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Rep. Ted Lieu Talks Trump Abroad
Jamelle Bouie talks to Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA 33rd District) about the President's trip abroad and what he can expect when he makes his return stateside.
16 min
The Blabbing President
Virginia Heffernan speaks with Daniel Drezner about the effects of Trump's blabbing tendencies.
29 min
The Fake News Bubble For Liberals
Jacob Weisberg speaks with Zack Beauchamp of Vox.
23 min
The Thing With These Investigations
Jacob Weisberg speaks with Jeffrey Toobin about the special prosecutor in the Russian investigation.
21 min
The Purest Boy Scout
Jacob Weisberg talks to WIRED Magazine writer Garrett Graff about Bob Mueller and Jim Comey.
22 min
Searching for Higher Ground
Virginia Heffernan talks to Politico's Josh Dawsey about the reactions within the White House to the last 36 hours.
18 min
The Confidence Man
Jacob Weisberg, Katie Roiphe, and Philip Gourevitch discuss Herman Melville's The Confidence Man and just what the book can tell us about President Trump.
39 min
Trump's Anger
Jamelle Bouie talks to Slate's Katy Waldman about why the President's "uncontrollable rage powers his ruthlessness – and his ineptitude."
18 min
The Firing of James Comey (UPDATED)
Jacob Weisberg chats with Lawfare's Editor-in-Chief (and friend of James Comey's), Benjamin Wittes about how the Russia investigation proceeds from here.
50 min
The Wall St. Love Affair?
Jacob Weisberg talks to the New York Times' columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin about how businesses are modulating their reaction towards the Trump administration's varying policy positions and the President's Twitter feed.
20 min
The Meaner Bill
Jacob Weisberg talks to the surgeon and writer Atul Gawande about the AHCA and why its passing would be a catastrophe for the very people that voted for him.
32 min
Melania's Tower
Virginia Heffernan talks to Kate Imbach about the photos Melania Trump has taken over the years and what we can takeaway from them to learn more about our First Lady.
23 min
Trumpcast Live From The Tribeca Film Festival
Jacob Weisberg, Virginia Heffernan, and Jamelle Bouie discuss whether or not the Trump threat has receded.
65 min
The End of Values Voters
Virginia Heffernan talks to Reza Aslan about Christianity and religion as a whole in the age of Trump.
30 min
Caesar Non Supra Grammaticos
Virginia Heffernan talks to Peter Sokolowski, Editor at Large at Merriam Webster, about the way language has evolved, splintered, and changed in the Trump era.
25 min
The French Election Connection
Jacob Weisberg talks to European historian David Bell about the French elections and whether or not Americans should be buoyed by this weekend's results.
24 min
Opaque, Conflicted, and a Lawsuit
Jacob Weisberg talks to the former chief ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, Richard Painter, about the Trump administration's lack of transparency and continuing conflicts of interest.
22 min
Identity Politics in the Trump Era
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Upworthy's Parker Molloy to talk about the dreaded phrase, "identity politics," and why the Trump definition of working class leaves out a very particular group of workers.
21 min
Lessons from Georgia's 6th
Jamelle Bouie talks to the Minority Leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, Stacey Abrams, about the big takeaways from the special election on Tuesday night in Georgia's 6th congressional district.
20 min
North Korea's Missile Testing Season
Jacob Weisberg talks to Victor Cha, the former Director for Asian Affairs at the White House National Security Council under George W. Bush, about why there are no good options when it comes to North Korea.
19 min
Many Men, Many Many Many Men
Virginia Heffernan talks to Frank Bruni of the New York Times about his column, "Manhood in the Age of Trump."
25 min
Articles of Impeachment
Jacob Weisberg and Harvard Law Professor, Noah Feldman, discuss the three most pressing categories from which the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump may be drawn – corruption, abuse of power, and the violation of democratic norms.
45 min
Defining the Mission in Syria
Jacob Weisberg talks to Max Boot, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, about the missile attack carried out by the United States in Syria and what this means for President Trump's foreign policy going forward.
17 min
China. China? China!
Jacob Weisberg talks to Gideon Rachman, of the Financial Times about Trump's meeting with Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago.
25 min
Gorka, Bannon, and the View from Hungary
Virginia Heffernan talks to Lili Bayer, a journalist in Central Europe for Politico and The Forward, about the story of Sebastian Gorka (Trump's Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser) and his far right wing roots.
25 min