Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #467 with Paula Salvatore - Sewing Clothes,...
Sewing Clothes, Sound City, Capitol Studios, Rental Furniture, The Front Office, and Supporting Clients
52 min
WCA #466 with David Hughes - Shine On Studio, C...
Shine On Studio, College Radio, Getting Clients, Commercial Studio at Home, and Learning Through Mistakes
61 min
WCA #465 with Chris Athens - Mastering, Burning...
Mastering, Burning Out, Health, Outworking Others, Remote Rigs, and a Girl From Texas
73 min
WCA #464 with Damian Taylor - Exploring the Art...
Exploring the Artist World, Kung Foo Films, Knocking Down Dominoes, Planting Seeds, and Controlling Your Narrative
65 min
WCA #463 with Mike Senior - High Powered Educat...
High Powered Education, Concertos with Yo-Yo Ma, Compressed Studio Path, Mix Rescue, Sound on Sound, and Remote Recording
64 min
WCA #462 with Candace Stewart - East West Studi...
East West Studios, The Importance of Brothers, Collecting Guns, Loyalty, Engineers as Pilots, and Hotels with Technology
62 min
WCA #461 with John Pfiffner - Becoming a Southe...
Becoming a Southerner, Piano Regrets, Fostex X15, Socioeconomics, and Living Lean
76 min
WCA #460 with Abigail La Bianca - Jersey Drivin...
Jersey Driving, Learning the Building Blocks, Attic Mini Studio, Fighting Back, and Personal Goals
56 min
WCA #459 with Anni Casella - Art and Consciousn...
Art and Consciousness, 3-Dimensional Audio, Following Breadcrumbs, Learning How To Listen, and Less Crap in the Path
49 min
WCA #458 with Matt Hennessy - Radio Shack, The ...
Radio Shack, The Legendary Traxsta, Chicago Basements, Cognac and Being Locked into the Studio, Literally
81 min
WCA #457 with David Davis - Fuzzy Sharks, The F...
Fuzzy Sharks, The Fantasy World of LA, Hipster Sleep Noise, Headbangers Ball, and Mountain Dew
50 min
WCA #456 with Ryan Hewitt - Taking Care of Busi...
Taking Care of Business, Solution-Oriented Thinking, Infinite Possibilities, Spare Mics, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers
78 min
WCA #455 with Josh Garcia - SoCal Upbringing, S...
SoCal Upbringing, Straight to Chaos Life, Audio Parenting, Dealing with Life, and The Wretching Crew
52 min
WCA #454 with Jeff Powell - Cutting Lacquer, no...
Cutting Lacquer, not Vinyl, Daily Fed Ex Visits, Fathers, Mothers, Stampers, Charlie Brown Christmas, and 1950's Technology
73 min
WCA #453 with Jason Kick - Basketball Band, Wor...
Basketball Band, Working at Radio Shack, The Tascam 388, Playing in Bands as Exercise, and Black Magic
60 min
WCA #452 with Steven Lee Tracy - The Worst Inte...
The Worst Intern, The Biggest Roaches, Strict Upbringing, Stories of the Saints, and Finding Solace in Music
54 min
WCA #451 with Justin Gray - Playing Bass, Trans...
Playing Bass, Transition to Audio, ATMOS, Competing with Yourself, Being Challenged, and Having Nerdy Friends
79 min
WCA #450 with Vance Powell - Getting Along, Bei...
Getting Along, Being In Control, Too Rogue, Diversification, and an Unnatural Fear of Failure
77 min
WCA #449 with A.J.Hicks - Wearing Many Hats, Fl...
Wearing Many Hats, Flotation Tanks, Panic Attacks, Music as a Tool, and the Panasonic Cassette Recorder
47 min
WCA #448 with Tim O'Sullivan - Cars on Fire, Th...
Cars on Fire, The Phoenix Sun, Niko Bolas, Eric Valentine, and Polite Persistence
55 min
WCA #447 with Harold LaRue- Mastering, Michigan...
Mastering, Michigan Winters, Restaurant Lessons, Discharging Capacitors, Connecting Via The Union, and Professional Communications
58 min
WCA #446 with Andrew Oedel- Running a Church S...
Running a Church Studio, Costco TV's, Diversification, Goodfellas, and Dressing Up As An Elf
77 min
WCA #445 with Brad Smalling- Adopting ATMOS, Wa...
Adopting ATMOS, Watching the Bottom Line, Relationships, Outreach, and Networking
64 min
WCA #444 with Jacob Light- The Acute Student, S...
The Acute Student, Survival, Focus, Discipline, Financial Literacy, and Music as Religion
114 min
WCA #443 with Golden Gate Mixers - Mixing Colle...
Mixing Collective, Mutual Respect, Working in Silos, Coffee Bar Needs, and Putting on Pants
71 min