Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #315 with Paul Fig - Punk Rock Ethics, Hand...
Punk Rock Ethics, Handling Crashes, Mailbox Money, Managers, and Getting Out of the Chair
46 min
WCA #314 with Shuta Shinoda - Tokyo to London, ...
Tokyo to London, Sacrificing, Visa Challenges, Surviving, and Listening to Your Instincts
39 min
WCA #313 with John Baffa - Cal Arts, Stable Sho...
Cal Arts, Stable Shows, Forecasting, Creating a Reverb Chamber, and The Hardest Thing About Teaching Audio
40 min
WCA #312 with Jesse Cannon - Panic Attacks, Pro...
Panic Attacks, Producing, Podcasts, Diversifying, Steve Albini and Big Words
53 min
WCA #311 with Maria Rice - Quitting Architectur...
Quitting Architecture School, Following Your Gut, Interning, Being Resilient, Restoration, and the Florida Simulation
36 min
WCA #310 with Steve Evetts - Knowing Your Worth...
Knowing Your Worth, Repeat Clients, Dealing with Opinions, The Moment Of Discovery, and The Power of Commitment
49 min
WCA #309 with Michael Romanowski - Mastering, S...
Mastering, Shared History, Deep Listening, Old Dogs, Staying Upright, and Fuzzy Quarters
78 min
WCA #308 with Robert L. Smith - Online Mixing, ...
Online Mixing, The State of New York, International Eco Systems, and The Virtual Hallway
41 min
WCA #307 with Kevin Churko - Family Band, Famil...
Family Band, Family Business, Mutt Lange, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins Drums, and Graceful Exits
54 min
WCA #306 with Daniel Bacigalupi - Infrasonic So...
Infrasonic Sound, Supportive Parents, Poker, CD Text Fails, and a Collapsing Lung
53 min
WCA #305 with Anne-Marie Pleau - Saying Yes to ...
Saying Yes to Gigs, Album Credits, 9 to 5, Health Care, Moving to Hawaii, and Starting Audio Later in Life
43 min
WCA #304 with Joyce Lieberman - Hitchhiking, Wo...
Hitchhiking, Woodstock, Electronics School, Fresh Air, WHYY, and the Avocado Cutlass Supreme
62 min
WCA #303 with Steven Baughman - Hip Hop, Alpha ...
Hip Hop, Alpha Dogs, Sonic Puzzles, Happiness, and Respecting The Wood
40 min
WCA #302 with Leslie Gaston-Bird - Black Women ...
Black Women In Audio, AES, Recording The TV, Dolby Atmos, Morph The Cat, and Running vs. Pancakes
52 min
WCA #301 with Ryan Freeland - Bob Clearmountain...
Bob Clearmountain, Making Things Better In The World, The Artistry Of Engineering, and Beepers At The Beach
64 min
WCA #300 with Andrew Scheps - Life in the UK, Y...
Life in the UK, Yoga and Astronomy, Soundflow, Selling His Gear, Staying Visible and Squid the Cat
82 min
WCA #299 with Audrey Martinovich - Studio Busin...
Studio Business Systems, Wisconsin Weather, Confidence, Organization, and Avoiding Papercuts
55 min
WCA #298 with Nathan Smith - Sound Design, Stor...
Sound Design, Storytelling, Inspiration from Challenges, Learning from Failure, and The Nuances of Recording Guns
60 min
WCA #297 with Michael Rosen - Rogue Tape Machin...
Rogue Tape Machines, Tent Cities, Post Pandemic Predictions, Being Ready To Record, and Going Above & Beyond
56 min
WCA #296 with Max Perry - Selling Beats, Family...
Selling Beats, Family Influence, Lawyers, New York Hip Hop, Balance, and Cannabis
51 min
WCA #295 with Reto Peter - Starting Over, Green...
Starting Over, Green Day, Diversification, Recording Restrictions, Family, and Redefining Success
59 min
WCA #294 with McKay Garner - Remote Production,...
Remote Production, Curveballs and Lemonade, Production Mindset, Community, and Burritos
74 min
WCA #293 with Heidi Trefethen - Live Sound, Rec...
Live Sound, Recording, French Horn, Struggles with The Mormon Church, Session Mindset, Sexism and Learning to Evolve
54 min
WCA #292 with Jessica Paz - Manhattan Special, ...
Manhattan Special, Soda Stream, Theater Sound, Women in Audio, Sound Design, Advocacy and Last Minute Christmas Gifts
47 min
WCA #291 with Greg Gordon - Great Landlords, G...
Great Landlords, Glee Club, Relationships, Early Days of Internet Audio, Online Mentorship, Pyramind, and the Letter I
58 min