VandySports's podcast's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.

Aaron Fitt liked what he saw in the Black & Gol...
The D1 Baseball expert discusses what he saw of the VandyBoys last weekend
30 min
Lifelines, and the turnover mullet
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss Vanderbilt football
43 min
Fall baseball rewind
VU weekday baseball announcer Kevin Ingram tells us what he's seen
31 min
Daniel Diermeier and the power struggle for ath...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss what happens behind closed doors at VU
59 min
How Vanderbilt's power structure works
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss what that means for athletics, and more
42 min
Depleted roster contributes to disastrous outco...
Mitch Light discusses Vanderbilt's 41-7 loss to South Carolina, and talks other SEC football too
35 min
Where Vanderbilt might match up well with South...
Sideline reporter Kevin Ingram helps preview Saturday's game, and answers your questions
27 min
When Vandy starts to fight (back)
Chris Lee and Seabass talk Vandy football and VU's media relations policies
58 min
Why some things didn't work against LSU
Norman Jordan breaks down schemes, play-calling and the talent gap from the LSU game
21 min
What kind of power will Vanderbilt deputy AD To...
George Plaster and Chris Lee discuss what looks like a very significant hire
39 min
Hot seats, recruiting rankings and an uninspiri...
The Athletic's Mitch Light joins the VandySports podcast after the LSU loss
32 min
Previewing the LSU game, and a lofty Ken Seals ...
Sideline reporter Kevin Ingram joins Friday's podcast
28 min
Football talk, plus, Vanderbilt's mis-handling ...
George Plaster discusses Vanderbilt sports
33 min
Did the Texas A&M loss change expectations?
Did the Texas A&M loss change expectations?
25 min
Norman Jordan, on the new-look Commodores
Vandy's radio color commentator talks about the season opener
25 min
What Mitch Light liked--and didn't--in Vanderbi...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy's 17-12 loss in College Station
45 min
The two biggest storylines with VU football for...
67 min
An unforgettable hour with Mark Howard
Long-time Nashville sports radio personality Mark Howard joins the show to discuss Vanderbilt's precarious position in the sports landscape, as well as some of his memories of covering the Commodores. The two also discuss the Nashville sports scene...
74 min
D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt, on the VandyBoys
D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt joins the podcast to answer your questions about the VandyBoys and the state of college baseball in general. Topics include Aaron's thoughts on Vandy's pitching and lineup for next year as well as his thoughts on what he saw...
44 min
Vandy's surprising hire of Louisiana Tech AD To...
In a move that caught everyone on both media markets by surprise, Vanderbilt plucked Louisiana Tech athletic director Tommy McClelland away to be its deputy AD on Monday. Ben Carlisle of gives background on McClelland and why he left...
26 min
The silver lining for the 2021 football offense
Some of the disadvantages that the Vanderbilt offense faces for 2020 could turn out to pay dividends for 2021. Chris Lee and The Athletic's Mitch Light discuss that, as well as the general climate around college football, and get into when the college...
36 min
Favorite Commodores, pro futures
Chris Lee and Seabass give their favorite Vanderbilt players of all time, and talk about which VandyBoys have the brightest MLB futures. The pair also answer some football and hoops questions in the mailbag.
57 min
The state of the VandyBoys, with Kevin Ingram
Chris Lee and Vanderbilt mid-week TV announcer Kevin Ingram talk about the abbreviated 2020 season and what might have been before discussing the 2021 roster. The two also share some funny Harry and Skip Caray stories on a sidebar midway through the...
44 min
Has Vanderbilt abandoned all of former Malcolm Turner's strategic plans? Chris Lee and guest George Plaster discuss that, as well as some more background of Candice Lee's coming into power that's not been discussed on the podcast. The two talk about...
58 min
Tommy Smith answers more of your questions
People still had questions for former VU athletics employee Tommy Smith after his two podcast appearances last week, so, he returns to the podcast to answer them.
24 min
Tommy Smith answers your questions
Tommy Smith, who was Malcolm Turner's right-hand man at Vanderbilt, answers listener questions in the wake of Monday's podcast in which Smith discussed his VU experience. Topics include facilities plans, university leadership, student-athlete support...
56 min
The truth about Vanderbilt athletics, from some...
Tommy Smith, who was former athletic director Malcolm Turner's right-hand man, gives first-hand accounts of how things went when he and Malcolm Turner tried to change the culture around Vanderbilt athletics. Included are a revealing story about the...
40 min
Play ball?
Chris Lee and Seabass start the episode by discussing the resumption of sports; Chris shares why he's not sure college football unfortunately may not get off the ground. The two also talk about the climate around Vanderbilt athletics and why the PR...
65 min
Opinions and evidence
Chris Lee and George Plaster go over the cases that people have made as to why athletic director Candice Lee deserved the athletic director's job, and the ones they've made that she didn't. Lee, through her actions as AD and in support rules before...
56 min
A little more behind the curtain
A little more background on Wednesday morning's story, plus, the mailbag, with Seabass.
48 min
Why the SEC is about to have revised 2020 footb...
Chris Lee's former radio co-host, Trey Wallace (now at Fox Sports Knoxville), joins the podcast to discuss what he's hearing in SEC offices regarding coming changes to the 2020 football schedule in light of COVID-19. The two also discuss game-day...
66 min
Vanderbilt dismantles its athletics communicati...
Vanderbilt stunned everyone by eliminating almost its entire athletics communication office, putting it under the auspices of the general university. Chris Lee and George Plaster talk about the "why's" of that decision and what it means.
55 min
A Season of Homecomings: Vanderbilt edition
Ron Lang, author of "A Season of Homecomings: Living, Learning and Loving Every School in the SEC," joins the podcast to discuss his book and the Vanderbilt portion within it. Ron conveys his impressions of Vanderbilt, names his all-time favorite...
47 min
Potential tough decisions, looking back a year,...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss tough coverage decisions that will have to be made if football is pushed to the spring, and talk about how much the outlook for Vanderbilt sports has changed in one year. Plus, the two talk about some dynamics with the...
70 min
Keeping it real
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss how the sports media works, and talk about what could happen if Vanderbilt needed to make a football coaching change immediately.
49 min
Attorney Grover Collins discusses Vanderbilt's ...
Attorney Grover Collins of Collins Legal discusses the Title IX-related allegations that went public involving Vanderbilt football this weekend.
22 min
Post-2020 MLB Draft discussion, and 2021 footba...
Chris Lee and Seabass compare 2020 MLB Draft expectations compared to realities, whether Mason Hickman should stay in school or go pro, and why the Orioles shouldn't have passed on Austin Martin. Plus, Seabass gives some brief evaluations of VU's 2021...
41 min
Academics, athletics and COVID-19
Educational consultant (and Vanderbilt graduate) Mike Spivey tells us what he's learning about what's ahead with COVID-19 and higher ed after talking with multiple university administrators. He and Chris Lee hit the realities and the what-ifs of how...
66 min
Vanderbilt's baseball brand, and the 2020 MLB D...
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about the strength of the VandyBoys' brand, and cite a tangible example. Plus, the two talk about what's ahead for VU in this draft, especially in Rounds 2-5, where the Commodores might (or might not) lose a lot of key arms....
48 min
Will Vanderbilt play football this fall?
The Tennessean's Gentry Estes wrote about Vanderbilt's indecision regarding playing football this fall amidst the COVID-19 crisis. He and Chris Lee get into why VU hasn't made a decision and what could happen if Vanderbilt doesn't play this fall. It's...
35 min
Who'd you rather have?
Bobby Johnson or Derek Mason? Earl Bennett or Jordan Matthews? Casey Hayward or D.J. Moore? Those are a few of the questions Chris Lee asks Seabass, plus, a number of intriguing mailbag questions with an eye towards Vanderbilt's 2020 football season.
62 min
D1's David Seifert, on Vandy, the MLB Draft and...
David Seifert, the head of college scouting at D1 Baseball, discusses the upcoming MLB Draft and Vanderbilt's presence within it. Seifert also shares thoughts about potential changes to the MLB calendar, discusses ramifications of whether MLB plays an...
49 min
Jeff Goodman explains his tweet
The Stadium's Jeff Goodman sent out a tweet on Tuesday that didn't sit well with Jerry Stackhouse or Vanderbilt fans. On Tuesday afternoon, we did a podcast with Goodman in which he explains the background of that tweet. Goodman also opines on the...
23 min
Candice Lee, Vandy AD
Candice Lee has been promoted from interim athletic director to the permanent person for that position. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, how Vanderbilt got here and what that means.
51 min
2021 Vanderbilt football
The 2021 Vanderbilt football season should be a lot more interesting than the 2020 campaign, for two big reasons. Chris Lee and Seabass get into that, and also discuss future VU out-of-conference football schedules for the next decade.
62 min
Longer-term outlook for VU hoops, and that unde...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy hoops rosters for the next 2-3 years, and the biggest missing piece there. The two also talk briefly about the start of college football season, then, dive into the VandySports 100, which spawns a discussion of...
51 min
No Romello; now, when will we have sports?
Romello White is headed to Ole Miss, and VU is without a third basketball assistant. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, as well as a potential re-start for baseball and the landscape for college football this fall.
44 min
The MLB Draft, and three reasons for football h...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light hit all sorts of topics in an hour-long draft. The discussion starts with where recently ranked Vanderbilt players and prospects in its draft ratings, touches on the Jim Harbaugh letter to the NCAA, hits the...
60 min
Much depends on the new chancellor
A year and a half after David Williams stepped down, nothing really changed with Vanderbilt athletics, even before the pandemic. How might new chancellor Daniel Diermaier feel about sports? Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, some lower-hanging...
44 min
Would Romello White be Vanderbilt's best player?
Chris Lee and Seabass dive into that, what VU's rotation would look like with the Arizona State transfer, and the complication that could get in the way of White coming. The two also hit some football-related issues arising from the COVID-19...
76 min
Potential problems with a spring college footba...
George Plaster and Chris Lee discuss some of the issues that could come if college football were moved to the spring, and end the show with a discussion of Vanderbilt's resistance to involving folks who understand athletics into the athletics...
39 min
Romello White to Vanderbilt?
The Arizona State forward is transferring, and the Commodores seem to be the favorite. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss the roster impact of that, discuss an alternate world of SEC-only football this fall and then dive into some recent picks in the...
40 min
Does Vanderbilt have a 2021 NFL first-rounder?
The answer may surprise you; it surprised Chris Lee and Seabass, who also discuss the outcome of the 2020 NFL Draft and talk about the NCAA's image-and-likeness statement from this week.
66 min
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss the NCAA's announcement that it's taking steps towards allowing players to be paid for use of their image and likeness.
31 min
Tampa's a great landing spot for Ke'Shawn Vaughn
Running back Ke'Shawn Vaughn lands in Tampa Bay, which is about as ideal a spot for him as he could hope for, for reasons Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss. Why didn't Kalija Lipscomb and Jared Pinkney get picked? They break that down also, as well as...
48 min
Hoops recruiting update, and a look at playing ...
Chris Lee and David Sisk talk for 1:10 about Vanderbilt and Southeastern Conference basketball. Topics include whether Vanderbilt adds another player this spring, whether Saben Lee or Isaac McBride will be on the roster next year, which freshmen can...
71 min
NFL Draft preview, and the Seabass mailbag
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about the Big Three and the upcoming NFL Draft, especially as it pertains to Ke'Shawn Vaughn. The two take a litany of mailbag questions covering other sports in a 1:09 podcast. 
69 min
Vanderbilt and the 2020 MLB Draft
Chris Lee and New York Dore do an exhaustive breakdown of what the 2021 baseball roster could look like after the draft is over. Is Tyler Brown really returning to VU? Who might come back if the draft is five rounds, but not if it's 10? And will...
30 min
Financial ramifications from COVID-19 hit VU, a...
VU interim chancellor Susan Wente announced a $30 million budget shortfall for the academic year. What does that mean for campus and for sports? And when will football start again, and what happens if that's not until the spring? George Plaster and...
35 min
How might the 2021 baseball roster look?
Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss Vandy's short 2020 baseball season, and then dive into the 2021 roster. How might the draft affect VU next year? What current players and commitments could go pro? What are the wild cards with next season? The two...
50 min
Sizing up the wide receiver corps, next year's ...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss the wide receiver group now that C.J. Bolar is in the transfer portal, and players who could benefit from Bolar's departure. The two also talk at length about next year's basketball roster, and the potential ramifications...
71 min
Losing C.J. Bolar, and other football thoughts
Mitch Light and Chris Lee react to the loss of C.J. Bolar, the receiver who hit the transfer portal on Monday. The two also talk about Tyrin Lawrence and have some thoughts about the latest picks to the VandySports 100.
31 min
What does Vanderbilt University really care about?
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss the general sports climate (and some games they've re-watched during the pandemic) for 20 minutes before jumping into Vanderbilt talk. Today's primary topic is how VU is ignoring its own student newspaper and the...
58 min
The state of hoops and hoops recruiting
VandySports recruiting analyst David Sisk joins us to discuss the state of Vanderbilt basketball and recruiting. Topics include the Tyrin Lawrence addition on Thursday, reconciling large differences of opinion on Myles Stute, the enigma of Isaac...
74 min
Tyrin Lawrence talk, and the challenge of ratin...
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss Tyrin Lawrence, and Vandy's pursuit of him. The two also dive into some of the latest selections to the VandySports 100.
57 min
Tyler Brown to return, and that makes for a loa...
Tyler Brown announced he'll return for 2021, and regardless of the draft, the Commodores will be loaded on the mound again. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss that, then, delve into the "left out" portion of the VandySports 100, as well as discussing...
54 min
MLB Draft implications, an early look at 2020-2...
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about the implications of a potential five-round MLB Draft for 2020, and its impact on Vanderbilt. The two also talk about a Saben Lee-less hoops roster that adds Notre Dame transfer D.J. Harvey and Rice transfer Quentin...
46 min
Saben Lee departs
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss the loss of Saben Lee for next year, talk about the late Woody Widenhofer, and more. 
46 min
Carson Fulmer rewinds his VU career and the 201...
Former Commodore All-American pitcher Carson Fulmer joins the podcast for nearly an hour and a half. Fulmer walks us through his thought process as the 2014 national championship season is unfolding, and also talks about the historic 2013 and '15...
86 min
What could have been for baseball, and the chal...
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about how VU's pitching staff could have been among the all-time greats had the season played out. Also, Chris introduces the concept of the the VandySports 100 and the challenge of putting that together, and ends the...
52 min
What were the most significant games in VU hist...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light digest that question, and also talk about how the Coronavirus is affecting the sports world.
37 min
Will there be football this fall--and what if t...'s Gabe DeArmond joins the podcast to discuss that topic, and the implications of no season (or a shortened season). Gabe also talks about the late Woody Widenhofer and his legacy at Missouri, and touches on some fundraising and...
45 min
The Coronavirus crisis makes for an uncertain s...
Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss the Coronavirus crisis and how it's created mass uncertainty across the sports landscape, and particularly for an already-delicate situation at VU. 
53 min
When it's all canceled: Reacting in real time
The NCAA pulled the plug on darn-near everything as Chris Lee and Seabass were recording a podcast. The two react in real time and try to process it all, including implications for players, coaches, media fans, eligibility concerns, etc., and Chris's...
62 min
New football schemes, hoops momentum and baseba...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk Vandy football, basketball and baseball. Included: Chris's thoughts on scheme changes for VU football, Mitch and Chris's thoughts on Saben Lee and Scotty Pippen Jr., their SEC Tournament picks, how injuries could affect...
38 min
Two in a row for hoops; remembering past Memori...
Chris Lee and George Plaster talk about VU winning two in a row at season's end, what it could mean and what could have been had Aaron Nesmith stayed healthy and Yanni Wetzell stayed in town. The two also remember some Barry Goheen buzzer-beaters and...
41 min
First impressions of Ken Seals
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about various Vanderbilt sports, including Chris's first impressions of seeing freshman quarterback Ken Seals live. 
34 min
Will Perdue has strong opinions on how VU runs ...
Former Vanderbilt basketball superstar Will Perdue has been trying to help athletics for a quarter of a century, and gotten shut down at nearly every turn. Perdue shares those stories, talks about what should be done differently, and answers some...
74 min
Saben wrecks a Senior Night
Saben Lee's 38-point performance in leading VU to an upset at Alabama was a sight to behold. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss that, and also get into some lineup and roster strategy with the 11-3 baseball team.
40 min
The belated Seabass episode
It's better late than never? Here's the episode that Chris Lee and Seabass recorded on Feb. 27 that we're just now airing. In it is some spring football talk, a re-wind of that infamous press conference and more. 
56 min
A power struggle is coming
Vanderbilt will have a search for its next AD, but will it be a real search or will the school just stick with interim Candice Lee? Chris Lee has a theory on how you'll know how that'll turn out. He and guest George Plaster discuss that and other...
49 min
The pitching circle of trust
How many of Vanderbilt's pitchers can you trust in big spots? Chris Lee and New York Dore go over that, and talk about some dynamics with the lineup, too.
37 min
About that plan and that press conference
Guest George Plaster joins the podcast to talk about the rstrategic plan that Vanderbilt released on Wednesday, and Candice ee's press conference that followed. Host Chris Lee has learned some context that explains some of what went on and what's been...
31 min
A revealing picture inside VU athletics
Luke Wyatt, who worked at Vanderbilt for 40 years as an equipment manager before retiring two years ago, knows VU athletics inside and out. Luke gives revealing background on how Vanderbilt operates and why it does the things it does, how budgets...
93 min
Saben Lee's effort goes to waste, while VandyBo...
Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss a wildly entertaining basketball game between Vanderbilt and Georgia that resulted in a heartbreaking loss, then, turn their attention to the Commodores' phenomenal pitching. 
45 min
Fighting city hall
Chris Lee and George Plaster talk through both the recent and distant history of what happens when someone makes an effort to change Vanderbilt athletics. That includes how decisions are made and the Board of Trust's role in all of it. From what...
60 min
Spring practice, strike throwing and show causes
Chris Lee and Seabass discuss football spring practice, which is on the horizon. They also talk about VU's young pitchers and how they're performing early in the baseball season, the show-cause penalty that the NCAA just gave Kevin Stallings and more.
45 min
Vandy's young arms getting it done, and hoops talk
Chris Lee and Willy Daunic discuss how Vanderbilt's freshman arms have had a tremendous start to the season, then, talk a little hoops.
22 min
The good and bad of baseball almost one week in
Chris Lee and New York Dore talk about the season's first four games. Topics include the brilliance of freshmen Jack Leiter, Thomas Schultz and C.J. Rodriguez, the affect of injuries to Ty Duvall and Dominic Keegan and the team's issues with youth and...
45 min
It's time for Vanderbilt's Board of Trust to di...
Chris Lee and George Plaster talk about the aftermath of Malcolm Turner's parting from the university, how it appears Turner got little help on the inside, and how the Board of Trust owes athletics the duty to look at not just what just happened, but...
29 min
Hoops talk, ridiculously early football win totals
Chris Lee and Seabass talk Vandy hoops, then, handicap Vanderbilt's chances of winning each of its football games for 2020. 
41 min
The Stackhouse strategy
Chris Lee and Willy Daunic dive into what Jerry Stackhouse is doing to improve Vanderbilt basketball now, and his plan of building for the future. Also, the two dive into the dangers of Vanderbilt's young baseball lineup and why you should probably...
19 min
When things don't add up
Malcolm Turner is gone, but there are still a lot of questions to be answered about how it went down. Chris Lee and George Plaster explore those and the general climate around Vanderbilt athletics in the not-so-distant past and touch briefly on...
58 min
Basketball hope and a baseball lineup
Basketball has been competitive for four games, and Chris Lee and Mitch Light dive into why. They also have an interesting conversation about the baseball lineup, and how it may not be what people expect.
44 min
How bad decisions keep happening
Chris Lee and Seabass talk about Vanderbilt's continued incompetence towards managing its athletics department and why it happens. They also discuss the football signing class a bit.
59 min
Vanderbilt stuns LSU
Thanks to career nights from Max Evans and Saben Lee, terrific play from Scotty Pippen late in the game and a great coaching effort from Jerry Stackhouse, too, Vanderbilt has finally ended a historic losing streak, and color commentator Tim Thompson...
32 min
Willy Daunic, on Vandy's AD change
Former Commodore basketball and baseball player Willy Daunic talks about the changing of the guard of athletic directors at Vanderbilt with Malcolm Turner leaving and Candice Lee taking over.
39 min
The sun's set, and Turner's out
News of athletic director Malcolm Turner's departure broke minutes after Chris Lee and George Plaster did a Tuesday morning podcast... so, let's try this again. The two dive on on Turner's replacement with Candice Lee, talk about reactions to the news...
25 min
"Is it always darkest before the dawn?"
Chris Lee and George Plaster take a stab at that question, find some encouraging things from men's basketball, and attempt to talk about what's been a crazy week behind the scenes for Vanderbilt athletics.
23 min
Dylan Disu comes on
Amidst Vanderbilt's historic losing streak, the emergence of freshman Dylan Disu has been a bright spot. Chris Lee and Tim Thompson discuss Disu and answer listener questions.
26 min