VandySports's podcast's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.

Dominic Keegan's start, and lineup decisions
Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich talk Vanderbilt baseball
44 min
A hoops upset over Ole Miss, and a baseball ser...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss a nice weekend for Vanderbilt sports
42 min
Freshman arms galore
Willy Daunic talks about what he's seen with Vanderbilt baseball
27 min
VandyBoys earn an "A" three games in
Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich talk Commodore baseball
49 min
Doubleheader sweeps and Dylan Disu
Vanderbilt finally plays baseball and Disu is having a terrific hoops season
45 min
Our baseball preview podcast
Chip Fridrich and Chris Lee preview nearly aspect of Vandy's 2021 season
55 min
Senior hoops impact, and a brief baseball seaso...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy sports
42 min
Jerry Stackhouse's wild weekend
Chris Lee and George Plaster talk about Jerry Stackhouse's win and controversial comments
56 min
When public opinion turns for the worse
Chris Lee and Seabass talk Commodore sports
67 min
Luck, Scotty Pippen Jr.'s role, and other hoops...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk Vanderbilt hoops
37 min
Seabass, Barton Simmons talk Vanderbilt footbal...
Commodore football talk, with some hoops mixed in
70 min
National Signing Day, part 2 recruiting editor Sean Williams discusses the football signing class
43 min
Max Evans explodes in a hoops win
Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk Commodore hoops
47 min
Football hires, hoops troubles
Mitch Light and Chris Lee discuss Commodore sports on Jan. 27, 2021
38 min
Red flags with Vanderbilt basketball
Vanderbilt is on a five-game losing streak with little hope in sight
53 min
Jesse Minter as DC, plus, hoops and baseball talk
The Athletic's Mitch Light joins the VandySports podcast on Jan. 21
61 min
An hour (plus) with Tim Corbin
Vanderbilt's baseball coach talks about the 2021 season ahead
70 min
Basketball talk with the season on pause
Chris Lee and Tyler Mansfield talk Commodore hoops
35 min
A close loss to MSU, and coordinator hiring timing
Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk Vanderbilt sports
23 min
Football staff additions and a close loss at Ke...
Chris and Seabass talk Vanderbilt sports on Jan. 7
43 min
Hoops and football staff talk, with Mitch Light
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Commodore football and basketball
63 min
Flipping the page to a better 2021
Chris Lee and Seabass tell why 2021 will be better
92 min
Is there legitimate cause for optimism around V...
Chris Lee, Seabass and Bruno Reagan discuss Vanderbilt football
93 min
Thoughts on Clark Lea, college football and Van...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk Vanderbilt sports
43 min
Breaking down the Clark Lea hire
Braden Gall of 440 Sports talks about Vanderbilt's hire and its process
94 min
Clark Lea, National Signing Day and hoops talk
Chris and Seabass talk Commodore sports
82 min
It's UT week, and it's the strangest UT week ever
Chris, Bruno and Seabass talk Vandy football
48 min
Opt-outs and coaching changes
Mitch Light talks Vanderbilt and college football
26 min
Who will be Vanderbilt's next football coach?
Chris Lee, Bruno Reagan and Seabass talk about who VU will hire
70 min
Mitch Light, on Vanderbilt's football coaching ...
The Athletic college football editor opines about Derek Mason's replacements
21 min
Derek Mason fired, now what?
Chris Lee and Bruno Reagan talk about VU's firing of Derek Mason
39 min
What's really happening with Vanderbilt football
Behind Vanderbilt's kicking situation and roster attrition
82 min
Mitch Light talks Vandy, SEC football after the...
The Athletic editor joins the VandySports podcast
53 min
Bruno Reagan talks UT week, bad officiating and...
Bruno Reagan talks candidly about Vandy and the Vols
71 min
How the offense has improved
Norman Jordan and Bruno Reagan talk Vanderbilt football
36 min
The Kentucky game and coaching hot seats
Mitch Light talks Vanderbilt and college football
33 min
The offense is getting better, and the defense....
Bruno Reagan talks about what he's seeing with Vanderbilt football
70 min
Football exodus, basketball talk
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss Vanderbilt sports
63 min
The crazy Vandy-MSU box score and SEC coaches i...
Mitch Light talks Vanderbilt and SEC football
47 min
Bruno Reagan answers your questions, talks abou...
The former Commodore offensive linemen breaks down Vanderbilt football
66 min
When everyone knows it's time for a change
Seabass explains why there's no selling Derek Mason any more
48 min
Does Vandy match up better with Mississippi Sta...
Mitch Light talks Vandy and SEC football
45 min
The aftermath of the Ole Miss disaster
George Plaster discusses Vandy's 54-21 loss and what needs to happen next
29 min
"You get three wishes."
Seabass talks Vanderbilt football
72 min
Vandy's best chance at a football win is...
The Athletic's Mitch Light talks football and hoops
32 min
Aaron Fitt liked what he saw in the Black & Gol...
The D1 Baseball expert discusses what he saw of the VandyBoys last weekend
30 min
Lifelines, and the turnover mullet
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss Vanderbilt football
43 min
Fall baseball rewind
VU weekday baseball announcer Kevin Ingram tells us what he's seen
31 min
Daniel Diermeier and the power struggle for ath...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss what happens behind closed doors at VU
59 min
How Vanderbilt's power structure works
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss what that means for athletics, and more
42 min
Depleted roster contributes to disastrous outco...
Mitch Light discusses Vanderbilt's 41-7 loss to South Carolina, and talks other SEC football too
35 min
Where Vanderbilt might match up well with South...
Sideline reporter Kevin Ingram helps preview Saturday's game, and answers your questions
27 min
When Vandy starts to fight (back)
Chris Lee and Seabass talk Vandy football and VU's media relations policies
58 min
Why some things didn't work against LSU
Norman Jordan breaks down schemes, play-calling and the talent gap from the LSU game
21 min
What kind of power will Vanderbilt deputy AD To...
George Plaster and Chris Lee discuss what looks like a very significant hire
39 min
Hot seats, recruiting rankings and an uninspiri...
The Athletic's Mitch Light joins the VandySports podcast after the LSU loss
32 min
Previewing the LSU game, and a lofty Ken Seals ...
Sideline reporter Kevin Ingram joins Friday's podcast
28 min
Football talk, plus, Vanderbilt's mis-handling ...
George Plaster discusses Vanderbilt sports
33 min
Did the Texas A&M loss change expectations?
Did the Texas A&M loss change expectations?
25 min
Norman Jordan, on the new-look Commodores
Vandy's radio color commentator talks about the season opener
25 min
What Mitch Light liked--and didn't--in Vanderbi...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy's 17-12 loss in College Station
45 min
The two biggest storylines with VU football for...
67 min
An unforgettable hour with Mark Howard
Long-time Nashville sports radio personality Mark Howard joins the show to discuss Vanderbilt's precarious position in the sports landscape, as well as some of his memories of covering the Commodores. The two also discuss the Nashville sports scene...
74 min
D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt, on the VandyBoys
D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt joins the podcast to answer your questions about the VandyBoys and the state of college baseball in general. Topics include Aaron's thoughts on Vandy's pitching and lineup for next year as well as his thoughts on what he saw...
44 min
Vandy's surprising hire of Louisiana Tech AD To...
In a move that caught everyone on both media markets by surprise, Vanderbilt plucked Louisiana Tech athletic director Tommy McClelland away to be its deputy AD on Monday. Ben Carlisle of gives background on McClelland and why he left...
26 min
The silver lining for the 2021 football offense
Some of the disadvantages that the Vanderbilt offense faces for 2020 could turn out to pay dividends for 2021. Chris Lee and The Athletic's Mitch Light discuss that, as well as the general climate around college football, and get into when the college...
36 min
Favorite Commodores, pro futures
Chris Lee and Seabass give their favorite Vanderbilt players of all time, and talk about which VandyBoys have the brightest MLB futures. The pair also answer some football and hoops questions in the mailbag.
57 min
The state of the VandyBoys, with Kevin Ingram
Chris Lee and Vanderbilt mid-week TV announcer Kevin Ingram talk about the abbreviated 2020 season and what might have been before discussing the 2021 roster. The two also share some funny Harry and Skip Caray stories on a sidebar midway through the...
44 min
Has Vanderbilt abandoned all of former Malcolm Turner's strategic plans? Chris Lee and guest George Plaster discuss that, as well as some more background of Candice Lee's coming into power that's not been discussed on the podcast. The two talk about...
58 min
Tommy Smith answers more of your questions
People still had questions for former VU athletics employee Tommy Smith after his two podcast appearances last week, so, he returns to the podcast to answer them.
24 min
Tommy Smith answers your questions
Tommy Smith, who was Malcolm Turner's right-hand man at Vanderbilt, answers listener questions in the wake of Monday's podcast in which Smith discussed his VU experience. Topics include facilities plans, university leadership, student-athlete support...
56 min
The truth about Vanderbilt athletics, from some...
Tommy Smith, who was former athletic director Malcolm Turner's right-hand man, gives first-hand accounts of how things went when he and Malcolm Turner tried to change the culture around Vanderbilt athletics. Included are a revealing story about the...
40 min
Play ball?
Chris Lee and Seabass start the episode by discussing the resumption of sports; Chris shares why he's not sure college football unfortunately may not get off the ground. The two also talk about the climate around Vanderbilt athletics and why the PR...
65 min
Opinions and evidence
Chris Lee and George Plaster go over the cases that people have made as to why athletic director Candice Lee deserved the athletic director's job, and the ones they've made that she didn't. Lee, through her actions as AD and in support rules before...
56 min
A little more behind the curtain
A little more background on Wednesday morning's story, plus, the mailbag, with Seabass.
48 min
Why the SEC is about to have revised 2020 footb...
Chris Lee's former radio co-host, Trey Wallace (now at Fox Sports Knoxville), joins the podcast to discuss what he's hearing in SEC offices regarding coming changes to the 2020 football schedule in light of COVID-19. The two also discuss game-day...
66 min
Vanderbilt dismantles its athletics communicati...
Vanderbilt stunned everyone by eliminating almost its entire athletics communication office, putting it under the auspices of the general university. Chris Lee and George Plaster talk about the "why's" of that decision and what it means.
55 min
A Season of Homecomings: Vanderbilt edition
Ron Lang, author of "A Season of Homecomings: Living, Learning and Loving Every School in the SEC," joins the podcast to discuss his book and the Vanderbilt portion within it. Ron conveys his impressions of Vanderbilt, names his all-time favorite...
47 min
Potential tough decisions, looking back a year,...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss tough coverage decisions that will have to be made if football is pushed to the spring, and talk about how much the outlook for Vanderbilt sports has changed in one year. Plus, the two talk about some dynamics with the...
70 min
Keeping it real
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss how the sports media works, and talk about what could happen if Vanderbilt needed to make a football coaching change immediately.
49 min
Attorney Grover Collins discusses Vanderbilt's ...
Attorney Grover Collins of Collins Legal discusses the Title IX-related allegations that went public involving Vanderbilt football this weekend.
22 min
Post-2020 MLB Draft discussion, and 2021 footba...
Chris Lee and Seabass compare 2020 MLB Draft expectations compared to realities, whether Mason Hickman should stay in school or go pro, and why the Orioles shouldn't have passed on Austin Martin. Plus, Seabass gives some brief evaluations of VU's 2021...
41 min
Academics, athletics and COVID-19
Educational consultant (and Vanderbilt graduate) Mike Spivey tells us what he's learning about what's ahead with COVID-19 and higher ed after talking with multiple university administrators. He and Chris Lee hit the realities and the what-ifs of how...
66 min
Vanderbilt's baseball brand, and the 2020 MLB D...
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about the strength of the VandyBoys' brand, and cite a tangible example. Plus, the two talk about what's ahead for VU in this draft, especially in Rounds 2-5, where the Commodores might (or might not) lose a lot of key arms....
48 min
Will Vanderbilt play football this fall?
The Tennessean's Gentry Estes wrote about Vanderbilt's indecision regarding playing football this fall amidst the COVID-19 crisis. He and Chris Lee get into why VU hasn't made a decision and what could happen if Vanderbilt doesn't play this fall. It's...
35 min
Who'd you rather have?
Bobby Johnson or Derek Mason? Earl Bennett or Jordan Matthews? Casey Hayward or D.J. Moore? Those are a few of the questions Chris Lee asks Seabass, plus, a number of intriguing mailbag questions with an eye towards Vanderbilt's 2020 football season.
62 min
D1's David Seifert, on Vandy, the MLB Draft and...
David Seifert, the head of college scouting at D1 Baseball, discusses the upcoming MLB Draft and Vanderbilt's presence within it. Seifert also shares thoughts about potential changes to the MLB calendar, discusses ramifications of whether MLB plays an...
49 min
Jeff Goodman explains his tweet
The Stadium's Jeff Goodman sent out a tweet on Tuesday that didn't sit well with Jerry Stackhouse or Vanderbilt fans. On Tuesday afternoon, we did a podcast with Goodman in which he explains the background of that tweet. Goodman also opines on the...
23 min
Candice Lee, Vandy AD
Candice Lee has been promoted from interim athletic director to the permanent person for that position. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, how Vanderbilt got here and what that means.
51 min
2021 Vanderbilt football
The 2021 Vanderbilt football season should be a lot more interesting than the 2020 campaign, for two big reasons. Chris Lee and Seabass get into that, and also discuss future VU out-of-conference football schedules for the next decade.
62 min
Longer-term outlook for VU hoops, and that unde...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy hoops rosters for the next 2-3 years, and the biggest missing piece there. The two also talk briefly about the start of college football season, then, dive into the VandySports 100, which spawns a discussion of...
51 min
No Romello; now, when will we have sports?
Romello White is headed to Ole Miss, and VU is without a third basketball assistant. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, as well as a potential re-start for baseball and the landscape for college football this fall.
44 min
The MLB Draft, and three reasons for football h...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light hit all sorts of topics in an hour-long draft. The discussion starts with where recently ranked Vanderbilt players and prospects in its draft ratings, touches on the Jim Harbaugh letter to the NCAA, hits the...
60 min
Much depends on the new chancellor
A year and a half after David Williams stepped down, nothing really changed with Vanderbilt athletics, even before the pandemic. How might new chancellor Daniel Diermaier feel about sports? Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, some lower-hanging...
44 min
Would Romello White be Vanderbilt's best player?
Chris Lee and Seabass dive into that, what VU's rotation would look like with the Arizona State transfer, and the complication that could get in the way of White coming. The two also hit some football-related issues arising from the COVID-19...
76 min
Potential problems with a spring college footba...
George Plaster and Chris Lee discuss some of the issues that could come if college football were moved to the spring, and end the show with a discussion of Vanderbilt's resistance to involving folks who understand athletics into the athletics...
39 min
Romello White to Vanderbilt?
The Arizona State forward is transferring, and the Commodores seem to be the favorite. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss the roster impact of that, discuss an alternate world of SEC-only football this fall and then dive into some recent picks in the...
40 min
Does Vanderbilt have a 2021 NFL first-rounder?
The answer may surprise you; it surprised Chris Lee and Seabass, who also discuss the outcome of the 2020 NFL Draft and talk about the NCAA's image-and-likeness statement from this week.
66 min
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss the NCAA's announcement that it's taking steps towards allowing players to be paid for use of their image and likeness.
31 min
Tampa's a great landing spot for Ke'Shawn Vaughn
Running back Ke'Shawn Vaughn lands in Tampa Bay, which is about as ideal a spot for him as he could hope for, for reasons Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss. Why didn't Kalija Lipscomb and Jared Pinkney get picked? They break that down also, as well as...
48 min