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Useless Information Podcast
It really is all true! Stories about stuff that you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain. If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, then spend some of it listening to this ever-growing collection of stories. Great for those that are looking for a little bit of trivia in their lives.
Society & Culture
UI #113 - Mile-A-Minute Murphy
The world's fastest bicyclist in the 1890's was Charles Minthorp Murphy and he was certain that there was no locomotive on Earth that could go faster than he could. To prove this, Murphy set a goal to ride one-mile in one-minute.
40 min
UI #112 - A Journey to the Center of the Earth
John Cleves Symmes asked Congress to fund a voyage to the North Pole so that his crew could sail into the Earth's interior. You may be surprised to find out how many of our elected officials approved the voyage...
36 min
UI #111 - Dick the Dog
Pennsylvania resident Jacob Silverman made national headlines back in 1922 for the crime of owning a dog named Dick within the commonwealth. The law at the time required that Dick be killed simply because he was owned by Jacob. Could Dick's life be saved?
33 min
Useless Information Podcast Bonus Episode #1
Bonus episode that includes an interview that I did back in 2014 with Lene Bech Sillesen and a recording of the NBC live news report when Pearl Harbor was bombed.
25 min
UI #110 - Wife for Sale
In 1948, Dorothy Lawlor decided to take an ad out in the Newsday newspaper seeking a husband in exchange for $10,000. Within twenty-four hours she became a media sensation. Did she really marry one of these men? The answer may surprise you.
43 min
UI #109 - The Case of the Phantom Vegetable Oil
Tino De Angelis was once ran a salad oil empire. Learn about his shocking downfall, how JFK’s assassination ties into the story, and how one of the world's richest men made a good chunk of change off of everyone else’s misfortune.
43 min
UI #108 - The Man Who Gave Away His Birthday
When author Robert Louis Stevenson learned that young Vermont native Annie Ide hated her Christmas birthday, he decided to deed his own birthday to her. Learn how she celebrate her new birthday and what happened after she died.d
46 min
UI #107 - The First Transatlantic Airplane Race
In May 1929, Old Orchard Beach in Maine was the site for a race that pitted the smaller, more nimble American Green Flash against larger, more powerful French Yellow Bird. Anticipation mounted for weeks as the two planes attempted to get off the ground.
49 min
UI #106 - Elixir of Death
When the S.E. Massengill Co. introduced its Elixir Sulfanilamide in September 1937, there was no law in the US requiring pharmaceutical companies to test their medicines for toxicity. As a result, more than 100 people lost their lives.
33 min
UI #105 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 3 - Maybelle Tr...
During desperate times some people are forced to do desperate things. The trick is to not get caught. Let's just say that Maybelle Trow Knox was not very good at that last part.
44 min
UI #104 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 2 - Farmers in ...
The Great Depression was an awful time for farmers in Iowa. It culminated with the near hanging of a judge in Le Mars. This particular farm was owned by the womanless library creator T.M. Zink.
27 min
UI #103 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 1 - T.M. Zink's...
Le Mars, Iowa was thrust into the national spotlight by the actions of just one man: T.M. Zink, a man who left nearly his entire estate for the establishment of a womanless library.
33 min
UI #102 - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker was one of the first female doctors in the United States and is the only woman to ever receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, until the government rescinded her award.
30 min
UI #101 - Where There's a Wilby, There's a Way
In the 1940's Ralph Marshall Wilby appeared to pull off what was the perfect crime. An incredible story that has many elements of an international thriller: deception, false identities, international kidnapping, and more.
33 min
UI #100 - A Miracle Birth in Mexico
On March 5, 2000, Ines Ramirez Perez went into labor but was unable to get any medical care to help with the delivery. In a panic, Ines used an ordinary kitchen knife to perform a cesarean on herself.
20 min
UI #99 - Millionaire for a Day
What is a political party to do when they don't want their candidate on the ballot? The Democratic party in Wilkes-Barre, PA found themselves in such a predicament when John Jay "Butch" McDevitt won their primary.
40 min
UI #98 - The Trick-or-Treat Dentist
The Halloween episode. Learn about a reputable California dentist named William Shyne who supposedly gave the children of his neighborhood lollipops and laxative pills for Halloween.
21 min
UI #97 - Silent Susan
On October 6, 1946 a young woman was arrested in Palisades Park, NJ for refusing to provide a police officer with her name. She had been cooperative in every way but refused to provide that single piece of information.
27 min
UI #96 - The Ice Cream Wars
The everything ice cream episode! Learn about an ongoing war between ice cream vendors, which included bombings, gunfire, torching of trucks, and threats.
34 min
UI #95 - The Yonkers Anti-Shorts Law
Back in 1935, Yonkers, NY made international news for arresting five NYC women who wore shorts and bandana halters. At one point, a Yonkers' aldermen proposed the building of a fence around Tibbetts Brook Park to keep the undesirables out.
26 min
UI #94 - The Brassiere Brigade
In September of 1950, a young woman contacted Miami police to let them know that someone had stolen money from her, money that she had helped to steal from Southern Bell originally. This led to the discovery of a highly unusual theft ring.
25 min
UI #93 - The Ugliest Thing the President Ever Saw
President Lyndon Johnson was never one to hold back his words, whether they be good or bad. Listen to this episode to learn what he felt was the ugliest thing that he had ever seen.
21 min
UI #92 - A Dog Day in Court
The drowning of Brockport, NY resident Maxwell Breeze in 1936 was the basis for one of the most unusual death penalty cases ever. Find out who was placed on trial, the court decision handed down, and what happened to the accused murderer.
28 min
UI #91 - Unfit to Teach
In the past, teachers could be fired some of the craziest reasons such as wearing turtlenecks, pantsuits, not going to church, or smoking a cigarette. Listen to learn about one of the more unusual ways a teacher could be denied a teaching license.
20 min
UI #90 - The Salem Trade School
The Salem Trade School was the worst high school football team in the Boston region in the 1920's. Any team that played against them was guaranteed to win. The Salem Trade team had a big secret that they kept under wraps for six years.
20 min
UI #89 - The Singing Mouse
The comical true story of an ordinary house mouse that could sing. Next came a one-year contract with NBC radio and an international contest to find the world's best singing mouse.
24 min
UI #88 - The Last Man on Earth
Back in 1960, the San Francisco Chronicle decided to send their columnist Bud Boyd up into the Marble Mountains of California for six weeks to find out if one could really survive. Let's just say that everything did not go as planned...
21 min
UI #87 - The Rescue of Charles Nalle
When escaped slave Charles Nalle was arrested in Troy, NY on April 27, 1860, no one could have anticipated what happened next. With the help of Harriet Tubman, Nalle is the only person in US history to have been rescued from slavery four times.
29 min
UI #86 - The Monk and his Hypnotist
Crazy true story about an elderly monk and his wife who decided to adopt their 63-year-old doctor. The doctor was then arrested for supposedly murdering his new mother.
19 min
UI #85 - Cinderella Girl
Just what happens when you write to the President of the United States to let him know that you have the same birthday as him? A 13-year-old girl named Anna Sklepovich did just that and the results did not turn out as she had planned.
19 min
UI #84 - The Honest Man with an Evil Eye
In 1935 a man stumbled across the find of a lifetime: A wallet containing a large number of stock certificates. Find out what the press said that he did with the certificates, what really happened, and how he killed a man simply by staring at him.
18 min
UI #83 - Michigan's Flying Bandit
Back in 1928, Clarence Frechette made national news for a bizarre attack that he made on the pilot of an airplane, possibly making him the world's first hijacker. Amazingly, he was back in the news in 1935 for an equally bizarre crime.
21 min
UI #82 - That's the Ticket
Back in 1955, Evert Stenmark was out hunting alone for ptarmigan when he became buried by an avalanche. Day after day he remained trapped under the snow. Learn how he survived and the one thing that he had in his wallet that probably saved his life.
15 min
UI #81 - The Shoeless Hillbilly
When Peter Grainger walked into a US Army recruiting center in 1951, he had quite the story to tell. He had spent nearly his entire life living high in the mountains of New Mexico with virtually no contact with the outside world.
15 min
UI #80 - Murder in the Mail
On an October day back in 1941, John Kmetz received a trial supply of herbal pills that would supposedly restore vitality to his 54-year-old body. Shortly after taking the pills, Kmetz was dead. A truly bizarre story.
21 min
UI #79 - The Great Venus Swindle
In 1953 Harold Jesse Berney, head of a television antenna manufacturing operation, was chosen by the US government to be its main contact with Uccelles, a prince visiting our planet from Venus. One of the most fantastic swindles ever conceived.
22 min
UI #78 - The Bowery's Santa
The Christmas episode. Learn about a man named Joe Bonavita who returned to the Bowery in New York City every year to celebrate Christmas with those less fortunate.
20 min
UI #77 - The Woman with the X-Ray Camera
One of the most bizarre stories ever presented on this podcast. The nearly unbelievable true story about a woman hired to investigate another woman suspected in a jewel heist.
20 min
UI #76 - A Life Forgotten
Did you ever wonder what would happen if you completely lost your memory? In this true story, a man went nearly twenty years without remembering a single detail about his life.
17 min
UI #75 - The Citicorp Tower Revisited
When the Citicorp Tower in New York City opened in 1977, no one could have ever imagined that building was fatally flawed. A phone call from a college student in NJ to the building's structural engineer may have saved tens of thousands of lives.
38 min
UI #74 - Arrest the Parents
Should parents be held responsible for the crimes that their children commit? Listen to this story from 1947 detailing just what happened when New York City tried to do just that.
22 min
UI #73 - The Canary Funeral
Back in 1920, Newark, NJ was host to one of the most bizarre funerals ever. An estimated 10,000 people lined the streets to witness the funeral procession of Jimmie the singing canary.
20 min
UI #72 - The Fever Girl
Fun story from 1923. Newspapers around the United States reported daily on the health of the Fever Girl - a woman with the highest temperature ever recorded to that date. Would she live or die?
24 min
UI #71 - Baltimore's Buried Treasure
You may have heard about the Californian couple that found five cans of gold coins on their property. Two Baltimore boys made a similar discovery back in 1934, but this pot of gold proved to be anything but lucky.
27 min
UI #70 - Busman's Holiday
Have you ever just had enough of your job and wanted to walk away from it? Bus driver William Cimillo found himself in this position back in 1947 and his unique solution made him an instant celebrity.
25 min
UI #69 - Tunnel Joe Holmes
Useless Information Podcast
24 min
UI #68 - The Blaze Incident
Useless Information Podcast
23 min
UI #67 - Mr. Moneybags
Useless Information Podcast
21 min
UI #66 - The Baby is in the Mail
Useless Information Podcast
21 min
UI #65 - The Short Life of Suzy Dewey
Useless Information Podcast
20 min
UI #64 - Operation Bodysnatch
Useless Information Podcast
26 min
UI #63 - Attack of the 50-Foot Garden Hose
Useless Information Podcast
21 min
UI #62 - The Ghost of Guam
Useless Information Podcast
25 min
UI #61 - The Pleasant Hill School Bus Tragedy
Useless Information Podcast
32 min
UI #60 - Ivory Soap Murders
Useless Information Podcast
30 min
UI #59 - The Sky is Falling
Useless Information Podcast
21 min
UI #58 - Dead Ringers
Useless Information Podcast
21 min
UI #57 - The Sikorsky Sweater Girls
21 min
UI #56 - Apple Annie
20 min
UI #55 - Will the Real Dr. Brown Please Stand Up?
27 min
UI #54 - The Case of the Misplaced Belly Button
21 min
UI #53 - The Patron Saint of the Vocally Challe...
26 min
UI #52 - Jack the Stripper
22 min
UI #51 - Tinker the Toad
16 min
UI #50 - The Corpse Bride
28 min
UI #49 - Midnapore's Wolf Children
22 min
UI #48 - The Double Life of Clarence King
24 min
UI #47 - The French Nobleman
17 min
UI #46 - Grady the Cow
21 min
UI #45 - The Fly Paper Murderess
18 min
UI #44 - The Man Buried Alive
22 min
UI #43 - Lyndon Johnson's Camel Driver
25 min
UI #42 - Noach Goldberg's Wooden Leg
16 min
UI #41 - Conrad Cantzen's Shoes
19 min
UI #40 - Coney Island's Baby Incubators
20 min
UI #39 - Samuel Resnick Buys His Own Murder
19 min
UI #38 - The Cardiff Giant
22 min
UI #37 - The 34-Year Nightmare
26 min
UI #36 - The Greatest Escape
29 min
UI #35 - Dumpy the Dog
12 min
UI #34 - Death by Exploding Playing Cards
15 min
UI #33 - The Little Widow of Herald Square
21 min
UI #32 - The Sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt
22 min
UI #31 - The Phantom Sniper
19 min
UI #30 - The Strange Kidnapping of Milly McGill
13 min
UI #29 - The 1913 Calumet Christmas Party Disaster
17 min
UI #28 - The Cranberry Crisis of 1959
17 min
UI #27 - The Great Elephant Caper
12 min
UI #26 - You've Got the Wrong Men
18 min
UI #25 - Escape in a Homemade Submarine
15 min
UI #24 - The Kidnapping of Caleb Milne IV
18 min
UI #23 - The Day the US Dropped 4 H-Bombs on S...
14 min
UI #22 - The Fake Epidemic
17 min
UI #21 - The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson
19 min
UI #20 - US Army Bicycle Corp
18 min
UI #19 - The Radium Girls
18 min
UI #18 - Come Dancing with Henry Ford
16 min
UI #17 - Extracting Gold from Seawater
15 min
UI #16 - The Flubber Fiasco
13 min
UI #15 - The Spirits of St. Louis - NBA's Most ...
14 min
UI #14 - Disaster of the USS Indianapolis
12 min
UI #13 - Henrietta Swan Leavitt Unlocks the Un...
15 min
UI #12 - Antarctica's Red Light District
8 min
UI #11 - The Great Toilet Paper Shortage
12 min
UI #10 - The Hanging of Will Purvis
7 min
UI #9 - The Terminal Starring Sir Alfred???
5 min
UI #8 - Fight! - Shiloh Baptist Church Disaster
4 min
UI #7 - Philo Farnsworth
9 min
UI #6 - U.S. Camel Corp
8 min
UI #5 - Gimli Glider - What if your airplane r...
6 min
UI #4 - Titanic - The Unsinkable Violet Jessop
5 min
UI #3 - Bath School Disaster
6 min
UI #2 - Bat Bombs - The Other Secret Weapon
7 min
UI #1 - Useless Information Podcast - Introduc...
3 min