Working Class Audio

Peel back the glamour of the professional recording world. Guests from the world of audio for music, film, games, restoration, and more share their insights on how they made their journey, how they survive, their advice on the real things including wins, losses, working with other people, money, and career advice. 

Hosted by audio engineer Matt Boudreau.

The Working Class Audio Podcast - Navigating the World of Recording with a working class perspective.

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #233 with Beau Sorenson
Beau joins me for coffee to discuss hardware stores, being kind, respect for studio owners, having patients, and getting out of town to record
46 min
WCA #232 with Buddy Lee Dobberteen - Being a Ma...
Being a Marine, Iraq, His Studio for Vets, Suicide, and Mentoring.
53 min
WCA #231 with Brendan Duffey
Brendan joins me to chat about growing up in Davis, California, the impact of Sylvia Massey, the Banff Center, running a studio in Brazil, working with his wife, corruption, bureaucracy, violence, kidnapping, success, troubles with shipping & friends in the FBI.
50 min
WCA #230 with Chris Shaw
Chris joins me to talk about keeping your mouth shut, staying humble, always be learning, making mistakes and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
45 min
WCA #229 with Ed Brooks
Ed joins me to talk about working at Tapco, transitioning from tech to recording to mastering, staying cool in intense studio situations and 90's Seattle.
39 min
WCA #228 with Shani Gandhi
Shani joins me to talk about her journey from Australia to the US, earning trust, not over mixing, immigration, the dynamics of Nashville and making time for yourself.
41 min
WCA #227 with Wesley Slover
Wesley joins me to talk about the art & craft of sound design, scheduling, family time, the cassette tape guy, making stuff and church sound.
44 min
WCA #226 with Rachel Field
Rachel joins me to talk about food service, customer service, reading people, riding motorcycles, getting sunshine and mastering.
43 min
WCA #225 with Joe Finocchio
Joe joins me to talk about his early struggles, the trust of mentors, skipping the intern process, working in corporate AV and not drinking with the band.
45 min
WCA #224 with Frank Marchand
Frank joins me to talk about freelancing, live sound, recording in rehearsal spaces, adapting to acoustic environments, being a soccer coach, client repeat rates, and working on projects he likes.
39 min
WCA #223 with Doug McBride
Doug joins me to talk about running Gravity Studios, assisting for Steve Albini, 911, word of mouth, dealing with landlords and unexpected guests.
36 min
WCA #222 with Justin Lieberman
Justin joins me to talk about his journey from his early experiences at Prairie Sun to his current gig at Sony Interactive, commuting, work/life balance, Al Gore, mixing hundreds of tracks in surround and more. Enjoy! -Matt
35 min
WCA #221 with Hans DeKline
Hans joins me from his home in Los Angeles to discuss his journey, communicating with clients, raising wolves, outside interests, and remembering to always ask what does it sound like?
50 min
WCA #220 with Butch Vig
Butch joins me to talk about growing up in Viroqua, Wisconsin, the trajectory of Smart Studios, one band leading to another, being diverse, vibe crushers as well as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage. Special thanks to former WCA guest Justin Perkins for connecting us!
59 min
WCA #219 with Don Setaro
Don Joins me at Highwire Coffee in Oakland, California for a chat about soldering thousands of cables, working on model trains for Neil Young, building studios, running a record label and his love for audio and making records.
42 min
WCA #218 with Nick Luca
Nick joins me to talk about scenes, spirit animals, Calexico, Los Angeles, Kelsey Grammer, recording Hip Hop and diversification. Enjoy!-Matt
72 min
WCA #217 with Tony Maserati
Tony joins me to talk about his 90’s New York history, early adoption of technology, setting goals, contracts, not working for free and hip hop. -Enjoy
47 min
WCA #216 with Adam Gonsalves
Adam joins me to talk about the Square Cad Mastering podcast, interrogating your own workflow, his journey into lacquer cutting and his work/life balance. -Enjoy
45 min
WCA #215 with NAMM 2019
I hang out with Vance Powell as he tells me about his recent projects with The Stray Cats and Trey Anastasio. Alex Oana tells me all about Audio Test Kitchen and we wrap up with a semi-drunken ambush interview with Chris Selim and Lij Shaw at our AIRBNB. Enjoy! -Matt
78 min
WCA #214 with Bart Thurber - Personality Types,...
Personality Types, Transition from Analog to Digital, People Skills and, Studio Sharing
39 min
WCA #213 with Ken RIley
Ken joins me to talk about his history, his hunt for the New Mexico sound, the importance of artists knowing who they are, his partnership with Drew Newman and the beauty of New Mexico and it’s people.
37 min
WCA #212 with Gentry Studer
Gentry joins me to talk about interning with Howie Weinberg, moving around the US, his new studio located in the RCA building in Nashville and communication with remote mastering clients. Enjoy! – Matt
35 min
WCA #211 with Jaimeson Durr
WCA #211 with Jaimeson Durr
45 min
WCA #210 with David Streit
WCA #210 with David Streit
56 min
WCA #209 with Mike Stevens
WCA #209 with Mike Stevens
44 min