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Well, Now: Spring Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinet
When does ibuprofen actually expire? Can I keep extra antibiotics just in case? Do I really need to take turmeric supplements?
37 min
A Word: Criminal Injustice
“You don’t have to be doing something wrong for something wrong to happen to you.”
29 min
What Next TBD: America Needs More Power
How building our renewable energy future domestically is keeping old power plants running.
26 min
Slate Money: EVs Need a Charge-Up
The Money team discusses a slowing electric vehicle market, the news outlet that is also a hedge fund, and why wine sales went sour.
36 min
Political Gabfest: Florida Bans Abortion Again
Florida now has a six-week abortion ban but Floridians will vote in November; Israel killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers, Professor Omar Dajani talks about the global consequences; and the U.S. economy in a second President Joe Biden term would differ from a second term of Donald Trump.
60 min
Amicus: When Gag Orders Become Campaign-Perform...
What to do when a presidential campaign folds in the characteristics of terrorism.
36 min
What Next TBD: Truth Social’s Rocky Week
Trump Media’s IPO may not be the blockbuster Trump was hoping for.
23 min
What Next: How Much Longer Can Netanyahu Hold On?
His coalition has held through the war, but a shortage of military manpower is exposing fissures.
21 min
What Next: How Gambling Took Over Sports
Betting on sports is becoming so popular even players are joining in on the fun. Oops.
23 min
Hear Me Out: Don’t Blame Capitalism For The Hou...
For-profit developers could be the solution.
34 min
What Next: How a Democrat Flipped a Seat in Ala...
What the DNC can learn from Marilyn Lands’ victory in a deep-red state.
21 min
Hang Up: The Kim Mulkey Profile Is Here
71 min
What Next: The Group Behind Christian Conservat...
Alliance Defending Freedom returns to the Supreme Court.
24 min
Well, Now: Eating Disorders Are Rising Among Bo...
Eating disorders are one of the most deadly psychiatric disorders. For decades doctors didn’t have the right tools to care for most boys and men who had them.
36 min
What Next TBD: The Psychological Toll of Mars
We know how to get to space. But what happens to our minds when we’re there?
21 min
A Word: Run for the Border?
Many Black Americans now believe the “land of opportunity” is elsewhere.
22 min
Political Gabfest Live In Washington, D.C.!
The Supreme Court argues about abortion again; Donald Trump returns to court, Ronna McDaniel won’t be back on NBC; and the Finns repeat as the world’s happiest people.
68 min
Slate Money: How Do You Bribe a President? Meme...
The Money team discusses Truth Social going public, Sam Bankman-Fried’s jail sentence, and an antitrust settlement for Visa/Mastercard.
39 min
Amicus: When RAGA Rhymes with MAGA
The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is part of the conservative legal movement’s holy trinity, and all in for Trump.
47 min
What Next TBD: Can Boeing Pull Out of This Tail...
What needs to change at the company to restore public trust?
27 min
What Next: Nickelodeon’s Legacy of Abuse
What “Quiet On Set” reveals about a beloved era of children’s television.
25 min
What Next: Will Islamophobia Sink This Judicial...
How Adeel Mangi’s appearance before the Senate went off the rails.
21 min
Hear Me Out: Anti-Vaxers Aren’t Just Extremists
They’re often responding to real problems with American healthcare.
33 min
What Next: Has Trump Run Out the Clock?
How the Trump team pulled out all the stops to keep him out of criminal court.
21 min
What Next: After the Moscow Concert Attack
ISIS members are claiming credit, but Putin says otherwise.
23 min