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Talkin' Sass - Ashley D'Amboise
Sassy Steph catches up with Ashley D'Amboise
20 min
IN THE ROOM - 11/1/2022
With Brady Hicks away, Stro Maestro takes your calls and talks everyting going on in wrestling today
88 min
VOC Wrestling Nation - Brian Knobbs Interview
"Voice of Choice" sits down with one of the Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs, for this 2011 interview on VOC Wrestling Nation
21 min
Bumps and Thumps - James Beard
Brian Ferguson interviews NWA, World Class wrestler James Beard
72 min
VOC Wrestling Nation - Joey Styles Interview
Joey Styles checks in with "Voice of Choice" Bruce Wirt and VOC Wrestling Nation for this 2012 interview
35 min
Talkin' Sass - Katie Arquette
Katie Arquette shares stories with Sassy Stephanie
24 min
IN THE ROOM - 10/25/2022
Brady Hicks, Stro, and crew discuss CM Punk, Randy Orton, Rhea Ripley and more, and take your calls.
99 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Tim Rockwell
Brian Ferguson sits down with indie wrestler, The "Natural Born Villain" Tim Rockwell
57 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - The Undertaker
Maestro hosts a discussion about The Undertaker
99 min
Talkin Sass Welcomes Ray Lyn
Sassy Steph catches up with Ray Lyn in her return to the mic!
18 min
IN THE ROOM - 10/18/2022
Brady Hicks discusses AEW/WWE contracts and how the competition is really starting to benefit wrestlers, plus fat Bobby Lashley and other funny headlines
90 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell
Brian Ferguson catches up with legend Jim Brunzell
54 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Scariest Wrestlers
Stro leads a discussion on the scariest wrestlers
110 min
IN THE ROOM - Night of Returns!
Brady Hicks returns, as do Derrick McDonald and Matt Grimm, plus a number of the old callers, as they talk WWE Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt, AEW, and more
153 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes George Schire (Talkin...
Pro wrestling historian George Schire returns to talk tag team wrestling
71 min
IN THE ROOM - 10/4/2022
Stro Maestro takes calls and talks wrestling
59 min
Bumps and Thumps - Craig Peters
Brian Ferguson chats with former PWI writer and photographer, Craig Peters
48 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Eddie Guerrero
Stro takes calls and talks about the late Eddie Guerrero
52 min
IN THE ROOM - 9/27/2022
Stro Maestro takes your calls and talks wrestling.
120 min
Bumps and Thumps Interviews Kelly Slaughter
Brian Ferguson catches up with the daughter of Sgt. Slaughter, Kelly Slaughter
34 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - The Steiner Bros
Stro looks back on his friends the Steiners and takes your calls
60 min
IN THE ROOM - 9/20/2022
Brady returns for an abbreviated show to run down the headlines and take your callsa
58 min
Bumps and Thumps - Chris Tubbs
Brian Ferguson speaks with AWA podcast host Chris Tubbs
41 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - The Road Warriors
WCW’s Stro Maestro talks about his old pals, The Road Warriors, and takes your calls
54 min
IN THE ROOM - 9/13/2022
Stro takes the reigns and takes your calls in an open forum.
91 min