Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #396 with Nick Townsend - Punk Rock, Commun...
Punk Rock, Community College, Fishing, Mastering and Cutting Lacquers
52 min
WCA #395 with Daniel Rowland - Rehab vs. Colleg...
Rehab vs. College, MTSU, Adrian Belew, LANDR, and The ATMOS Gold Rush
60 min
WCA #394 with Mike Tucci - Playing in Bands, Se...
Playing in Bands, Seeing the Value In Recording Studios, Working at Masterdisk, The Slow Magic Of LA, and Focusing on Results, Not Gear
52 min
WCA #393 with Leff Lefferts - The World of Film...
The World of Film Sound, Working with Randy Thom, Telling Stories, Planning Your Life, Financial Security, and ATMOS
55 min
WCA #392 with Rachael Moore - Meeting Your Hero...
Meeting Your Heroes, Community of Success, Thinking Outside the Box, T Bone Burnett, and The Value of Being a Good Human Being
37 min
WCA #391 with Steve Rosenthal Part 2 - Magic Sh...
Magic Shop History, NDA's, 9/11, Importance of Good Staff, and The Business of Restoration
50 min
WCA #390 with Steve Rosenthal Part 1 - Driving ...
Driving Cabs, Punching 16th Notes, Bathrobe Sessions, Living in Dreamland, and The Search for the Perfect Console
53 min
WCA #389 with Carlos Castro - Falling in Love w...
Falling in Love with Recording, Dealing with Hypocrisy, Bruce Swedien, Bilingual Opportunities, and The Bigger Picture
46 min
WCA #388 with Will Kennedy - Harvard AV, New Yo...
Harvard AV, New York Struggles, LA Mentors, ATMOS, and the Rise of the Unintentional Tech
74 min
WCA #387 with Bobby Owsinski - The Mix Engineer...
The Mix Engineers Handbook, Dolby Atmos, Collecting Ideas, Networking, and Clarity
53 min
WCA #386 with Richard Dodd Part 2 - Kung Fu Fig...
Kung Fu Fighting, Cowboy Engineering, Testing Limits, Sleight of Hand, and The Old Way
72 min
WCA #385 with Richard Dodd Part 1 - Electronics...
Electronics Apprentice, Lansdowne Studios, Peter Coleman, Ashley Howe, Trying To Fit In, and Dropping in For the First Time
62 min
WCA #384 with Sam Moses - Private Closet Partie...
Private Closet Parties, Musical Assassins, Focusing on Mastering, Leaving the Church, and The Curtain Wall System
51 min
WCA #383 with Michael Cumming - Trading London ...
Trading London for Philly, Leaving School, Cooking, Building a Studio, and Rewarding the People You Inconvenience
61 min
WCA #382 with Sara Carter - COVID Silver Lining...
COVID Silver Linings, Learning By Teaching, Giving Away Secrets, Self Development Time, and Having Fun With It
54 min
WCA #381 with Ed Stasium - Tape Recorders, Maki...
Tape Recorders, Making Prank Calls, Living Colour, Vari Speeding JFK, Time Travel, and the Lockerbie Plane Crash
56 min
WCA #380 with Nick Raskulinecz - Rock Star Drea...
Rock Star Dreams, From Runner to Grammy Winning Producer, The Foo Fighters Story, Connecting with people, and Living on Taco Bell
57 min
WCA #379 with Margaret Luthar - BANFF, NPR, Mov...
BANFF, NPR, Moving to Big Bad LA, The Studio Bubble, and Fancy Cocktails
48 min
WCA #378 with Ryan Ulyate - Self Taught Skills,...
Self Taught Skills, Making a Living, Vibe Patrol, Dolby Atmos, Tom Petty, and Whatever It Takes
54 min
WCA #377 with Rob Folson Jr - DMV, Go Go Music,...
DMV, Go Go Music, Working for the Church, 9 to 5 Audio, and The Drag that is Commuting
52 min
WCA #376 with Brian Charles- Zippah Recording S...
Zippah Recording Studio Fire, Community Support, Band Directors, Studio Insurance, and The Jimi Hendrix Pep Rally
69 min
WCA #375 with Hillary Johnson - Home Ownership,...
Home Ownership, Pandemic Records, Experiencing The Symphony, Home R&D, and The Love of Recording Bands
51 min
WCA #374 with Kolton Lee - Target Karaoke Machi...
Target Karaoke Machine, Dumpster Diving, Working with Jacquire King, Finding Your Role, and the Green Beret’s of Audio
60 min
WCA #373 with Mark Abrams - Puremix, Supportive...
Puremix, Supportive Family, Automation, Intention, and Skipping the Bar for the SSL
75 min
WCA #372 with Glenn Schick - Mastering Without ...
Mastering Without Speakers, Customer Service, Audio Travel Tips, Streaming Levels, and Working Remote
49 min