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What Next: Can Moms for Liberty Swing an Election?
Their conference drew both protestors and presidential candidates—but what’s the endgame for these moms?
22 min
A Word: Trouble the Waters
Beyond Flint and Jackson, many Black communities suffer from dirty water.
19 min
What Next TBD: Is Your Son Watching Andrew Tate?
How one of the biggest misogynists on the internet infected the mindset of a generation of teenage boys.
33 min
Political Gabfest: Rural Arkansas Explored in a...
Monica Potts’ new memoir The Forgotten Girls asks what happens to the women you leave behind.
25 min
The Waves: Is the Wedding Dress Dead?
From Michigan to Brooklyn, an exploration of what makes a wedding dress special.
31 min
Amicus: Supreme Arrogance
Sherrilyn Ifill, Jamelle Bouie and Steve Vladeck join Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern for an end-of-term roundup, taking a close look at SCOTUS’ opinions and the Justices who issued them.
61 min
Slate Money: Can Threads Take Down Twitter?
Meta launched a new competitor to Twitter. Will it be the next big thing?
50 min
What Next TBD: Threads vs. Twitter
If your rate limit has been exceeded one too many times, Mark Zuckerberg is here with an alternative.
24 min
What Next: Is Biden To Blame for the Student De...
The administration chose speed over sound, legal footing—and got burned.
24 min
What Next: Beyond Biden vs. Trump
How a third party—or a fourth or a sixth—could be more than just a spoiler.
24 min
Hear Me Out: Insurrection Is A Force For Good
…But not the one you’re thinking of.
32 min
What Next: Justice Roberts Takes Back the Court
Imagine, if you will, a Supreme Court where justices accept lavish, undisclosed gifts from conservative donors: what might their latest term look like?
24 min
What Next TBD: Turning Your Face Into Your Ticket
Facial recognition tech at the airport is being sold as an opt-in convenience—for now.
20 min
A Word: The Rise of Miss Ross
Actress Angelica Ross fought racism, colorism, and transphobia on her way to stardom.
32 min
Amicus: MAGA SCOTUS Is Back
The Supreme Court’s conservatives return to form, stripping protections for same-sex couples, striking down student loan relief, and ending race-conscious college admissions.
75 min
Slate Money: How The Affirmative Action Ruling ...
The recent Supreme Court decision could change how American companies hire
40 min
The Waves: Can Fairy Tales Be Feminist?
How fairy tales can speak to today’s audiences and the gendered nature of telling stories.
28 min
Political Gabfest: Live in Washington D.C. with...
Maryland Governor Wes Moore gabs live with David, Emily, and John; the Supreme Court is issuing decisions and dropping in the polls; and there is still no major Republican challenger to Donald Trump.
70 min
What Next TBD: The Never-Ending Cancer Drug Sho...
This problem isn't new—and it's completely preventable.
31 min
Amicus: The End of Affirmative Action
The six conservative justices say no more race-conscious college admissions, proffering irrational carve-outs and no clear path forward.
6 min
What Next: Would You Join the Army for US Citiz...
The US Military is facing a recruitment crisis. But offering citizenship-for-service is not as straightforward as it sounds.
26 min
What Next: Why We Have to Take RFK Jr. Seriously
An old-politics last name meets a dangerous new political moment.
21 min
Amicus: Moore v Harper Was a Win for Democracy,...
Chief Justice John Roberts steps in again to defend US democracy’s status quo, with an added bonus of sticking it to federal defendant and former President Donald J Trump.
6 min
Hear Me Out: Patriarchy Hurts All Of Us — Inclu...
Gender is a verb, and the system it creates is keeping (almost) everyone down.
33 min
What Next: We Need to Talk About Kevin McCarthy
After a month of fights, strikes, censures, and name-calling, can Kevin McCarthy control his House?
21 min