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IN THE ROOM with Drew Hood (Ratboy in the Pipes)
Brady Hicks and the crew welcome ECWA Super 8 competitor Drew Hood to the program. Plus, a candid look at Elimination Chamber, Raw, R-Truth, your calls, and more.
114 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 13 - WWE Elimi...
Bruce and Nemar talk about the Elimination Chamber, Dave Melter's errors, and Women's Wrestling
79 min
WCW Retro - 1986
Howard Morgan is at the reigns and taking your calls. This week, they're talking about the year 1986 in wrestling.
120 min
Wrestling with History - Bonus Rant - The Rock ...
The Rock Needs to be in the Long Term Picture
11 min
Rock n Roll Union - 2/21/2024
Join us as we talk to the brand new Ryder!!!
40 min
IN THE ROOM with Steve Pena (feat. Mecha-Rollins)
Brady Hicks and the crew welcome independent wrestler Steve Pena, who will be a part of the 2024 ECWA Super 8 tournament, March 23 in Morganville, NJ. Plus Seth Rollins' back, plus personal stories, flight nightmares, your calls, and more.
137 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 12 - Rants Abo...
Bruce and Nemar complain about Jim Cornette and Brian Last, debate whether we'd be in the Conrad Thompson spot if we didn't leave wrestling radio in 2012, and run down our thoughts on the Rock joining the Bloodline and whether or not we're in another golden age of wrestling.
95 min
Bumps and Thumps - George Schire (Pacific North...
Pro wrestling historian George Schire returns to discuss the Pacific Northwest territory.
57 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 11 - Wrestlema...
Bruce shares his problems with the WWE Universe, and talks about the potential of a long term build for Rock/Reigns
12 min
IN THE ROOM with Darius Carter (Plus WrestleBra...
Brady Hicks and the crew welcome ECWA champion Darius Carter ahead of his entry into the 2024 Super 8 tournament. Plus, Brady offers up his long-awaited WrestleMania card, your calls, and more.
119 min
Bumps and Thumps - Lord Ateu
Bumps and Thumps welcomes Rabid Empire member, Lord Ateu.
50 min
WCW Retro - 2/8/2024
More fun with Howard Morgan, Ratboy, and your calls.
121 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 10 - Cody Fans...
A deep dive into the polarizing Wrestlemania Main Event 'theft' by Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
49 min
Rock n Roll Union - 2/7/2024
46 min
IN THE ROOM with Chubby Dudley (Bay Ragni)
145 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 9 - Diving Dee...
Episode 9 - Diving Deep into the Vince McMahon Saga
62 min
WCW Retro - 2/1/2024
Howard Morgan is at the reigns and taking your calls. Please continue to pray for Stro Maestro's continued recovery.
120 min
Rock n Roll Union - 1/31/2024
Join us for another episode of Rock n Roll Union
50 min
IN THE ROOM - Snake Burgers and Mole Sauce
Brady Hicks and crew discuss the nasty Vince McMahon accusations, a decent Royal Rumble, and the Cody conundrum. Plus your calls and more.
130 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 8 - 2024 Royal...
Bruce gives his thoughts on the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble and speculates on Wrestlemania
33 min
Bumps and Thumps - Dred Roberts
We talk with a member of the Rabid Empire, Dred Roberts.
44 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 7 - Vince McMa...
Is Vince McMahon Innocent? Guilty? Or Somewhere in Between? Plus, WWE / Netflix and Royal Rumble 2024 thoughts.
52 min
WCW Retro - 1/26/2024
Howard Morgan takes your calls and talks wrestling.
120 min
Wrestling with History - Episode 6 - McMahon in...
Episode 6 - McMahon in Trouble, Royal Rumble, WWE on Netflix
33 min
IN THE ROOM - Talking with Rhea
Brady Hicks and crew talk about WWE on Netflix, what's special about Cody Rhodes, and Kevin Patrick. Plus your calls and more.
102 min