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What Next TBD: Space Junk! (And Space Wars?)
Is space a battlefront, a garbage dump, or both?
19 min
What Next: Can Beto O’Rourke Fail Up?
In his bid for Texas governor, the candidate is hoping the third time’s the charm.
23 min
What Next: The Battle Over San Francisco’s Schools
A petition. A recall vote. And it’s just getting started.
24 min
What Next: Is the FBI’s Surveillance of Muslims...
The Supreme Court considers whether to shield the FBI from accountability for its surveillance of Muslims.
24 min
What Next: “I Quit My Job Today”
Stories from those who quit...and who were quit on..
33 min
A Word: Lights, Camera, Revolution
The Black Film Archive turns a spotlight on decades of cinematic innovation from African American artists.
23 min
The Waves: What the Debate Over ‘Pregnant Peopl...
We unpack the recent discussion over whether it’s time to move forward from “pregnant women” and talk through what the trans community really wants.
37 min
What Next TBD: The Kid-Vaccine Holdouts
Many vaccinated parents aren’t ready to take their younger children in for a COVID shot. What’s holding them back?
21 min
What Next: The Astroworld Tragedy
At least eight people died and hundreds were injured during Travis Scott’s set.
26 min
What Next: A Controversial New Plan to Fight Ho...
Is LA’s new policy a political gimmick?
20 min
What Next: Has Minneapolis Given Up on Police R...
A ballot measure to restructure the police department failed by more than ten points.
29 min
What Next: Do Vaccine Mandates Work?
What happened when New York City gave its workers nine days to get the shot?
20 min
A Word: Legacy of Fire: The L.A. Riots
Decades after fury exploded across L.A., how much has changed?
26 min
The Waves: Daddy Love Me! Breaking Down the Men...
From toxic masculinity to glass cliffs, Succession manages to be one of the bro-iest shows on TV.
41 min
What Next TBD: How Schools Surveil Your Kids
A startup named GoGuardian is changing the way teachers monitor their students online.
18 min
What Next: Is It Time for Democrats to Panic?
Cutting through the hype around Virginia’s governor’s race.
21 min
What Next: White Supremacy on Trial in Charlott...
Previous trials have gone after individuals; this one’s going after a movement.
27 min
What Next: A Rust-Belt City Might Elect a Socia...
India Walton would be the first socialist mayor around the country in over half a century.
25 min
What Next: How Long Can Mark Zuckerberg Be King?
Facebook can’t dominate the internet of the future if it’s widely considered to be indifferent to human suffering.
28 min
A Word: From Schoolyards to Prisonyards
Too many school policies criminalize Black students for just being kids.
23 min
The Waves: Does Your Favorite Scary Movie Have ...
Or is there feminism to find in the “final girl” trope?
35 min
What Next TBD: Why Are Bots Buying Sneakers?
When algorithms start buying up products, there’s something wrong with the system.
22 min
What Next: Why I Quit Advising Kyrsten Sinema
The Arizona senator is notorious for ignoring her constituents. Five members of her Veterans Advisory Council have had enough.
26 min
What Next: Is Bill Gates to Blame for Lagging V...
The billionaire’s love of intellectual property could be limiting vaccine supply.
22 min
What Next: The Afghans Who Got Out
They had to be lucky to flee their country. Once in the U.S., they face a wall of bureaucracy and new customs.
21 min