Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #491 with Bruno Barcella - Brothers Influen...
Brothers Influence, Attraction of Tape, Laundry Room Recording, Importance of Family, and Music in Sarnico, Italy
55 min
WCA #490 with Joe Bagale, AKA Otis McDonald - M...
Music with Family, San Francisco, The Creation of Otis McDonald, Hyde Street Studios, Pandemic Recording, and Working 9-5
82 min
WCA #489 with BZ Lewis - Big Spring, TX, Tumble...
Big Spring, TX, Tumbleweed Smith, Outlier Status, Prophetic Dreams, and The Yellow Page Crowd
63 min
WCA #488 with Gavin Haverstick - Acoustical Des...
Acoustical Design, Love of Music, Investing in Yourself, Creating Inspiring Rooms, Acoustic Myths, and Meeting People Where They're At
69 min
WCA #487 with Steve Chadie - Sharing Knowledge,...
Sharing Knowledge, Leaving the Nest, Gig Snagging, Low Maintenance Living, and The Loudness Button
81 min
WCA #486 with Ryan Ordway - Music Learned Via C...
Music Learned Via Camping, The Rembrandts, Fallback Plans, Client Trends, and the Portland Music Scene
53 min
WCA #485 with Andy Nelson - Recording Friends, ...
Recording Friends, Financial Realities, Wedding Invitations, Getting Serious About Audio, and Postal Jobs
56 min
WCA #484 with Fernando Reyes - Leaving Peru, Ch...
Leaving Peru, Challenging Cultural Norms, Life in a Different Language, Working with Michael Brauer, and Flying Solo
65 min
WCA #483 with Lars Deutsch - Impact Mixing, Com...
Impact Mixing, Composition, Classical Music, Heavy Metal, Soccer, and Brute Force Networking
63 min
WCA #482 with Ken Lewis - Working from Ohio, Ca...
Working from Ohio, Cancelling Vacations, Go Getter Attitude, Producing Remotely, and Mixing Night
62 min
WCA #481 with Brendan Dekora - What You Put In,...
What You Put In, Runner Blues, Charging What You Are Worth, Winning a Grammy, and Working From Home
55 min
WCA #480 with Pete Grossman - Local Hardcore an...
Local Hardcore and Metal, Chicago Recording Studios, Word of Mouth, Balancing Family and Playing Guitar Upside Down
51 min
WCA #479 with Richard Carrasco - Punk Rock, Ele...
Punk Rock, Electrical Engineering, Sync Libraries, Lame Contractors, and New Studio Construction
55 min
WCA #478 with Javi Bañuelos - Work Ethic, Day j...
WCA #478 with Javi Bañuelos - Work Ethic, Day job Balancing, Keeping the Family Happy, Tchad Blake, and Justifying Purchases
60 min
WCA #477 LIVE From NAMM 2024 Part 2 - Imposter ...
Imposter Syndrome, Mixing Remote, ATMOS, Self Promotion, and Carrots and Celery
63 min
WCA #476 LIVE From NAMM 2024 Part 1 - State of ...
State of ATMOS 2024, Home Setups, Stereo Rebuilding, Catalog vs Front Line Work, and The Naysayers
58 min
WCA #475 with Brian Vibberts- Learning Everyday...
Learning Everyday, Getting Fired, Building Confidence, Bruce Swedien, Networking, and Cardboard Patch Bay's
68 min
WCA #474 with Luke Argilla- Snowboarding, The E...
Snowboarding, The Eureka Moment, Drum and Bass Music, Working in ATMOS, and Adventures in Freelancing
49 min
WCA #473 with David Rideau- The Tracking Guy, T...
The Tracking Guy, The Wisdom of Jam and Lewis, Mentoring by Bruce Swedien, Staying in the Box, and Recording in Denmark
63 min
WCA #472 with Leslie Ann Jones Part 2- Operatin...
Operating at a High Level, Exceeding Low Expectations, Surrounded by Greatness, Being Open to Growth, and The Importance of Travel
50 min
WCA #471 with Leslie Ann Jones Part 1- The Big ...
The Big Chair, Enjoying a Challenge, Cheat Sheets, The Automatt, Contributing as an Engineer, and Punching Above Your Weight
60 min
WCA #470 with Jeanne Montalvo - Human Jukebox, ...
Human Jukebox, 24 Hour Engineer, Classical vs Latin Music Recording, Podcasting, and Getting Work
57 min
WCA #469 with Ryan Ulyate - Doing a Solo Record...
Doing a Solo Record, Taking on a Different Role, Planning for ATMOS, The Tom Petty Catalog, and The Imaginary Glass Window
51 min
WCA #468 with Ady Parzentney - Hit The Road Mus...
Hit The Road Music Studio, Recording in Morocco, Walking Your Path, Focusing on the Positive and Beautiful Mistakes
60 min
WCA #467 with Paula Salvatore - Sewing Clothes,...
Sewing Clothes, Sound City, Capitol Studios, Rental Furniture, The Front Office, and Supporting Clients
52 min