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It really is all true! Stories about stuff that you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain. If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, then spend some of it listening to this ever-growing collection of stories. Great for those that are looking for a little bit of trivia in their lives.
Society & Culture
UI #40 - Coney Island's Baby Incubators
A premature baby born prior to the 1940's had little chance of survival unless the baby was lucky enough to be part of a popular sideshow exhibit at Coney Island.
20 min
UI #39 - Samuel Resnick Buys His Own Murder
Albany jeweler Samuel Resnick retired to Phoenix, Arizona, but something went wrong. He ended up paying to have himself murdered. Check out this podcast to find out all the details in this oddball story.
19 min
UI #38 - The Cardiff Giant
The 1869 discovery of this fossilized giant provided the first definitive proof that giants once did inhabit the Earth. Listen to find out the real facts in the story.
22 min
UI #37 - The 34-Year Nightmare
Stephen Dennison was sent to prison for stealing $5.00 worth of chocolates back in 1926. He never committed another crime, yet he was still there in 1960. Listen to find out how this happened and how Steve ultimately gained release.
26 min
UI #36 - The Greatest Escape
lavomir Rawich's escape from a Siberian prison camp is among the greatest stories of survival ever. So great that it seems totally unbelievable at times.
29 min
UI #35 - Dumpy the Dog
For a while it seemed like Dumpy the Dog could survive just about anything, but a puppy-hood illness came back to haunt him. Be sure to check out this incredible true story.
12 min
UI #34 - Death by Exploding Playing Cards
William Kogut decided to end his life using a deck of ordinary playing cards. Learn how he managed to do so in this fascinating true story.
15 min
UI #33 - The Little Widow of Herald Square
Ida Mayfield Wood lived as a recluse in the Herald Square Hotel in NYC for 24 years. When she died, 1,103 people claimed to be the heir to her fortune. Eight years later not a single one of them got a penny. Listen to this great story to find out who did.
21 min
UI #32 - The Sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt
Wealthy Ann Cooper Hewitt was sterilized at age 20 by her mother and two doctors, yet had no knowledge that the procedure was being done. Find out how they tricked her into the surgery.
22 min
UI #31 - The Phantom Sniper
The Phantom Sniper terrorized women of the Los Angeles area in the early 1950's. He was captured because of one minor mistake that most people would have easily overlooked.
19 min
UI #30 - The Strange Kidnapping of Milly McGill
Long forgotten story about the strange kidnapping of Milly McGill back in 1945. It is what happened after Milly was returned back to her parents that is the oddest part of this true story.
13 min
UI #29 - The 1913 Calumet Christmas Party Disaster
A Christmas Eve celebration for the children of Calumet, Michigan turned into a death trap. Listen to find out the details of this tragic story.
17 min
UI #28 - The Cranberry Crisis of 1959
Can you imagine Thanksgiving without cranberries? That actually happened in 1959 when cooks across America tossed out all of their cranberry products.
17 min
UI #27 - The Great Elephant Caper
Eleven circus elephants died from arsenic poisoning within a one-week period. The search for the murderer was on...
12 min
UI #26 - You've Got the Wrong Men
One of the best stories ever covered on this podcast. It's the story of two men placed on trial for murder and were saved from almost certain death by an event that occurred many miles away.
18 min
UI #25 - Escape in a Homemade Submarine
Fascinating true story of three Milwaukee men that started bombing Milwaukee Sears stores in an effort to obtain $100,000 and escape in their homemade submarine.
15 min
UI #24 - The Kidnapping of Caleb Milne IV
Long forgotten story about the sensational kidnapping of Caleb Milne IV back in 1935.
18 min
UI #23 - The Day the US Dropped 4 H-Bombs on S...
The residents of Palomares in Spain are still dealing with the effects of the four hydrogen bombs accidentally dropped on this small fishing village back in 1966.
14 min
UI #22 - The Fake Epidemic
Incredible true story of two Polish doctors that used the microbe Proteus OX19 to create a pseudo typhus epidemic, which saved the lives of over 8,000 people.
17 min
UI #21 - The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson is best remembered for being the first African American to play for one of the Major League baseball teams, but his 1944 court martial for his refusal to "go to the back of the bus" nearly derailed his career.
19 min
UI #20 - US Army Bicycle Corp
Hard to believe, but the United States Army once had a bicycle corp.
18 min
UI #19 - The Radium Girls
When the radioactive element radium was discovered, it quickly found its way into many products. One of those was glow-in-the dark watch faces, which were painted by women who licked their paint brushes to keep them pointed. This was a deadly mistake.
18 min
UI #18 - Come Dancing with Henry Ford
For many years, the most popular episode recorded on this podcast. Henry Ford is best remembered as the father of the Model T and the assembly line, but his efforts to get the American people dancing is nearly forgotten.
16 min
UI #17 - Extracting Gold from Seawater
The true story of the 1897 invention of the "accumulator" that was designed to extract gold from the world's oceans.
15 min
UI #16 - The Flubber Fiasco
The unbelievable story of how to deal with the disposal of millions of pieces of the toy Flubber. It's the product that they just couldn't put down!
13 min
UI #15 - The Spirits of St. Louis - NBA's Most ...
The long defunct Spirits of St. Louis basketball team may actually be one of the most profitable of all time, earning more annually than most likely any team in the NBA. Listen to this fascinating story to find out why.
14 min
UI #14 - Disaster of the USS Indianapolis
The sinking of the USS Indianapolis caused the worst at-sea loss of life in the history of the US Navy. Hundreds of lives could have been saved if the US Navy had not forgotten about the ship.
12 min
UI #13 - Henrietta Swan Leavitt Unlocks the Un...
The largely untold story of human computer Henrietta Leavitt and how she unlocked the key to the vast universe.
15 min
UI #12 - Antarctica's Red Light District
Yes, it appears that scientists may have finally found what appears to be Earth's southernmost red-light district. This is a story about penguins and what they do in their spare time. This time, however, it is the betrayed husband who is left home crying.
8 min
UI #11 - The Great Toilet Paper Shortage
Learn about one of the most unusual shortages ever in US history - one that was all started by Tonight Show host Johnny Carson.
12 min
UI #10 - The Hanging of Will Purvis
Will Purvis hanged for the murder of another man, yet was able to walk away after the hanging was over. Possibly a case of divine intervention, but we will never know for sure.
7 min
UI #9 - The Terminal Starring Sir Alfred???
Do you recall the Tom Hanks' movie The Terminal? His character was stuck in the airport and was unable to leave. Believe it or not, this was very loosely based on a true story, one that was much more unusual with a sadder ending.
5 min
UI #8 - Fight! - Shiloh Baptist Church Disaster
The true story of the 1902 Shiloh Baptist Church Disaster, which explains why you should never scream the word "Fight!" in a crowded room.
4 min
UI #7 - Philo Farnsworth
What were you doing when you were 14 years old? At that very young age Philo Farnsworth invented something that would change the world forever. There is a very good chance that you are using his invention right now, yet he is largely forgotten today.
9 min
UI #6 - U.S. Camel Corp
As the U.S. expanded into the Southwest, the heat and lack of water prevented long-term use of horses. The federal government found camels to be the perfect solution. While the camel experiment was successful, it ended just as quickly as it began.
8 min
UI #5 - The Gimli Glider
The true story of a Boeing 767 that ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet and lost total power. With no airport within gliding range, find out how these courageous pilots dealt with this frightening live or die situation.
6 min
UI #4 - Titanic - The Unsinkable Violet Jessop
The incredible true story of the unsinkable Violet Jessop and her survival of the collisions of the three sister ships - Olympic, Titanic, Britannic. The story that the movie should have been based on.
5 min
UI #3 - Bath School Disaster
While most people know about the massacre at Columbine, few realize that the deadliest act of US school violence occurred in Bath, Michigan in 1927. Listen to this fascinating story to find out the who, what, and why...
6 min
UI #2 - Bat Bombs - The Other Secret Weapon
Fascinating true story of the development by the US government of incendiary bombs carried by living bats during World War II. One can't help but wonder if WWII would have ended differently if this weapon had been used.
7 min
UI #1 - Useless Information Podcast - Introduc...
A introductory podcast that gives a brief overview of who I am, where these stories originated from, and what to expect in the future.
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