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What Next TBD; Who’s Afraid of A.I.? | 2023 In ...
Real harm from A.I. doesn’t have to look like Skynet—it’s already happening.
30 min
Political Gabfest: Live From New York! It’s Con...
Emily and David finish 2023 pondering conundrums with Wesley Morris from The New York Times.
58 min
Amicus: The Very Worst of SCOTUS 2023
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Stern join forces for their second annual barrel-scraping rundown of the Supreme Court’s worst moments of the past year.
53 min
Slate Money: America’s Boring Superweapon
Mundane bank protocols keep the world economy under the US thumb.
49 min
What Next TBD: America’s Killer Car Problem | 2...
U.S. infrastructure doesn't prioritize the lives of pedestrians. Why?
33 min
What Next: Does Steven Spielberg Have an Oscars...
It’s hard to call the most commercially-successful director of all time “underappreciated” but Spielberg’s relationship with the Academy hasn’t been particularly rosy.
26 min
What Next: Congress Wants to Know: Do Aliens Ex...
Three officials say UFOs aren’t just real; in the military, they’re an open secret.
27 min
What Next: Wait, China’s Taking Our Pandas Back...
A story of soft (and cuddly) power.
28 min
What Next: The Plot Against Pope Francis | 2023...
The 86-year-old knows there are people in the Vatican working to undo everything he’s done once he’s dead—but he has succession ideas of his own.
26 min
What Next TBD: Stephen King Is Just as Confused...
A meltdown over its subscription service reveals Twitter’s wheels coming off.
31 min
A Word: A Black Power Radical’s Rise and Fall
Did a civil rights rebel become a murderer, or a scapegoat?
24 min
The Waves: What is a Feminist, Really?
For The Wave’s final episode, we consider throwing out the word “feminism” altogether.
36 min
Political Gabfest: Trump versus Colorado
The Colorado Supreme Court blocks Donald Trump from the state primary ballot; Texas plans to block immigrants by arresting them; and Amanda Ripley has a plan for surviving 2024.
61 min
Amicus: The Many Trials of Donald J. Trump
Donald Trump needs the courts to work for him in 2024. Will they?
42 min
Slate Money: Our Surprisingly Great Year
Slate Money talks a strong year for the economy, the Warner Bros.-Paramount merger, and why more pedestrians are dying on the road.
45 min
What Next TBD: Can Hybrid Cars Save Us?
Are hybrids a bridge to fully electric vehicles, or a dead end?
24 min
What Next: Marvel’s Disastrous Year
The commercially-declining MCU ends 2023 with its rising star found guilty of reckless assault and harassment.
20 min
What Next: When a Miscarriage Becomes a Crime
How an anti-abortion legal strategy turned a miscarriage into “abuse of a corpse.”
20 min
What Next: Oh the Humanities!
It’s been three months since West Virginia University cut more than two dozen programs. We go inside an academic culling.
23 min
Slate Money Goes to the Movies: This Is Spinal Tap
Slate Money turns it to 11 with music industry veteran Paula Scher
36 min
What Next: Where Do Returned Gifts Go?
Sending something back has never been more convenient. But easy returns have hidden costs.
20 min
A Word: “Good” Hair; Bad Health
Why popular hair products could be fueling cancer in Black women.
26 min
The Waves: In Defense of Lean In Feminism
Sheryl Sandberg didn’t get feminism right ten years ago. That doesn’t mean she was wholly wrong.
27 min
What Next TBD: The Case Against CLEAR
What place does a private company have in a mandatory government service?
22 min
Amicus: Texas Abortion Laws’ Cruel Outcomes
The results of overturning Roe have reached their awful, logical conclusion.
57 min