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What Next TBD: Google’s Scam Obituary Problem
What happens when your loved one’s death becomes funeral clickbait?
25 min
Political Gabfest: Could They Actually Leap Ove...
President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign; the Supreme Court’s boost for Donald Trump and review of social media’s content moderation; and Senator Mitch McConnell’s decision to time out as minority leader
55 min
Amicus: The IVF Decision We Should Have Seen Co...
You can draw a straight line from Jim Crow to Dobbs and the Alabama IVF decision
58 min
Slate Money: Musk vs. the AI Overlords
The Money team dives into Elon Musk’s OpenAI lawsuit, Wendy’s surge pricing burgergate, and Apple’s scrapped electric car.
43 min
What Next TBD: The Supreme Court Takes on Conte...
Does the First Amendment prevent social media companies from moderating their content—or defend their right to?
25 min
What Next: Biden’s Commitment Problem
It’s not that Trump has an inside track—both candidates are looking at a hard road ahead.
23 min
What Next: What Happened to Nex Benedict?
A 16-year-old trans student is dead after a fight in a school bathroom. Why?
24 min
Hear Me Out: Horse Race Journalism Is Good, Act...
Giddy up, voters.
41 min
What Next: War in Ukraine, Two Years In
Ukraine is running low on supplies, soldiers, and—crucially—support.
18 min
What Next: Will Trump Take Over the RNC?
Cash-poor, on a losing streak, and firmly behind Trump, is now the time for national Republicans to change leadership?
21 min
Diversity in the Diaspora
More Afro-Latinos are rejecting stereotypes about their racial identity.
38 min
Well, Now: Is it Burnout? Or, Do You Have a Bus...
Chronic stress creates inflammation in the brain–leading to anxiety, inability to focus and difficulty sleeping. One neurologist says the way to fix it is by curing our ‘busy brains.’
34 min
What Next TBD: Alabama’s IVF Mess
How legal personhood for embryos will make having children harder.
24 min
Slate Money: Is Capital One’s Discover Deal Doo...
The Money crew discusses the potential Capital One/Discovery merger, the 800-pound Nvidia gorilla, and America’s car wash epidemic.
38 min
Amicus: A Series of Lawsuits That We Call an El...
How to fix the laws, and the gaps in the law, that are breaking American democracy.
51 min
What Next TBD: The Coasts are Sinking
As sea levels rise, the ground below us sinks.
16 min
What Next: The Basketball Phenom Shaking Up the...
Caitlin Clark, the NCAA women’s basketball all-time leading scorer is changing the sport, one logo-shot at a time.
17 min
What Next: Why a Hi-Tech Gun Safety Tool Isn’t ...
New technology, same problems.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Un-Cancel Woodrow Wilson
It’s time to reassess what a great president looks like.
41 min
What Next: Who’s Left to Help Migrants?
Nearly 40,000 people have arrived in Denver—and about two dozen have taken shelter at a local church.
22 min
What Next: Alexei Navalny Is Dead. Is His Movem...
Putin’s fiercest foe died in an Arctic Circle penal colony at age 47.
20 min
What Next TBD: Apple Vision Pro: The Ultimate S...
When you look through these smart goggles, they look back—and can tell what you’re seeing.
25 min
A Word: Ghost in the Medical Machine
Artificial Intelligence plays a growing role in health care. Is medical racism growing with it?
23 min
Amicus: Fani Willis and a Tale of Two Ethics Vi...
Ethics for thee but not for me in the many trials of Donald Trump
50 min
Political Gabfest: Well-Meaning, Elderly Man Wi...
Special Counsel wanders off-topic on President Joe Biden’s memory; Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s impeachment and the lack of vote on Ukraine aid; and Democrat Tom Suozzi re-blues New York’s 3rd Congressional District.
49 min