle Shoals, Mentors, Survival, Bible College Neves, And A Brand New Studio
51 min
WCA #348 with Mike Blodgett - Reno to East Oakl...
Reno to East Oakland, Starving Musician, Building a Studio, and Becoming an Electrician.
45 min
WCA #347 with Beckie Campbell - Controlling The...
Controlling The Live Beast, Building A Resume, Planning for The Future, and Running Your Life From The Road
60 min
WCA #346 with Dante Fumo - Post Production, Imm...
Post Production, Immersive Audio, Recording for 6 Packs, Finding Work, and The Sunk Cost Fallacy
52 min
WCA #345 with Chuck Zwicky - Collaboration, Ana...
Collaboration, Analogies, Deterministic Latency, Social Media, and Flowers Next To Your Name
70 min
WCA #344 with Tim Palmer - Treating People Well...
Treating People Well, Remote Clients, Comfort Zones, and Prodixing (Production + Mixing)
67 min
WCA #343 with Tanner Campbell- Holding Court, P...
Holding Court, Pound Puppies, Quality of Character, Imposter Syndrome, and Audio Dramas
63 min
WCA #342 with Steve Sykes - Jazz in Philadelphi...
Jazz in Philadelphia, The Guys in the White Coats, The Other Side of The Glass, Miami Vice, and The Deli Accident.
67 min
WCA #341 with Cynthia Daniels - Paying Dues, Pr...
Paying Dues, Proper Training, East Hampton, and The Downton Abbey Effect
54 min
WCA #340 with Collin Dupuis - Mid-West Work Eth...
Mid-West Work Ethic, Growing up In Michigan, The Learning Process, and Moving to Nashville
57 min
WCA #339 with Sean Mclaughlin - Studio Marriage...
Studio Marriages, Pushing the Envelope, Nashville vs. Boston, and Mini Split AC Units
61 min
WCA #338 with Jessica Thompson - Backup Strateg...
Backup Strategies, File Management, Building A Home Studio, and Silver Linings
57 min
WCA #337 with Peter Claes - Live Sound, YouTube...
Live Sound, YouTube, Sharing Knowledge, and The Family Music Shop
64 min
WCA #336 with Val Garay - Making Hits, Teaching...
Making Hits, Teaching Others, Coaching Assistants, and The Stanford School of Medicine
41 min
WCA #335 with Dan Alexander - Vintage Recording...
Vintage Recording Gear, Guitars, Radical Parents, Bill Putnam, and The Drain of The Studio Business
57 min
WCA #334 with Jack Rubinacci - Dealing with Tin...
Dealing with Tinnitus, Working with Tchad Blake, iPad Production, and Sleeping By The Hotel Piano
62 min
WCA #333 with Alex Crescioni - Doom Metal, Pete...
Doom Metal, Peter & The Wolf, Bad Intern Experiences, and Garage Sale Four-Tracks
52 min
WCA #332 with Frank Filipetti - METAlliance, Ph...
METAlliance, Physics to Music, Starting Late, Sticking With It, and Right Track Recording
55 min
WCA #331 with Michael Castañeda - Tape Syncs, P...
Tape Syncs, Podcasts, Network of Friends, West Covina, and Getting Super Lucky
60 min
WCA #330 with Bill Schnee - Love of Radio, Gram...
Love of Radio, Grammy’s, Dad Jokes, Faith, The R Word, and The Chairman at the Board
53 min
WCA #329 with Joe Caithness - Pragmatic Studio ...
Pragmatic Studio Building, Meta Data, Professionalism, Office Hours, and Gear Poverty
65 min
WCA #328 with Alan Evans - Open Concept Recordi...
Open Concept Recording, Studio Remodeling, Remote Teaching, Template Mixing, and Selling Vinyl Records
53 min
WCA #327 with Trina Shoemaker - Temp Jobs, Sher...
Temp Jobs, Sheryl Crow, Daniel Lanois, Writing a Novel, Drug Runs, and Dads' Control Room
66 min
WCA #326 with Stephen Dent - Working with Sean ...
Working with Sean Combs, Go-go, House of Sound, Bob Rosa, DC, and The Forest Gump Effect
73 min
WCA #325 with Jason LaRocca - Mixing Music for ...
Mixing Music for Films and Games, Starting A Band, Fortnite, Working Smarter, and Breakfast with The Beatles
51 min