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The Geeks from Geek Network get together three times monthly to discuss everything happening in pop culture and help you get closer to the games, movies, and tv shows you love. Breaking down and giving you a geeks perspective on the newest, movies and tv shows, discussing the most anticipated games and gaming events and we bring in special guests from all over the entertainment industry such as actors, comic book creators, gaming developers, and more! Follow us on our adventures as we do our best to GEEK RESPONSIBLY! Be sure to find us at www.geek-network.com to see all our other content.

Video Games
TV & Film
Geek Network Presents: Gameloft
We got sit down with Matthieu, one of the developers at Gameloft Montreal Studios and got to discuss mobile gaming and everything Gameloft is bringing to the industry including Overdrive City which has been a huge success in the community. Gameloft now celebrating 20 years in the industry has gotten to establish partnerships with respectable industries including Disney and has been providing quality mobile games for 2 decades now with millions of downloads under their belt. . Listen in as they share some insight on their company. 
27 min
Respawn Ready EP 13: Quarantine Crysis
Welcome to week 13 of Respawn Ready. Join us for more recaps and conversations about our video game adventures.
59 min
Geek Network Presents: Taco Sauce Interview
Geek Network sits down with one of the members of the band Taco Sauce. They have been making some waves and just finished up a very successful tour. Listen in as we get to discuss all things music and the band. 
43 min
Bing Watching EP 11: The Transporter fights for...
This week we go with a little game of which is better and it leads to a standoff between The Transporter franchise and the John Wick franchise. We also recap some of the movies and shows we watched this week including Tiger King, Harley Quinn Show and of course My Hero Academia.
87 min
Respawn Ready EP 11: This podcast has not been ...
Week 11 is here and we are still staying safe in our gaming bunkers. We play mooore quarantine games and we talk about all the games we are playing with our extra time at home.
49 min
Geek Network Presents: Rich Douek
We sit down with Rich Douek, the writer of the horror mini series such as Road of Bones and Sea of Sorrows that have haunted some comic readers dreams.
57 min
Respawn Ready EP 10: Childhood cartoon turf wars
Week 10 comes around and we have Jay with us this week who partakes in a fiery debate of who is better Muppets or Looney Tunes. After the dust settles we get right into our gaming for the week.
54 min
Reel Lit EP 3: Big F@$%#*g Giant
K squared is back for week 3 and the ladies break down The BFG novel and film plus Warm Bodies. This is one you don’t want to miss!
79 min
Geek Network Presents: Stephanie Hans
We get the chance to talk to the artist of one of our favorite artists, she has worked on some amazing covers for many publishers including Marvel and now is the artist for the very popular Image comic DIE. Stephanie talks to us about her path into the comic book industry and all things revolving DIE. 
47 min
Geek Network Presents: Tim Seeley
Keith and Josue get the chance to sit down with one of the writer of Money Shot. One of the most popular comics to have come out of Vault Comics recently. Tim is a real stand up guy who speaks his mind and this interview was a real blast for us at Geek Network. Enjoy!
61 min
Geek Network Presents: Frank Gogol
We sit down with writer Frank Gogol to discuss everything from Power Rangers, his background and entry into comic book writing and a discussion about all his work including Grief, Dead End Kids & the very highly anticipated No Heroine.
66 min
Geek Network Presents: Jim Zub
Keith, Sir Thomas & Josue sit down with THE WRITER OF CONAN himself Jim Zub and we talk about all the great work he's written for comic fans already, how awesome D&D is, why Jim loves writing Conan, the insanity of writing Rick & Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, and also we discuss everything he has contributed to Marvel and will be contributing in the future(EMPYRE!!!). Enjoy and get to know one of best writers in comics right now.  As always thank you for listening and if you want more head over to www.geek-network.com for all our news/social media/podcast and geeky needs. 
99 min
Binge Watching EP 9: Paul Walker Texas Ranger
We are here!!! In light of all the bad news surrounding us lately we decide to swap our film/tv news with some movie related games for you all to enjoy instead. Listen and play along. After some games we jump right into what we watched this week. Enjoy!
87 min
Infinite Playlist EP 8: REMIX
Week 8 and our playlist just keeps getting bigger and better. Our good friend Zakk joins us once again and we mix things up with some REMIXES.
50 min
Respawn Ready EP 8: The Rise of Hostwalker
The war between Crozen and Jesse ends. We get right into the new Call of Duty Warzone, Accusations are made again Epic’s blunt grand theft of anything good in battle royale games. We give our thoughts on the E3 cancellations and much more!
39 min
Binge Watching EP 8: Hello Scotland My Old Friend
Week 8 and the guys are back to talk about the Last of Us series, Kids in the Hall revival and the trailer for Robert the Bruce historically incorrect sequel about possible testicle torture? Penny Dreadful trailer!!! Plus much more!
67 min
Respawn Ready EP 7: 3rd String Host with 1st St...
Welcome back everybody to another episode of RESPAWN READY. Due to unfortunate casualties in the ongoing civil war between our 2 other hosts Jesse and Crozen, They were not in attendance, but not to worry as Keith, Josue and our good friend and frequent guest Liz join us and take us down some really great things that happened this week. First off Is this the real life?, or is this FINAL FANTASY? We hit the ground running talking about the Final Fantasy Remake demo, Valve loosens up on their plans for future Half-Life games plus everything our wonderful friends got to play this week. Join in and enjoy. 
41 min
Binge Watching EP 7: Paranormal Train to the DC...
Our good friend Liz stops by to talk to us about more Paranormal Activity coming our way the Train To Busan sequel that’s not a sequel & some DC goodness. Join us and check out what these guys got to watch this week as well!
75 min
Reel Lit EP 2: Say Chbosky 10 times fast...
Kristin and Kendra AKA K-squared are back for week 2 and they keep it going with some favorites for all ages! Kristin talks about Stephen Chbosky's fantastic novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" turned into film with a screenplay by Stephen Chbosky himself(also directed). Kendra who is a William Shakespeare groupie and aficionado talks to us about Hamlet and how that was interpreted into Disney's "The Lion King". Don't worry they make time to talk about the animated and the live action so you will get plenty of jungle goodness. So sit back, sing Hakuna Matata and enjoy the show. 
64 min
Geek Network Presents: David Booher & Drew Zuck...
This week we are graced with the minds and creative force behind the tin man that is all heart "Canto". David(writer) and Drew(artist) who co-created Canto explain to us a little about their background, the inspiration and story of how Canto hit shelves with the backing of IDW publishing and everything Canto has in store for the future. We are also lucky enough to get them to share just a little bit on a future project and it is some exciting stuff folks. Thanks for listening and give these guys a follow on Twitter: @DavidBooher & @Drew_Zucker and Canto himself also is on Twitter: @CantoComic. For news, reviews or to learn more about our shows visit us at www.Geek-Network.com. 
59 min
Respawn Ready: Wait, there’s news in this podca...
Welcome everyone to week 6 of our podcast where we talk all things gaming. This episode is particularly special because it is the conclusion to the epic battle between Crozen and Jesse for the title of best host on this side of 8 mile. We discuss the new DBZ:Fighterz character coming our way, the PS Plus titles for March and everything we got to play while we actively play what we are talking about playing. Did I lose you? No! Tune in and enjoy the show!
43 min
Binge Watching EP 6: I’m Not Okay With This Roc...
Episode 6 is full of Trekkie info on the new series and film coming our way. T-Dog gives us information on the new Star Wars film that will be directed by the Sleightly great J.D Dillard. We finally get a trailer for the historical documentary based on the Autobots revolutionary war. We get confused about how we feel about Eli Roth and finally get down to what we have watched. Crawl under the covers with T-Dog and Crozen and enjoy the show.
88 min
Respawn Ready EP 5: Will The Real Gaming Host P...
Crozen takes his throne back as gaming host and shuns Jesse for his mediocre hosting and Sir Thomas confesses to a felony on air. Then the gang takes the No Mans Sky update to a debate that could cause an existential crisis.
51 min
Binge Watching EP 5: Toss A Coin To Your Diablero
We are joined by our very special guest Brian and he teaches us everything about Mexican witchers!
108 min
Reel Lit EP 1: Who Art Thou?
Welcome to the very first episode of "Reel Lit" A podcast where we talk about literature to film/tv series adaptations all while enjoying a drink and a smoke. Co-hosted by Kristin & Kendra AKA K-squared. 
56 min
Infinite Playlist EP 4: Middle School Dance Songs
This week we go back to our awkward years of middle school to discuss middle school dance songs and update our infinite playlist available on Apple Music and Spotify.
26 min
Respawn Ready EP 4: Crozens gone but still in o...
In this episode we try to figure out if Diabetes is a symbiote, we discuss the overhaul of Anthem, The auction of the mythical console baby that PlayStation and Nintendo built, Outriders trailer and everything we got to play this week.
44 min
Binge Watching EP 4: Keith’s ideal Batman...
We are once again gathered to bring you news amongst our chaos. We describe Keith’s ideal partner. Who Sony is bringing into the live action universe with their untitled Marvel movie and why HBOMax is “pivoting” it’s way back into being a worthy streaming service to consider and if that isn’t enough we still share what we watched this week.
98 min
Respawn Ready episode 3: Meat is meat.
Join the network as they talk all things gaming. We go over some EVO news, new season of Apex, Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch. Sir Thomas experiments with man meat in The Forest and Keith finds his spirit animal in the Untitled Goose Game.
46 min
Binge watching episode 3- The return of the for...
Join the network as they celebrate the return of the fort night boys and recount what they have seen
65 min
Respawn Ready Ep.2 - We be chillin at the Atari...
In this episode, the gang gets "stoked" over Arizona being the destination for the new Atari Hotel. Plus T-Dog finds treasures in the middle of moving.
37 min
Binge Watching Ep.2 - Royally Rumbled
The gang is back for another round of Binge Watching. In this episode we discuss the upcoming Fast 9 trailer *recorded before it came out* and Keith and Crozen break down the Royal Rumble
65 min
Respawn Ready Episode 1: Oops All Gokus
welcome to the first episode of Respawn Ready, a gaming podcast full of news, reviews, and nonsense! in this first episode the crew goes over the addition of Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragonball Fighterz, the new Pokemon expansions, and Keith's romantic conundrums in Persona 5. 
41 min
Binge Watching: AHS ain’t worth a penny and tha...
Welcome to the first episode of Binge Watching! A show about all things film, television, and anime!The crew discuss 1917, Crozen's Mobile Suite Gundam adventure, and of course WWE shenanigans!!!
57 min
Going Around The Table: Rise of Skywalker & The...
In our inaugural episode of Going Around The Table, the gang recruits Liz to discuss Rise of Skywalker and the entire new trilogy as a whole! 
157 min
Episode 22 Reading- Josue’s revenge
Join the gentlemen as the discuss what they have read this week, and Josue gets revenge on something, probably
61 min
Episode 22 Gaming- T-Dogs revenge
Join the gentlemen as they discuss what they have been playing as T-Dog returns from his journey of self discovery
48 min
Keith’s Challenge
Having lost the first challenge, Keith now poses his challenge to the gentlemen
7 min
Episode 22 Watching- Keith’s revenge
Join the gentlemen as the discuss what they have been watching and Keith describes what it like to be the first loser of our group challenges
44 min
2019 Loogie awards: Literature
2019 Loogie awards for reading
45 min
2019 Loogie Gaming awards
Join the gentlemen as they hand out the Loogie awards for best and worst of 2019’s games and music
42 min
2019 Loogie awards for watching
Join the gentlemen as they award the 2019 Loogie awards for watching as chosen by you
53 min
Episode 20 Reading - Keith's News Scramble
Keith Scrambles for something resembling news, plus the Decade Best Ofs for Reading
31 min
Episode 20 Games - Fortnite Boiz
The Gents and newly formed "Fortnite Boiz" continue the Decade Best Of festivities with their gaming and music picks
34 min
Episode 20 Watching: Decade Best Of Special
The Gents present to you their best of the Decade! for watching, they go over their favorite tv/movie (and even anime) of the past decade. Plus we still go over the news for the week.
24 min
Episode 19: reading- Only the real me are left
Join the gentlemen as they discuss all that their pretty little eyes have read
51 min
Episode 19 gaming: why Crozen is the best host
Join the gentlemen while they share their gaming experiences of the week and we finally decide that Crozen is the beat host
40 min
Gents Bonus Round Ep.1: Game Awards
Crozen quickly goes over some take aways from The Game Awards
25 min
Episode 18 Reading: LOOGI Awards Comics/Manga
Gents close out the 2019 LOOGI Nominees with their picks for Comics, Manga, and even a Meme category! Plus the reads for the week.
79 min
Episode 18 Gaming: LOOGI Awards Gaming/Music
Gents continue their LOOGI awards going over the nominees in the Gaming and Music sections! Plus what we've been playing for the week
65 min
Episode 18 Watch: The 1st Ever LOOGI Awards!
The Gents present you with the Inaugural LOOGI Awards for 2019!!! The Gents go over the potential nominees for the "Watching" portion of our awards and will be presented into our Facebook group for you guys to vote on. We will announce the winners on a later episode. Plus what we've been watching for the week! 
78 min
Episode 17 Reading: Ultra Man
Gents close Episode 17 out with the reads for the week. Keith delivers the comic/reading news and the Gents go over what they've read.
46 min
Episode 17 Watching: Not a Keith Movie
Gents are back with the TV/Movie news for the week. We find out what isn't a "Keith Movie" and Watchmen Episode 6 gets broken down in its entirety by Crozen and Josue (SPOILER WARNING). Plus the usual what we are watching segment
69 min
Episode 16 Reading: The Question Returns
The Gents close Ep. 16 with the Reads. But first Keith goes over the news. The Gents Discuss Demon Slayer Manga, The Question's return and more.
59 min
Episode 16 Gaming: The Chiral Shenmue
The Gents go over all the Gaming news from the week. The Gents discuss PS5 controller leaks, Half-Life Alyx, Google Stadia and Pokemon. Crozen and Josue bombard Keith with Death Stranding terms and yes, Keith hates it.
57 min
Episode 16 Watching: T-Dog's Gangster Grandma
The Gents go over all the "Watching" news for the week. T-dog delivers  us Joker news from his Gangster Grandma, Gents discuss Disney Plus, Baby  Yoda, Watchmen, Wrestling and more.
57 min
Episode 15 - Batman Woes
We are short on Gents this week but we still go on! Keith calls on his good friend Liz to guest star in this week's episode and the crew goes into the reading news for the week, plus the usual "What we are reading" segment. 
72 min
Episode 14 Literature- Beware the Kornwolf
Join the gents as they talk about what they have been reading and why you don’t want to mess with the Amish, read Fables
64 min
Episode 14 Playing- another Thang
Join the gents as they talk about what they are playing and listening to, we learn what might have been for the Thing and video games that speak to your soul
49 min
Episode 14 Watching- The Curse of Riddick
In this episode the Gentlemen debate if Riddick is good and why Boobs?
61 min
Episode 13: Literature
We jump into the end of our show with a hunger games simulator with tributes of our choice and go over everything we read this week including the AMAZING Once and Future #3. 
78 min
Episode 13: Video Games
We jump into the digital world of video games and we talk about the Blizzard and China controversy along with everything we got to play including Borderlands 3, Apex Legends, Celeste, Final Fantasy 13 and Dragon Quest!
53 min
Episode 13: Movies/TV
We discuss the announcement of the Spider-Man and Venom inevitable crossover as well as Y: The Last Man being adapted as a TV series on FX in 2020. We give you another round of awesome YumaCon interviews and get into what we got to watch this week. Spoiler Jesse " Private Whiskers" did not enjoy Death Note. 
85 min
Episode 12: Literature
We finally get some news on the very sexy McKelvie project titled The Killing Zone and we catch you up on a ton of comics we were able to read these past couple of weeks. The "read fables" tradition continues... somewhat.
71 min
Episode 12: Video Games
We discuss the delay of the highly anticipated Doom, Hideo Kojima going on tour? and Private Whiskers aka Jesse gets severely distracted by the number of titles being offered in Playstation Now along with some great interviews we got from YumaCon!
54 min
Episode 12: Movies/TV
We finally come back after a week off and battle wounds from YumaCon. We talk about the Spider-Man custody battle finally being over and Spidey getting back into the MCU. We also go over everything we have watched since our 2 week hiatus! We also get to hear from the fans at YumaCon and what they have been watching.
65 min
Episode 11: Comics
We finish off our show with with discussion about the very beautiful and mysterious tease of the new McKelvie teaser, DC's announcement of a partnership with AEW and the creative team that has been tasked with cleaning up Tom King's mess in Batman. We also talk about our super intriguing reads this week including as tradition demands FABLES!!
102 min
Episode 11: Video Games
We continue our night talking about the digital world! We discuss The Last of Us 2 release date and extended  trailer and we discuss Fallout 76 continued downfall plus WB teasing a possible Court of Owls Batman game. We also talk about all the games we played.
43 min
Episode 11: Movies/TV
The Gents journey into the episode with announcements of the castings in the upcoming Jurassic World movie, Frozen 2 trailer and the cancellation of Ghost Rider on Hulu. We also talk about everything we have been watching this week!
52 min
Episode 10: Comics
We wrap up the episode with a big reveal from House/Powers of X and a discussion of J.J and Henry Abrams Spider-Man #1. We follow the 10 week tradition by discussing Fables and other amazing comics that the entire world needs to know about. Come find out which they are!
80 min
Episode 10: Video Games
We discuss the new E3 rebrand/FF7 classic mode and everything we've gotten to play this week including Borderlands 3, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and one of the gents epic Apex victory. 
51 min
Episode 10 Movies/TV
We get together to talk about the Suicide Squad casting news/ Rumors of the blasphemous Princess Bride possible remake and of course the moment we were all waiting for VELOCIPASTOR. We also take our moment to let you know everything we watched this week!. 
80 min
Episode 9 Comics
The Gents of the Round Table close out the night with all the graphic novels and books you want to know about but we don't just tell you what you want to know about what we are reading we also give you some awesome news including a one shot release of Death Note coming our way and some very intriguing hints about possible upcoming events in the Marvel Universe. 
83 min
Episode 9 Video Games
The Gents of the Round Table continue their journey into the digital world of VIDEO GAMES!!! We discuss the Death Stranding 45 minute demo (HOVER-BOARDS!!) and the new FF7 trailer. We also get to geek out on the awesome games we played this week including Monster Hunter World's new Iceborne DLC...
45 min
Episode 9 Movie/TV
The Gents of the Round Table get together for week 9 and discuss the all new Apple streaming service and the very much unnecessary Face/Off reboot. We also take a dive into all the crazy things we got to see this week and will be seeing next week! SNEAK PREVIEW!!
62 min
Episode 8: Comic Books
The Gents of the Round Table finish up their night with glorious discussion of World War Z, Saga and as tradition demands it Fables! We also go over everything we read and love all in the same. Follow Us!Twitter: @GentsRoundTableFacebook: www.facebook.com/OrdinartGentsAZInstagram: @OrdinaryGentsAZYoutube: Gents of the Round Table
74 min
Episode 8: Video Games
The Gents of the Round Table continue their journey down the rabbit hole with another game of word association for every announcement made during Nintendo Direct. We also dive into all the digital goodness we got to play. Follow Us!Twitter: @GentsRoundTableFacebook: www.facebook.com/OrdinartGentsAZInstagram: @OrdinaryGentsAZYoutube: Gents of the Round Table
69 min
Episode 8: Movies/TV
The Gents of the Round Table get together this week to discuss Guillermo Del Toro's new Werewolf western announcement, the fact that we don't all in fact enjoy watching the same comedians and everything we had a chance to watch this week. Get lost in this labryinth with us....Follow Us!Twitter: @GentsRoundTableFacebook: www.facebook.com/OrdinartGentsAZInstagram: @OrdinaryGentsAZYoutube: Gents of the Round Table
68 min
Episode 7: Comic Books
The Gents of the Round Table finish out the night talking about all things comics and everything we got to read this week!
64 min
Episode 7: Video Games
The Gents of the Round Table continue their journey into all things video games and we talk about the PS Plus and Xbox Games with gold being released for September, Shovel Knights announcement and everything we got to explore, blow up and play this week! 
43 min
Episode 7: Movies/TV
The Gents of the Round Table are back and we try to discuss everything that happened during D23 with a game of word association. We also go over everything we watched this week. 
66 min
Episode 6: Comic Books
The Gents of the Round Table finish up the night discussing whats going on in the comic book world and all the awesome comics we had a chance to read this week!
44 min
Episode 6: Movies/TV
The Gents of the Round Table get together this week to cowardly take the red pill and go back into the Matrix and talk about the The Matrix 4 announcement. We also go over Sony and Marvel's custody battle over Spider-Man and lastly an overview of Stephen "A Mule" Amell's new Starz series Heels. We also discuss everything we have watched this week! 
70 min
Episode 6: Video Games
The gents continue their journey and talk about all news GamesCom and why GTA Online needs to be regulated by the federal government. We also have a very nonsensical debate between Metal Gear and Little Nightmares plus everything we've been playing this week!
69 min
Episode 5: Part 2
The Gents of the Round Table wrap up their discussion by going over the No Mans Sky Beyond update, The loss of a beloved member of the Lantern Corp and much more! You will also get to hear everything we have been playing and reading this week. Call ground control because we are coming in hot.
94 min
Episode 5: Part 1
The Gents of the Round Table discuss The Wheel of Time, Jupiter's Legacy and Obi Wan's return to Disney + along with the George Lucas's midlife crisis known as the Star Wars prequels. We also take a deep dive into everything we have watched this week. Do you trust us? Then take this magic carpet ride with us!
68 min
Episode 4: Part 2
The Gents of the Round Table finish up their journey with talks about the video game and comic world. We discuss EVO 2019, Issue 193 of The Walking Dead, Batman: White Knight, House of X and FABLES!!!
74 min
Episode 4: Part 1
The Gents of the Round Table get together to discuss all nerdy news this week as well as what they've been up to this week including declaration of war against Tom Cruise, Hulu-Disney + bundle announcement and the amazing season 2 trailer of Titans plus much more! Have a seat and enjoy...
88 min
Episode 3
The Gents of the Round Table try to shake the San Diego Comic Con hangover and sit down to talk about what has been going on this week and all the great stuff we were able to get into this week as our conquest for ultimate nerdom  continues!Contents Intro Highlight News:  01:20 What we are watching: 54:12 What we are playing: 1:29:28 What we are reading: 1:38:57 Outro
119 min
Episode 2: San Diego Comic Con
 Gents of The Round table talk about all the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con!
115 min
Episode 1
Gents of The Round table talk about all the nerdy realms. GAMES, MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ANIME, COMICS... You name it!!!. podcast nerdy news. 
88 min