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The Anatomy of a March
Virginia Heffernan talks to Jo Miller, the showrunner/head writer of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, about this weekend's Women's March on Washington.
26 min
A Message from Moscow
Virginia Heffernan talks to Alexey Kovalev, a Russia based journalist, about covering Vladamir Putin's pressers and what the American media should keep their eyes open for when covering Trump.
28 min
Confirmation Conversions
Jacob Weisberg talks to David Cole, the National Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, about his testimony at the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing and what the future may hold under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
29 min
A Question of Intelligence
Jacob Weisberg talks to David Corn of Mother Jones about today's press conference and the dossier published by BuzzFeed which talks about Donald Trump possibly being compromised by the Russians.
31 min
Hacks, Twitter, and Building a Resistance
Virginia Heffernan talks to Congressman Adam Schiff (Representing California's 28th Congressional District) about why he has been so vocal about the Russian hacks.
24 min
Corporatists, Conservatives, Cronies, and Cranks
Slate's Chief Political Correspondent, Jamelle Bouie, talks to Jesse Eisinger, a Senior Reporter at ProPublica, about Donald Trump's economic team and specifically Steven Mnuchin.
18 min
NPD - A Revisit
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan co-host today's show and talk to Dr. Lynne Meyer, a clinical psychologist, about narcissistic personality disorder and how it has and will continue manifest itself once President Trump is in office.
29 min
The End of American Leadership
Virginia Heffernan talks to Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group and a columnist at TIME magazine, about his latest piece "The Era of American Global Leadership Is Over. Here's What Comes Next."
22 min
Putin's Meddling
Jacob Weisberg talks to Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion and Russian pro-democracy leader, about Vladamir Putin's meddling in our election and America's response.
24 min
Enemies of the Planet
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bill McKibben about Donald Trump's potential selection for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.
22 min
The Good Fight
Virginia Heffernan talks to Yascha Mounk about the warning signs that signal the end of liberal democracies and how we can protect it.
28 min
The Brilliance of the Carrier Deal
Jacob Weisberg talks to Josh Barro, Senior Editor at Business Insider, about Donald Trump's Carrier deal.
30 min
Manipulating the President-Elect
Virginia Heffernan talks to Will Saletan about his latest Slate piece, "How To Manipulate Donald Trump."
20 min
A Clear and Present Danger to Voting Rights
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bruce Ackerman, a professor of constitutional law at Yale, about the impending destruction of The Second Reconstruction.
23 min
This Could Get Unconstitutional
Guest host Virginia Heffernan talks to Asli Bâli, a professor of law and international human rights at UCLA, about what we learned from the past effects of NSEERS (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) on Muslim communities
24 min
His Rise to Power
Jacob Weisberg talks to historian Timothy Snyder about his most recent Slate piece, "Him," and whether Hitler's rise to power can tell us anything about today.
32 min
The Shape of Racial Discourse in Trump's Admini...
Virginia Heffernan guest hosts today's Trumpcast to talk to Jonathan Chait, a columnist at New York Magazine, about Donald Trump's latest additions to his administration – Steve Bannon, Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, and Senator Jeff Sessions.
20 min
One Big Giant Conflict of Interest
Jacob Weisberg talks to Paul Waldman of The Washington Post about how Donald Trump will use his presidency enrich himself and his family.
20 min
Six Rules for Surviving an Autocracy
Jacob Weisberg talks to the Russian-American journalist, Masha Gessen, about her rules for surviving an autocracy.
19 min
A History Teacher and a Historic Event
Jacob Weisberg talks to Kate Gaskill, a 10th grade teacher in Washington D.C., about how her students reacted to the election of Donald Trump and how she handled the conversation in her classroom.
21 min
The Morning After
Jacob Weisberg hosts a Trumpcast triple header.
51 min
Suppressing The Vote
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about the Trump campaign's efforts to suppress and intimidate non-white voters.
28 min
A Repudiation of the Liberal Democratic Order
Jacob Weisberg talks to the Financial Times Chief Economics Commentator, Martin Wolf, about the economic future of America under a Trump presidency and its global consequences.
22 min
Project Alamo Or: How Trump Duped the Republica...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Joshua Green, a national correspondent at Bloomberg Businessweek, about the Trump campaign's data operation in San Antonio, Texas.
29 min
The Alt-Right and a Deluge of Hate
Jacob Weisberg talks to David French, a writer at The National Review, about the alt-right trolls on Twitter and how a few hateful tweets turned into a deluge of racist comments and harassment against him and his family.
26 min