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What Next: Pilots' Hidden Mental Health Crisis
Under current regulations, seeking help for mental health can cost pilots their ability to work.
21 min
What Next: War in Gaza; Violence in the West Bank
Violent assaults by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank have doubled since October 7.
17 min
A Word: Is “The Talk” Too Much?
Black parents have long warned kids about police violence. Does it help?
25 min
What Next TBD: Musk's War on Free Speech
He may not like what you have to say—and he'll file frivolous lawsuits to discourage you from saying it.
28 min
The Waves: We See Dead Girls
From Twin Peaks to Mare of Easttown to all the true crime documentaries in between, pop culture has a thing for dead woman stories.
33 min
Amicus: Billionaires Had a Bad Week at the Supr...
Are oligarchs getting the return they deserve on their SCOTUS investments?
45 min
Political Gabfest: Should Liz Cheney Run?
Liz Cheney wrote a book; Chris Christie is still running for President; and Purdue Pharma might go bankrupt so the Sacklers don’t have to.
53 min
Slate Money: The War on Self-Checkouts
Slate Money talks high-tech Christmas shopping, airline mergers, and the podcast biz.
47 min
What Next TBD: Spotify Unwrapped
2023 wraps up…with layoffs.
24 min
What Next: Pickleball vs. Everybody
The turf war raising a racket for park departments across the country.
24 min
What Next: The Supreme Court Takes On Opioids
The Supreme Court has to decide whether victims of the opioid crisis can settle for $6 billion—even if it means the perpetrators get off easy.
23 min
Hear Me Out: The Oppressed Still Have Moral Duties
Fighting fire with fire has its limits.
30 min
What Next: Nikki Haley’s Surge to Second
She’s got big money and a Koch endorsement. But does the Haley voter really exist?
22 min
What Next: Is Amazon Too Big To Regulate?
OSHA can’t fix the Bezos Behemoth in one fell swoop.
22 min
A Word: Black Cop, White Mob
How January 6th still haunts Capitol Police.
25 min
The Waves: Why Anime is for Women
From Sailor Moon to Inuyasha, anime pushes boundaries for representation of gender and relationships.
32 min
What Next TBD: They See You When You’re Shopping
Holiday shopping is upon us. Is it too late to expect a little privacy and control over your data online?
28 min
Political Gabfest: Why Does Everyone Hate Biden...
The U.S. economy is good but Americans feel bad; there are three branches of government but the Supreme Court could chop off one; and white evangelicals are Christian nationalists but that might change.
59 min
Slate Money: This Year, Give Cash
Rory Stewart makes the case why philanthropy should be cash-based.
44 min
Amicus: Remembering Sandra Day O’Connor
Reflections from Justice O’Connor’s former clerk on the woman who bore the burden of “first” at SCOTUS
59 min
What Next TBD: A Moral War for A.I.
What Sam Altman's return to OpenAI means for the industry's future.
31 min
What Next: Eric Adams May Not Get Out of This One
Will scandals sink the once (self-appointed) future of the Democratic party?
23 min
What Next: Mental Health Treatment—by Court Order
California has a new court system designed to help people who are struggling with psychotic disorders. Is it a step forward or a civil rights violation waiting to happen?
23 min
Outward: PragerU’s Transphobic Twitter Takeover
Bryan, Jules, and Christina break down Prager University’s million dollar transphobic takeover ad campaign on X.
27 min
What Next: The Cops Don’t Want You Listening In
The NYPD is spending $500 million on new radios—shutting out the “scannerheads” who break stories of police brutality.
23 min