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Society & Culture
Political polarization is getting worse | Recod...
Feelings of animosity towards other groups are on the rise.
4 min
The Queen’s Gambit | What to Watch
The seven-episode Netflix miniseries makes chess mesmerizing.
7 min
They fought the Lyft and the Lyft won | Today, ...
California's Prop 22 could have national implications for how we treat workers.
9 min
What happens to anti-Trump media now? | Recode ...
From Sarah Cooper to Crooked Media, their plans post-Trump
7 min
The Joe Biden experience | Ezra Klein Show shorts
For more of Ezra Klein's conversation with Evan Osnos, ask your Assistant to play The Ezra Klein Show podcast.
11 min
$16 on Old Navy pajamas | The Best Money I Ever...
An essay series about the purchases we make, big and small, that affect our lives.
11 min
The TV election | Today, Explained
All the major networks called the presidential race within minutes of each other on Saturday morning.
8 min
Does density drive partisanship? | The Weeds
Democrats win in cities and their inner suburbs, Republicans in small towns and rural areas. But why? Vox’s Jane Coaston, Matt Yglesias, and Dara Lind analyze the relationship.
3 min
Is social media ready for a vaccine? | Recode D...
How the platforms are preparing for a new wave of vaccine misinformation
9 min
Book publishing’s fact-checking failure | One G...
Book publishing has no system in place for fact-checking. It’s a problem.
7 min
No concession! | Today, Explained
Trump will leave office, but this election is already eroding public trust in US elections.
9 min
Pandemic responses in red states vs blue states...
Vox's Emily Stewart explains
7 min
Biden and Silicon Valley | Recode Daily
What Biden’s win means for the Valley
8 min
Biden’s coronavirus plan | Today, Explained
Where Trump left states to deal with covid, Biden will have a much stronger federal response.
9 min
Black voter turnout | Tell Me More
Vox's Sean Collins explains
10 min
California sets a higher bar for our online pri...
Why Prop 24’s win matters
6 min
Home for the holidays? | What's the Story?
How people are navigating travel in a pandemic
9 min
Biden Wins | Today, Explained
With decades of experience in the US Senate, Biden is uniquely suited to the challenge of a GOP majority.
10 min
Why California’s Prop 22 matters for gig worker...
Are workers getting a fair deal?
7 min
What the Constitution Means to Me | What to Watch
A moving, angry, heartbreaking, and strangely inspiring play available to stream on Amazon Prime.
7 min
Senate 2020 | Today, Explained
With runoff elections still to come in Georgia, Democrats may get to 50 votes in the Senate. But the most likely scenario is that Republicans hold on to their majority.
9 min
Trumpism never existed. It was always just Trum...
Hear the rest of the episode by asking your Assistant to play The Ezra Klein Show podcast.
9 min
Why conspiracy theories are a threat to democra...
The long-term consequences of Trump’s conspiracy theory campaign
7 min
No Blue Wave | Today, Explained
Ezra Klein argues that, despite record-setting turnout, it wasn’t a great night for American democracy.
9 min
Jia Tolentino on what happens when life is an e...
The New Yorker writer explains how technology has transformed the very nature of human interaction
9 min