Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #433 with Nicholas Messitte - Discovering A...
Discovering Audio, Creating Opportunities For Yourself, Drug Use and Abuse, Theatrical Podcasts, and ChatGPT
52 min
WCA #432 with Phil Feinman - Bedrock LA, Studyi...
Bedrock LA, Studying Electronics, Taking Care of Staff, Microphone Technology, and Infrasonic Sound
53 min
WCA #431 with Josh Rogosin - Recording Tiny Des...
Recording Tiny Desk Concerts, Rejecting Stage Life, World Travel, Recording Music with Field Recorders, and National Public Radio
50 min
WCA #430 with Stephen Cole - Data Cassettes, Re...
Data Cassettes, Recycled Magazines, Self Sufficiency, Mini Disk 4 Track, and Music 24/7
48 min
WCA #429 with Andy Reed - Remote Collaboration,...
Remote Collaboration, Mixing at Low Volumes, Working in Small Markets, Communication Advice, and Covid Era Survival
54 min
WCA #428 with J Clark - Headbangers Ball, Punk ...
Headbangers Ball, Punk Rock, Touring, ATMOS, Kenny G, and The Clarinet Incident
55 min
WCA #427 with Brett Bullion - BC/AC, MAX Msp, R...
BC/AC, MAX Msp, Remote Mixing, Expectations, and the Minneapolis Music Scene
57 min
WCA #426 with Pete Droge - Seattle Punk Rock, B...
Seattle Punk Rock, Boombox Multitracking, Investing in Career, Diversifying in all directions, and Staying Mellow
70 min
WCA #425 with Evan Bakke - Power Station New En...
Power Station New England, Minneapolis Suburbs, Working with Fluff, Working for Prince, and Recording in Che Guevara's House
45 min
WCA #424 with Kevin Paul - Pirate Radio, Gettin...
Pirate Radio, Getting into the Chair, Working with Nick Cave, Knowing Your Value, and Revamping Audio Education
63 min
WCA #423 with "Greazy" Wil Anspach - Iraq War, ...
Iraq War, Marine Corp, Purple Heart, Working at East West, Communication, and Those Tik Tok Posts
114 min
WCA #422 with Mat Leffler-Schulman - The Barten...
The Bartender Analogy, Handling Money, Flooded Basements, Analog Mastering, and Oblique Strategies
46 min
WCA #421 with Raelynn Janicke - Mastering and M...
Mastering and Managing, New York Hardcore, Absorbing New Info, Being a Good Hang, Staying Healthy, and Communication
55 min
WCA #420 with Hugh Padgham Part 2- Approach to ...
Approach to Production, Gearbox Records, The Analog Sound, The Excess of the '80s, and Not Cutting Corners
79 min
WCA #419 with Hugh Padgham Part 1- Jingles, Rec...
Jingles, Recorders without Counters, Miles Copeland, Townhouse Studios, and THE Gated Drum Sound
67 min
WCA #418 with Dave Greenberg - Finding Your Val...
Finding Your Value, Studio Real Estate Lessons, Specializing, Learning from Failure, and a Spite Career
54 min
WCA #417 with Pamela Parker - Hyde Street Studi...
Hyde Street Studios, Occupying Multiple Lanes, Collaboration, Growing Up In DC, and Penny Loafers with Dimes
50 min
WCA #416 with Jez riley French - Listening Belo...
Listening Below the Surface, Contact Mics and Hydrophones, Traces, Swapping Cassettes, and Music Shop Blokes
52 min
WCA #415 with David Kalmusky - Acid Dropping Hi...
Acid Dropping Hippies, Drum Lessons with Levon Helm, Advocating For Yourself, Addiction Studios, and Swinging the Bat Everyday
66 min
WCA #414 with Todd Burke - One-Stoplight Towns,...
One-Stoplight Towns, Grandmaster Studios, Cocaine Trafficking, Sleeping on a Gobo, The Social Aspects of Recording, and All About Relationships
55 min
WCA #413 with Katie Tavini and Stephen Kerrison...
Running a Virtual Mastering Facility, Sharing Knowledge, The Right Reasons, Social Media Preferences, and Imposter Syndrome.
48 min
WCA #412 with Nathan Ruyle - Growing Up on a F...
Growing Up on a Farm, The Wild West, Sound for Film, Bootstrapping and Staying Nimble
63 min
WCA #411 with James "Fluff" Harley - The Origin...
The Origin of Fluff, Hockeytown USA, Fear of the Unknown, Operating at a Top Level, and Surviving the Prince Bootcamp
78 min
WCA #410 The Impact of WCA Guests - The Emotion...
The Emotion of A Mix, Field Recording, Backing Up and Archiving, The Cup Test, and the Many Lessons Learned.
48 min
WCA #409 with Roy Silverstein - Golden Handcuff...
Golden Handcuffs, Burning Out on the Corporate Life, Building a Studio, Taking a Paycut, and No Regrets
51 min