Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #043 with Eric Valentine
Interview with Eric Valentine
75 min
WCA #042 with Greg Wurth
Working Class Audio Session #042 with Greg Wurth!!! Greg Wurth is a Grammy Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer, working as Manager and Chief Engineer at L.A.’s Mothership Studio and Patagonia Studio.
74 min
WCA #041 with Kim Rosen
Working Class Audio Session #041 with Kim Rosen!!! Kim Rosen grew up in the western Massachusetts town of Northampton. Known for its amazing college music scene, the town and surrounding area is infamous for spawning such ground-breaking acts as Sebado...
55 min
WCA #040 with Nino Moschella
Working Class Audio Session #040 with Nino Moschella!!! Bird and Egg studio owner Nino Moschella is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer, who has been professionally engineering and producing for 15 years (though his interest in re...
60 min
WCA #039 with John Greenham
Working Class Audio Session #039 with John Greenham!!! John Greenham has had a love affair with mastering for over 20 years, starting in San Francisco at Rocket Lab in the mid 90s, and currently in Los Angeles where he re-located to in 2012 to work at ..
67 min
WCA #038 with Daniel Cantor
Working Class Audio Session #038 with Daniel Cantor!!! Daniel  Cantor is an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of music and Teaches music production in the Songwriting Department and Music Productions and Engineering Department.
90 min
WCA #037 with Sean McLaughlin
Working Class Audio Session #037 with Sean McLaughlin!!! Sean McLaughlin loves a lot of things, but his two favorite things are his wife and recording/mixing songs. After working in Los Angeles for the early part of the 2000’s with some notable produc
108 min
WCA #036 with Warren Huart
Working Class Audio Session #036 with Warren Huart!!! Warren Huart is an English music producer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He has played a fundamental part in the creation of many platinum selling and billboard soaring a.
77 min
WCA #035 with Catherine Vericolli
Working Class Audio Session #035 with Catherine Vericolli!!! Catherine Vericolli lives in a recording studio, or rather her studio has taken over most of her residence since it’s beginnings in 2005. As owner, engineer,
81 min
WCA #034 with Mark Rubel
Working Class Audio Session #034 Mark Rubel!!! Mark Rubel is Co-Director of Education and Instructor at The Blackbird Academy, an intensive recording school at famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Since 1980,
52 min
WCA #033 with Joe Barresi
Working Class Audio Session #033 with Joe Barresi!!! Joe Barresi has produced, engineered and mixed some of the most important hard rock, metal and punk bands of the last 15 years including Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion, The Melvins,
80 min
WCA #032 with Myles Boisen
Working Class Audio Session #032 with Myles Boisen!!! Myles Boisen has enjoyed a 35-year career in recording, beginning as the head instructor at one of the country’s first accredited university-level recording studio programs.
77 min
WCA #031 with Allen Farmelo
Working Class Audio Session #031  with Allen Farmelo!!! Allen Farmelo has begun to call himself a “recordmaker”.”We all do everything these days,” he says, “and the old terms like producer,  engineer, mixer,
80 min
WCA #030 with Bruce Kaphan
Working Class Audio Session #030 with Bruce Kaphan!!! Bruce Kaphan is a producer/engineer/mixer and one hell of pedal steel player! Bruce has worked with so many names in the music world on both sides of the glass including John Lee Hooker,
86 min
WCA #029 with Michael Beinhorn
Interview with Michael Beinhorn.
60 min
WCA #028 with John Congleton
Working Class Audio Session #028 with John Congleton!!! John Congleton is Grammy Winning American producer/engineer/mixer/writer who joins Matt for session #028 of Working Class Audio. John works out of his his studio (Elmwood Studios) in Dallas,
51 min
WCA #027 with Dan Jaspar
Working Class Audio Session #027 with Dan Jaspar!!! Dan Jaspar is a sound mixer, boom operator, and sound designer from the Bay Area. As a Graduate of San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema production and Sound Design he cont.
68 min
WCA #026 with John Siket
Working Class Audio Session #026 with John Siket!!! John Siket is a producer, engineer, and mixer and is best known for his work with Sonic Youth, Phish, Yo La Tengo, Dave Matthews Band, Blonde Redhead, Fountains of Wayne, Moe,  Peter Murphy,
84 min
WCA #025 with Tim Palmer
WCA #025 with Tim Palmer
83 min
WCA #024 with Gary Philips
Working Class Audio Session #024 with Gary Philips!!! Gary Philips is a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and mix engineer. During his college years at University of Pennsylvania, Gary realized his life would follow a musical path.
69 min
WCA #023 with Ryan Hewitt
Interview with Ryan Hewitt.
97 min
WCA #022 with Michael Rosen
Interview with Michael Rosen.
70 min
WCA #021 with Doug Kallmeyer
Interview with Doug Kallmeyer.
66 min
WCA #020 with Don Gunn
Interview with Don Gunn
57 min
WCA #019 with Matt Kelley
Interview with Matt Kelley!!!
78 min