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What Next TBD: The New World of DIY Medical Tests
Does the medical community have only itself to blame?
19 min
A Word: Blerd Up
How BlerdCon is uniting cosplayers, superfans, and geeks of color.
31 min
Well, Now: The Full Truth About Ozempic
Whether we like it or not, GLP-1 drugs have changed healthcare forever. So how can doctors prescribe it safely?
46 min
Slate Money: When Are You Too Old to Work?
The Money trio discusses an exodus of older people from the workforce, why Gen X isn’t prepared for retirement, and the non-disclosure agreement craze.
42 min
Political Gabfest: Even George Clooney Has Aban...
Should Joe Biden stay or go; what is Project 2025; and does Justice Amy Coney Barrett deserve respect?
55 min
Amicus Opinionpalooza: This SCOTUS Decision Is ...
While we were worrying about the blockbuster decision to overturn Chevron, the Court decided a clutch of other cases that will supercharge the dismantling of government as we know it.
47 min
What Next TBD: Boeing Pleads Guilty
Felony charges, half a billion in fines, and stranded astronauts—surely this must be rock bottom.
21 min
What Next: How to Survive This Heat
You can make it through this record-breaking summer without ruining the power grid.
21 min
What Next: This Congressman Wants Biden to Drop...
Six representatives have called for Biden to leave the race. He's one of them.
23 min
What Next: France Staves Off the Far Right—This...
The National Rally keeps making—and losing—the final rounds of elections. But they’re still on an upward trajectory.
21 min
Hear Me Out: Jeff Bezos Could Save The Post (Ag...
Get that billionaire back in the newsroom.
38 min
What Next: Why Gay Rights Are Under Attack – Again
What a 50-year-old fight for gay rights tells us about today.
27 min
Well, Now: Michelle Obama Gets Health Advice fr...
In her latest book, veteran OB/GYN Sharon Malone gives us ‘grown woman’ advice on how to advocate for our care at every phase of life.
51 min
Political Gabfest: Trump Is So Immune
The Supreme Court gives absolute presidential immunity and takes away the administrative state; will Joe Biden be the Democratic presidential nominee?
62 min
Amicus Opinionpalooza: The Supreme Court End-of...
As we look back on a Supreme Court term that still has us reeling, some really surprising new trends have emerged from the justices.
58 min
Slate Money: Behind Britain’s Bonkers Election
The Money squad discusses European politics, inconsistent Chipotle burrito sizes, and Warren Buffet’s inheritance surprise.
44 min
A Word: No Justice. No Peace. No Way Back?
How this Supreme Court session was even worse than you’ve heard.
27 min
What Next TBD: Elon Says Have More Babies
Billions of anything is just never enough for this guy.
19 min
What Next: The Supreme Court’s Abortion Punt
An OB-GYN explains what the post-Roe rules are doing to patient care in Idaho.
24 min
What Next: How Bad is the Trump Immunity Ruling?
On a scale of one-to-“pre-Magna Carta”…
24 min
What Next: If Not Biden, Then…
Who? How?
22 min
Well, Now: Psychedelics' Long Strange Trip to t...
Some psychiatrists and patients are begging the FDA to approve psychedelics for certain mental health treatments. What’s the hold-up?
38 min
A Word: Journalism Under the Gun
What being shot taught MSNBC’s Ali Velshi about the urgency of good journalism.
30 min
What Next TBD: Why Are IUDs Still a Mystery?
From a murky, painful start to a symbol of reproductive freedom.
22 min
Slate Money: SCOTUS Cracks the Sackler Shield
The Money team discusses two Supreme Court rulings on executive power and the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy and explains the rise of stock market “mega-caps.”
47 min