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The Geeks from Geek Network get together three times monthly to discuss everything happening in pop culture and help you get closer to the games, movies, and tv shows you love. Breaking down and giving you a geeks perspective on the newest, movies and tv shows, discussing the most anticipated games and gaming events and we bring in special guests from all over the entertainment industry such as actors, comic book creators, gaming developers, and more! Follow us on our adventures as we do our best to GEEK RESPONSIBLY! Be sure to find us at www.geek-network.com to see all our other content.

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Pants Are Optional in the Pandemic - Interview ...
54 min
The Nicolas Cage Cult Chronicles - Jiu Jitsu Ho...
40 min
Pride & No Prejudice - Talking Canto & Killer Q...
67 min
E3 Recap | Netflix Culture & Family Culture wit...
60 min
Sweet Home Arizona w/ Jonathan Arthur Ashley
Writer & creator of Lily & Cosmo Jonathan Ashley joins us this week to geek out on Michael Keaton's Batsuit, Code 8 sequel reveal, A 100k Among Us chicken nuggie, and the top game releases of June.
59 min
58 min
Buddy's Wonderland
The Geek Network gang gets together to celebrate an iconic film in cinema, Willy's Wonderland. This Five Nights at Freddy's inspired film starring Nicolas Cage who gives his first-ever silent horror performance will be regarded as the movie we didn't know we wanted, but always needed. We are joined by our good friend Daniel from Geek Elite Media, Our resident Nicolas Cage self-proclaimed expert, and comic book writer, and unofficial exorcist Terry Mayo. We break down the ridiculousness that is Willy's Wonderland, and we get to pick Terry's brain about his new Kickstarter comic 'Buddy.' Described as Milo & Otis meets the Exorcist, Terry's campaign was funded in just one week and now is working hard on giving fans who back this project some seriously fun goodies. Sit down, crack open a can of punch and let's talk demonic animatronic dolls, but don't forget to always GEEK RESPONSIBLY!If you would like to check out the rest of our content or find us on social media, visit us at www.Geek-Network.com  -| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter To check out the Buddy comic or follow the writer and creator check out the links below: Buddy Kickstarter: https://t.co/E671G2mdi9 Social Media: MayoTLVisit our friends from Geek Elite Media on their website and social media: GEM: www.geekelitemedia.comSocial media: GeekEliteMedia
45 min
Let’s Give Them Something To Chalk About - An I...
We sit down with artist Beth Zwolski Tobias aka The Chalk Girl. Beth has taken a harmless piece of chalk and turned into a tool that turns her into an everyday superhero. The Chalk Girl talks to us about the process of creating art out of chalk, the amazing people she’s met at conventions, and we geek out over this weeks top pop culture news. Be sure to take a look at the adventures of chalk girl on her website adventuresofchalkgirl.com where you can see her portfolio, Etsy shop, and links to all her social media where she posts her work and awesome time lapse videos. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and any reviews/rates are appreciated. If you’d like to see more of our content, visit us at www.geek-network.com
69 min
Talking food, comics, and suspense movies with ...
Welcome geeks! This week we sit down with comic book creator and artist Megan Huang. We bring you a buffet of topics this week with everything from talking about how much we love food, how awesome Canada is, talk suspense movies, give out some very good hidden gems recommendations, and of course, we talk to Megan about her new comic book mini-series coming from Dark Horse Comics, Rangers of the Divide. A new fantasy comic that deals with rivaling nations, Rangers, who are the neutral peacekeepers, and an Attack on Titan influenced adventure with a seasoned Ranger enlisting the help of a ragtag group of recruits to help take on the hardships ahead.  With Megan taking on both the writing and artwork for this 4 issue miniseries, we get to pick her brain about all aspects of this series. As always, any rates/reviews are greatly appreciated, you can find us on social media @GNPODCASTS or visit our website at www.geek-network.com for all of our content including up-to-date entertainment news coverage. Most importantly, GEEK RESPONSIBLY!
57 min
Godzilla vs Kong Special
We are joined by our good friend Daniel from Geek Elite Media to talk about MONSTERS. Specifically Godzilla vs Kong. We have a pretty divided group in this episode so if you hated it or loved it, you have someone in your corner! Join us for the discussion, as always Geek Responsibly! Be sure to subscribe to get notified of future episodes and check out the rest of our content at www.geek-network.com. Social MediaGeek Network Entertainment @GNPodcasts on all social media platforms. Geek Elite Media @GeekEliteMedia on all social media platforms. 
54 min
Kickstarter Edition: Interview w/ Justin Richar...
Our second episode this week features two very awesome Kickstarter projects! We sit down to talk to Justin Richards, author of the Vault Comics series Finger Guns as he is set to launch his Kickstarter project titled A Silent Night. A Zine comic featuring collaborations with some pretty amazing artists and creators in the comic book industry that focuses on the struggles with anxiety and depression, partnered with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, they hope to get their project funded and help spread awareness of the importance of mental health. We are also joined by Emily McGuiness and Daniel Bridges who also have a very interesting and unique project in the works at Kickstarter. The Zombie Game, where a group of college students attend an end-of-the-year party, only to find themselves hunted by the rich in a live-action, zombie apocalypse video game. I know, I know, this sounds crazy, fantastic, and we read the first issue and it's all that and more! A true nod to fans of horror, the undead, and unique takes on how gaming may or may not shape our future. Plus, there's an adorable dog named Leg, and he has his own coloring book!Check out these projects on Kickstarter, support them, and help creators bring their passions to life. Subscribe to be notified about our next episode, as always please rate/review so we know what you love and don't love. Most importantly, Geek responsibly.
61 min
Interview with Kyle Hebert
Welcome geeks to a very special week! We have two special episodes for you this week, starting with this episode for anime fans everywhere! We sit down with the one, the only, KYLE HEBERT. The renowned voice actor who has played characters such as Gohan, and in the gaming world, the very badass Ryu from Street Fighter. We talk some anime, how Kyle got himself to where he is today, and of course, Kyle's very exciting adventures on his Twitch streams, which if you have not checked out, DO IT NOW *insert Arnold voice here*.  As always, subscribe to get notified when new episodes become available and rate/review to let us know that we are entertaining you, or why we are not! Geek responsibly. 
64 min
Zack Snyder's Justice League Special w/ Jon Heder
We have a special bonus episode for you this month as Thomas, Jesse, and Tom sit down with Jon Heder to talk about the Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League. We talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, and what we are just so confused by. You also get an exclusive as to why Jon Heder is now going to be officially dubbed Sexy Jon Jonzz. After we break down The Justice League, we talk to Jon Heder about Napoleon Dynamite(OF COURSE!), his most recent project, Tremors: Shrieker Island! Be sure to check out the film on Netflix, it's a truly hilarious film with some awesome Graboid action that does justice to longtime fans of the series, and is also a good entry point for new fans. All this, and we still get to pick Jon's brain about some projects we wish would happen and his very short career as a Fortnite gamer. As always, thank you for listening, please do us a favor and leave us a rate and review, let us know how we are doing, and what we can do better. If anything else, EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK.
75 min
Feel the Bern
We are joined this week by Aaron Brigman, the creator of the animated series on Amazon Prime Video, Bern Notice. We get the chance to talk to Aaron about how his series came to be, and what it has been like to create a project that ended up on one of the most popular streaming services with close to 1 million minutes watched. All this, and we still make time to talk about complete nonsense including the first time Thomas gets drunk, and the first time he got beat up. You don't want to miss it! Find us on social media @GNPODCASTS, and as always you can find our episodes and much more at www.geek-network.com. Subscribe, rates and reviews are always appreciated. Most importantly, EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK!Check out Bern Notice exclusively on Amazon Prime: https://bit.ly/bernnoticeNext episode: Zack Snyder's Justice League special with Jon Heder
55 min
Cats: The Movie - Honest Review
After avoiding it since its initial release, the inevitable has happened. We have seen Cats The Movie. We were scared, disturbed and thanks to our special guest, David Booher, pleasantly surprised. We know the world hated this film and they have every right to, we did our best to not lose it and we TRIED TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND, PEOPLE. We also get to hear more about the comic book series Canto, we have heard about it before from artist Drew Zucker and now you get to hear about it from the other half of the dynamic duo. David also teases a special project he has coming up, but we will have to wait to talk about that one. For now, please enjoy our nicest attempt at a review of the movie from hell. CATS. Follow us on social media @GNPODCASTS and if you like trailers, reviews and to stay up to date on pop culture news, then visit us at www.geek-network.com and hit that subscribe button to get notified when new content comes out. Thank you for tuning in and remember, EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK. 
70 min
Back 4 Blood
Full house for this episode as we have our good friends Gabytron and Bryan along with our special guest, William Christopher Stephens. He has voiced such characters such as Jax in Mortal Kombat 11, Rude in Final Fantasy 7: Remake and he will be voicing Walker, one of the main characters in Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming FPS zombie survival shooter, Back 4 Blood. Will shares his journey in acting with us, shares aspects of what it's like to record in a studio, and shares a story of the repercussions of farting when you're in the military, and lastly, he talks to us about Back 4 Blood. We jump into some of our favorite announcements from Playstation's State of Play event, the new announcements from Pokemon(POKEMON LEGENDS: ARCEUS!!) and we talk a bit about some games we've played recently, including Insomniac's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the awesome elements that the Playstation 5's haptic sensors brin to the game. Join us, and as always, hit the subscribe button if you enjoy our content, leave a review on your preferred platform to let us know how we are doing, and be sure to follow us on social media @GNPODCASTS. Visit us at www.Geek-Network.com, where we help you get closer to all the games, movies/tv, and comic books you love. Thank you for tuning in and as always, EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK.
71 min
Wandavision episodes 4-7, we start the show off with a fun Marvel themed game, and we break down all the big moments and what exactly we think Agnes aka Agatha Harkness’’ role is in Westview and more importantly the Hex. Some hot takes on fat people in the superhero universe, or lack thereof. Look for us on social media @GNPODCASTS and let us know what you think we can expect for the Wandavision finale. As always, remember to EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK *insert intimidating but inspiring laughter here*
56 min
Vatos Locos Honest Review: Dim Sum Plot Holes
In this episode, we are accompanied by comic artist & co-creator of the comic book series Canto, Drew Zucker. We sit down and give you our very honest reviews of the films that have received the lowest ratings on streaming platforms. This episode, we discuss Damian Chapa’s Vatos Locos. We laughed, we cried & we laughed some more and in the end, we had no words for what we experienced. We also take a moment to have Drew break down what Canto has in store in the next three series recently announced by IDW Publishing and we try to pry any information we can on his super secret project with Dark Horse Comics. *It’s the goal of everyone at GNE to let you know that we admire anyone who can bring a project to fruition and it’s an accomplishment that anyone should be proud of. Our intention is to provide an honest review and entertain you and by no means do we mean to disrespect anyone attached to these projects*
105 min
Resident Evil Village & The Big Woman
We get together to talk about some hot topics in the gaming community with our good friend Gabytron. We give you our thoughts on Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village & we take a minute to gush over Hideo Kojima and his genius mind. We answer listener questions which leads to reminiscing about our childhood games that made us the dysfunctional gamers we are today. From early NES all the way back to putting pockets full of quarters into our favorite arcade machines. Join us and hit that subscribe button to get notified when more episodes for G.N.E’s GamesCast and our other 2 podcasts release new episodes. Honest reviews are appreciated. Visit us at www.Geek-Network.com to catch up with the latest news, trailers and reviews. 
76 min
Wandavision - The One With Jordan Blum
 In this episode, we talk about the first three episodes of Wandavision. We talk about what we saw, what we missed, and what we think is going to happen with this insane show that is kicking off phase 4 of the MCU. That's not all! We are joined by special guest Jordan Blum. This super dad by day and nerd by night has been involved with such hit shows like The Community and American Dad. Now he is currently writing a limited series comic with Patton Oswalt titled M.O.D.O.K. Head Games and the very anticipated M.O.D.O.K. television series coming to Hulu this spring. We talk about the first two issues of Head Games (Out now at local comic book shops and on all digital platforms) and talk about issue 3 ahead of its February 17th release (Guess what? Available at your local comic book shops and all digital platforms). Of course, we also talk about the series coming to Hulu, the series will have the talented cast of Patton Oswalt, Aimee Garcia, Melissa Fumero and Ben Schwartz. As always, make sure to follow us on social media (@GNPODCASTS), hit that like button and an honest review is always appreciated. Thank you!
74 min
Respawn Ready - Not the REMMIs
Keith and Josue discuss the winners and announcements from the Game Awards. Plus they discuss the games they played this week
47 min
Binge Watching - Disney’s Big Day
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they discuss the big Disney investor call as well as everything they’ve been watching this week
108 min
Respawn Ready - The Game Awards Preview
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they preview the Game Awards and talk about they’ve played this week.
69 min
Binge Watching - REMMIs Hangover
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about everything they’ve been watching this week!
91 min
Respawn Ready - The REMMIs
Join us for our first annual end of the year awards, The REMMIs! Vote for all your favorite games of the year!
66 min
Binge Watching - The REMMIs
Join us for our first annual end of the year awards, The REMMIs.
107 min
Respawn Ready - Enter the Shadowlands
Join Keith and Josue as they discuss everything gaming including the new World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands as well as Josue’s play through Resident Evil 7
44 min
Binge Watching - More Like Mandoboringian
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been watching including the Mandalorian, Marvel 616, and so much more
54 min
Respawn Ready - Still Don’t Have A PS4
Join Keith and Josue as they talk about everything gaming and what they’ve been playing this week.
49 min
Binge Watching - It’s Boss Time
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about everything they’ve been watching including the season finale of Last Week Tonight and the Mandolorian.
82 min
Respawn Ready - The Next Generation
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk about the launch of the new generation of consoles and everything they’ve been playing
70 min
Binge Watching - Final Jeopardy
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they discuss what they’ve been watching and the loss of a legend, Alex Trebek.
74 min
Respawn Ready - Who Watches The Watch Dogs
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk about the latest gaming news and what they’ve been playing
63 min
Binge Watching - Baby Yoda Strikes Back
Join Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve watched including the Mandolorian and Helstrom.
67 min
The Music Podcast
Join the hosts as they add their favorite live tracks to the playlist. Also what’s coming up next week?
55 min
Respawn Ready - Just the Two Of Us
Join Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been playing, including Dungeons and Dragons, Pokémon Go, and much more
57 min
Geek Network’s Ghastly Halloween Episode Part D...
We continue to scare ourselves sheetless with more scare stories with writer of Canto and freelance paranormal investigator David Booher. Join us!
51 min
Binge Watching - Scary Movies
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve watched and look forward to a fun weekend of spooky shows and films to lose themselves in.
64 min
Geek Network’s Ghastly Halloween Episode with s...
PART 1: Join the geeks as they sit down for a special episode of scary ghost stories. We are joined by the writer of Canto and lover of supernatural phenomena, David Booher.
87 min
Respawn Ready - Into The Deep End
Join Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been playing including Resident Evil 4 and Pokémon.
49 min
Binge Watching - Now Leaving Lovecraft Country
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve watched including Lovecraft Country and Helstrom
69 min
Respawn Ready - Gotta Catch Em All
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been playing and then have a friendly Pokémon competition.
62 min
Binge Watching - Let’s Hear It For The Boys
Join T-Dog, Josue and Keith as they talk about everything they’ve been watching, especially the season finale of The Boys
75 min
Respawn Ready - Smash Bros Showdown
Join Crozen, Josue and Keith as they talk about what they’ve been playing and have a trivia showdown for the ages.
64 min
Binge Watching - Lamplighter We Barely Knew Ye
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they share their watches for the week and talk about all the news worth talking about.
70 min
Respawn Ready - Peril on Gorgon
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk the latest gaming news and what they have been playing, including the new expansion for The Outer Worlds
45 min
Binge Watching - Two is the loneliest number
Keith and Josue have a two man show but catch us up on various news bits as well as what they’ve been watching including Schitt’s Creek, Lovecraft Country, and Enola Holmes.
70 min
Respawn Ready - X-Box versus PlayStation
Join Crozen, Keith, Jesse, and Josue as they talk about what they have been playing as well as the huge next gen news. Listen as we present both sides and have a lively discussion.
88 min
Binge Watching - Sports, The Boys, and Anime
Join T-Dog, Keith, Crozen, Jesse, and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been watching and discuss the big winners of this years Emmys!
67 min
Respawn Ready - Jedi Fallen Order is so Hard
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been playing including Jedi Fallen Order, Fallout 4 and Yugioh.
55 min
Binge Watching - Disney Showdown
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been watching and play a brand new game. Who will be the Disney champion?
67 min
Geek Network Presents - An Interview with David...
Join Keith as he sits down with comic creator David Pepose. They talk about David’s background in comics and career as well as break down his creations including Spencer and Locke volumes 1+2, as well as Going to the Chapel. Finally, they talk about the upcoming The O.Z. Check it out!
98 min
Respawn Ready - Kickflip The Gap
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they talk about what they’ve been playing this week including Control, Fallout, FF7, Yugioh, DND, and the new Tony Hawk Game.
54 min
Binge Watching - The Boys Return
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they discuss what they watched this week including The Boys, Summercamp Island, X-Men, WWE, and T-Dogs Shudder pick of the week Color Out of Space.
71 min
Respawn Ready - Walking Dead Bridge Constructor
Join us for our weekly review of gaming including Gamescom news and Keith updating us about some big DND and Magic the Gathering news. We also talk about what we’ve been playing including Josue wrapping up Control, Keith playing Apex, FF7 and Fallout 4, and Crozen playing Yugioh and Metel Gear Solid 2.
60 min
Binge Watching - It Is Hard For A Good Man To B...
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they remember Chadwick Boseman after his untimely death. They also talk about what they’ve been watching including Last Week Tonight, Lovecraft Country, Infinity Train, Cobra Kai, Schitts Creek, WWE, Hard Knocks, and T-Dogs Shudder pick of the week, Shed.
77 min
Respawn Ready - Evil Superman? Better call Capt...
Join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they break down the gaming news from DC Fandome and preview Gamescom next week. They also talk about what they’ve been playing including Control, Metal Gear Solid 5, Apex Legends, Fallout, and Pokémon Go
57 min
Binge Watching - Just Take It Easy Peasy, My Li...
Join T-Dog, Josue and Keith as they break down DC Fandome! Also we talk about what we watched including Last Week Tonight, Infinity Train, Lovecraft Country, WWE, Jojo Rabbit, Nightcrawler, Snatchers, Night of the Creeps, and as always T-Dogs Shudder Pick of the Week
80 min
Geek Network Presents - An Interview With Emma ...
Join T-Dog as he talks with the multitalented Emma Louise Webb about her hit quarantine horror movie HOST. They also discuss the Mandolorian, her musical and acting talents and why your teachers can’t be trusted.
46 min
Respawn Ready - Number three is the fifth game ...
Join us as we talk about we have been playing, including Fallout 4, Pokémon Go, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Madden 20, and Metal Gear Solid 5.
54 min
Binge Watching - The Delayed Gratification Car
Join T-Dog, Josue and Keith as they talk about what they’ve watched this week including Last Week Tonight, Infinity Train, Jeopardy (you read that correctly), The Expanse, The Boys, Project Power, Samurai Champloo, the new Transformers show, Guardians if the Galaxy, and T-Dogs Shudder pick of the week, Cold Hell. . Also they play another round of the movie game and someone has some really bad luck. Oh also a little show called LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. GET HYPE.
75 min
Respawn Ready - We Play Videos Games Because Wh...
Join us as Crozen makes his return and we talk about the latest PlayStation and X-Box news. Then we talk about everything we’ve been playing including Fall Guys, Ghosts of Tsushima, Avengers, Pokémon Go, NHL 2020, Yu-Gi-Oh, Metal Gear Solid 5, and an update on Keith’s DND group.
74 min
Binge Watching - Bruce Willis, Taxi Driver
Join the gang as they play another round of movie role trivia. Will Josue or T-Dog repeat as champs or will the rookies Crozen or Jesse take the crown? Also they talk about what they’ve been watching, including Umbrella Academy, Jojo Rabbit, Tron Legacy, Shameless, 7 Deadly Sins, Harley Quinn, WWE, and, as always, T-Dogs Shudder Pick of the Week.
75 min
Respawn Ready - World of Warcraft, Starcraft .....
Join Keith, Jesse, and Josue as they give a few updates from around the gaming world and then talk about what they’ve been playing including Pokémon Go, Animal Crossing, Fortnite, One Punch Man, Grand Summoners, and Keith and Josue wrap up Ghosts of Tsushima.
67 min
Binge Watching - And the Emmy Goes to ...
Join T-Dog, Keith, Josue and the triumphantly returning Jesse as they go over the Emmy nominations and determine who should win. They also talk about what they’ve been watching including a preview of The Umbrella Academy season two, Infinity Train, Last Week Tonight, Ip Man, The Expanse, and the final episode of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.
69 min
Respawn Ready - X-Box games showcase
Join Keith as he hosts Josue and Liz through a review of the X-Box games showcase. Afterwards, they talk about what they have been playing including Ghosts of Tsushima, Pokémon Go, State of Decay, Dungeons and Dragons, and The Outer Worlds.
61 min
Binge Watching - Comic Con At Home
Wow! What a comic con! T-Dog, Keith and Josue break down over 30 hours of panels for you, including everything movie, horror, animation, and live tv related. Bill and Ted, New Mutants, Bobs Burgers, Shudder, Helstrom ... this list goes on and on.
127 min
Respawn Ready - Speaking of Twitch
Join Keith and Josue as they talk about Pokémon Go, Apex Legends, Dungeons and Dragons, and then gush over their love of Ghosts of Tsushima.
55 min
Binge Watching - The Top Bunk or the Bottom Bunk
Join T-Dog, Keith and Josue as they go over everything they’ve watched including Cursed, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Summercamp Island, Last Week Tonight, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Sea Fever, and Josue and T-Dog celebrate Josue’s new Shudder subscription.
71 min
Binge Watching - Comic Con Preview
Join your host T-Dog as he is joined by Keith and Josue to preview this year’s Comic Con lineup. We also remember Grant Imihara and Naya Rivera and then we talk about we have been watching including WWE, Community, Avengers Endgame, #blackaf, The Old Guard, Longshot, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, Beach House, and all favorite Youtubers.
70 min
Respawn Ready - Dual Wielding Shields
Crozen, Josue and Keith discuss the news from Ubisoft Forward. Assassins Creed: Ragnarok, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Far Cry are discussed and we talk about what we’re playing including Pokémon Go, Animal Crossing, Apex Legends, Coffee Talk, The Last of Us 2, Monday Night Madden, and Crozen debates Halo 2 versus Halo 3.
62 min
Respawn Ready - Aerith is a Crazy Person
Join us for our weekly gaming show! Josue talks about Pokémon, Liz gives us her long awaited Final Fantasy 7 review, and Keith talks about DND and Coffee Talk!
61 min
Binge Watching - Speech King
Join us for everything we’ve watched, including Eurovision, Scoob, Into the Forest, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and so much more! Content warning. If you wonder what this is for, read the plot of Into the Forest.
89 min
Respawn Ready - It Needs Helicopters
Join us for a gaming discussion, including a round of The Metacritic game. Can Keith stay undefeated? We also talk about Apex Legends, The Last of Us 2, Pokémon’s Sword and Go, Burnout Paradise, Two Point Hospital, Animal Crossing, Monday Night Madden, Coffee Talk, Hitman 2, Day Z and much more.
73 min
Binge Watching - Al Pacino is the Devil
Join us for everything we’ve watched this week! Last Week Tonight goes on hiatus and the boys aren’t happy. Keith finally watched Knives out. And Josue and T-Dog go head to head with movie role knowledge.
70 min
Respawn Ready - Smash Friends
Join us for our weekly gaming show! We talk about the latest news and struggle through some minor technical issues to discuss Apex Legends, Keith’s new DND campaign, Pokémon, and a huge discussion about The Last of Us 2. Join us for an amazing breakdown of the game with a variety of viewpoints.
56 min
Binge Watching - Miguel Keaton es Batman
Join us for some awesome upcoming news and everything we’ve been watching including T-Dogs latest Shudder picks, Last Week Tonight, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Harley Quinn, The Simpsons, and Knives Out (which Keith STILL hasn’t seen).
67 min
Respawn Ready - From California to Nova Scotia
Join the two man power trip as Keith and Josue discuss gaming news and tell us about they’re playing, including Pokémon, Apex, Assassin’s Creed, and our weekly Monday Night Football Madden Challenge.
45 min
Binge Watching - Start from the beginning and l...
Join us for an exciting episode of Binge Watching! T-Dog tells us the latest movie and TV news, Josue finishes off his rewatch of Avatar, Keith reviews WWE Backlash 2020, and Liz reviews the Artemis Fowl movie and tells us how foul it really is.
105 min
Respawn Ready - In Which Keith Admits To Connin...
Join Keith and Josue as they talk video game news including the return of legendary Pokémon, a possible new Okami game, and a Dead Space rumor that turned out to be false. Can’t win them all.
60 min
Binge Watching - Three Guys Talking To Themselves
Join us for Binge Watching as T-Dog reveals his latest Shudder viewing, Josue doesn’t want What We Do In The Shadows to end, and Keith wraps up season one of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. All of these and more, so join us!
58 min
Geek Network - PlayStation 5 Reveal!
What a reveal for the PlayStation 5! Please join Crozen, Keith and Josue as they break down the all of the game footage, surprise announcements and talk about that console design!
41 min
Binge Watching - A (nearly) Full House
Join us for our show about all cinema and television, featuring the return of Sir Thomas. As always we discuss what we’ve been watch such as HBOs Run, WWE, and HBO Max. Plus, Keith reviews Joker.
75 min
Respawn Ready - The Return of Sir Thomas
Thomas is back! We talk about everything we’ve been playing and even engage in a round of the metacritic guessing game.
67 min
Geek Network Presents - Peter F. Smith
Keith sits down for an interview with author Peter F. Smith and discusses Peter’s Spire Saga novels and his future plans. They also go off on an extended tangent as Keith realizes that he has someone to go full sci-fi fanboy with. Finally, someone else who loves the Expanse.
31 min
Respawn Ready - The Threespawn
Crozen is back and ready to talk games! He joins Keith and Josue to talk gaming news and what they have been playing including Dead Cells, Phoenix Weight Ace Attorney, and Madden 2020.
44 min
Binge Watching - Hollywood News with the Iron Men
Keith and Josue bring you the latest news from Hollywood including an Edgar Wright update, a Labyrinth sequel, a new Sony/Marvel, and a new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo show. And as always we talk about what we’ve been watching. Join us.
60 min
Presents - Kelly Thompson
Join Keith and Josue as they talk with premiere comic writer Kelly Thompson. They talk about most of her back catalogue, including Captain Marvel, A Force, Jessica Jones, and Hawkeye. Also listen as Kelly and Keith share their young love of X-Men and Josue goes into detail about what makes A Force so great.
69 min
Respawn Ready - Two Man Crusade Continues
Keith and Josue bring us some wonderful gaming news, including a big Dungeons and Dragons tease from Wizards. Afterwards the talk about what they’re playing including Apex Legends, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Tetris 99 as Keith pursues that elusive first win! Join us!
44 min
Binge Watching - Two Man Show
This episode has Keith and Josue holding down the fort, talking about Mandolorian casting news, and disbudding what they are watching including Upload and Avatar the last Airbender. Join us!
52 min
Respawn Ready- does Tom Brady deserve time go t...
Join the network as they discuss who gets to be saved by coming on our spaceship and talk about all that we played this week
55 min
Binge Watching- The revenge of the return of Si...
Join the network as we discuss our watches for the week, was Solar Opposites worth the time? Why didn’t they make more Rick and Morty? The answers to these burning questions and more on this episode
83 min
Binge Watching EP 15: Lil Dickys Convenience
Welcome back everyone! We are playing the A or B game today and jumping right into our watches for the week which include Kim’s Convenience and the Lil Dicky series titles Dave.
67 min
Respawn Ready EP 14: Playing video games is onl...
Welcome back Geeks! We have another round of games on top of video games to discuss this week. Join us and share your comments on what you’ve been playing!
58 min
Geek Network Presents- Justin Richards
We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the writer of Finger Guns, Justin Richards, join us to learn why he is one of our favorite writers out right now.
54 min
Binge Watching EP 14: SPACE FORCE
The boys are back in town for week 14 and this week play a game where we recruit our space crew and we move on to Tom’s invigorating recap about Tentacle sex monsters in Mexico and of course Keith got to watch episode 1 of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.
82 min
Geek Network Presents: Adriyan Rae
We got to sit down with the queen of sci-fi and star of the new hit show on SyFy adapted from Vault Comics Vagrant Queen. We discuss everything to do with Vagrant Queen and much, much more. Support the true heir to the crown and listen to the interview!
41 min
Respawn Ready EP 14: Keith used blocked scene, ...
Week 14 is here and we talk about Final Fantasy 7 and much more!
45 min
Binge Watching EP 14: Episode 13 is under quara...
Welcome back to Binge Watching! We had a slight mishap last week but that only means we have twice as much to talk about this time. Enjoy!
55 min
Geek Network Presents: Jason Smith
Keith gets to have a chat with the artist of Vault Comics Vagrant Queen. Now adapted into a television series on SyFy. Join us as they discuss everything around the new queen of sci-fi. 
50 min