Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #345 with Chuck Zwicky - Collaboration, Ana...
Collaboration, Analogies, Deterministic Latency, Social Media, and Flowers Next To Your Name
70 min
WCA #344 with Tim Palmer - Treating People Well...
Treating People Well, Remote Clients, Comfort Zones, and Prodixing (Production + Mixing)
67 min
WCA #343 with Tanner Campbell- Holding Court, P...
Holding Court, Pound Puppies, Quality of Character, Imposter Syndrome, and Audio Dramas
63 min
WCA #342 with Steve Sykes - Jazz in Philadelphi...
Jazz in Philadelphia, The Guys in the White Coats, The Other Side of The Glass, Miami Vice, and The Deli Accident.
67 min
WCA #341 with Cynthia Daniels - Paying Dues, Pr...
Paying Dues, Proper Training, East Hampton, and The Downton Abbey Effect
54 min
WCA #340 with Collin Dupuis - Mid-West Work Eth...
Mid-West Work Ethic, Growing up In Michigan, The Learning Process, and Moving to Nashville
57 min
WCA #339 with Sean Mclaughlin - Studio Marriage...
Studio Marriages, Pushing the Envelope, Nashville vs. Boston, and Mini Split AC Units
61 min
WCA #338 with Jessica Thompson - Backup Strateg...
Backup Strategies, File Management, Building A Home Studio, and Silver Linings
57 min
WCA #337 with Peter Claes - Live Sound, YouTube...
Live Sound, YouTube, Sharing Knowledge, and The Family Music Shop
64 min
WCA #336 with Val Garay - Making Hits, Teaching...
Making Hits, Teaching Others, Coaching Assistants, and The Stanford School of Medicine
41 min
WCA #335 with Dan Alexander - Vintage Recording...
Vintage Recording Gear, Guitars, Radical Parents, Bill Putnam, and The Drain of The Studio Business
57 min
WCA #334 with Jack Rubinacci - Dealing with Tin...
Dealing with Tinnitus, Working with Tchad Blake, iPad Production, and Sleeping By The Hotel Piano
62 min
WCA #333 with Alex Crescioni - Doom Metal, Pete...
Doom Metal, Peter & The Wolf, Bad Intern Experiences, and Garage Sale Four-Tracks
52 min
WCA #332 with Frank Filipetti - METAlliance, Ph...
METAlliance, Physics to Music, Starting Late, Sticking With It, and Right Track Recording
55 min
WCA #331 with Michael Castañeda - Tape Syncs, P...
Tape Syncs, Podcasts, Network of Friends, West Covina, and Getting Super Lucky
60 min
WCA #330 with Bill Schnee - Love of Radio, Gram...
Love of Radio, Grammy’s, Dad Jokes, Faith, The R Word, and The Chairman at the Board
53 min
WCA #329 with Joe Caithness - Pragmatic Studio ...
Pragmatic Studio Building, Meta Data, Professionalism, Office Hours, and Gear Poverty
65 min
WCA #328 with Alan Evans - Open Concept Recordi...
Open Concept Recording, Studio Remodeling, Remote Teaching, Template Mixing, and Selling Vinyl Records
53 min
WCA #327 with Trina Shoemaker - Temp Jobs, Sher...
Temp Jobs, Sheryl Crow, Daniel Lanois, Writing a Novel, Drug Runs, and Dads' Control Room
66 min
WCA #326 with Stephen Dent - Working with Sean ...
Working with Sean Combs, Go-go, House of Sound, Bob Rosa, DC, and The Forest Gump Effect
73 min
WCA #325 with Jason LaRocca - Mixing Music for ...
Mixing Music for Films and Games, Starting A Band, Fortnite, Working Smarter, and Breakfast with The Beatles
51 min
WCA #324 with Steve Genewick - Mixing for ATMOS...
Mixing for ATMOS, Al Schmitt, High-Pressure Sessions, Saying No to Gigs, and Cancer
61 min
WCA #323 with David Gnozzi - MixBusTV, Bodybuil...
MixBusTV, Bodybuilding, Horror Movies, Marvel Comics, and Knowing Your Limits
49 min
WCA #322 with Matthew Rifino - NBC's The Today ...
NBC's The Today Show, Union Work, Mixing Bands, Home Studio Build, and Free Wood
50 min
WCA #321 with Dave Way - Pretending To Be a Bea...
Pretending To Be a Beatle, Serendipitous Events, Home Studio Economics, and The Apple Farm Assassin
74 min