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What Next TBD: The Carbon Capture Fantasy
The IPCC says we may need to pull carbon out of the atmosphere to keep the planet from overheating. That won’t be easy.
23 min
What Next: What Mark Meadows Knew
The former White House chief of staff is being held in contempt of Congress for the things he won’t say about January 6.
22 min
What Next: Why Didn’t Maryland Democrats Go For...
All is fair in love and elections?
22 min
What Next: Abrams vs. Kemp vs. Perdue
Georgia’s gubernatorial race is now a three-way showdown.
23 min
What Next: When Your Book Gets Banned By the Sc...
How did Ashley Pérez’s novel Out of Darkness get blackballed from schools across the country?
27 min
A Word: Abbott Elementary’s Top Teacher
Comedian Quinta Brunson gives lessons in laughs on ABC’s Abbott Elementary.
22 min
The Waves: The Fight Over Abortion Is About to ...
This week on the Waves, the Nation’s abortion access correspondent weighs in on what’s happening outside of the Supreme Court.
39 min
What Next TBD: Who Online Justice Leaves Behind
The courts’ arrival in the modern era came with some unexpected tradeoffs.
15 min
What Next: The School Shooting Down the Street
Republicans have blocked nearly all consideration of gun laws in Michigan. After the latest tragedy, Democrats are trying to revive the debate
25 min
What Next: What Peng Shuai Started
The tennis player unraveled China’s carefully-curated image.
24 min
What Next: House Democrats’ Long-Shot Plan to D...
An interview with the guy in charge of making it happen.
22 min
What Next: The 30-Year Plan to End Roe
When it comes to abortion rights, conservatives played the long game.
25 min
A Word: Planes, Trains and Pandemic Travel Plans
A travel expert explains how to avoid COVID --and racist microaggressions-- while traveling abroad.
22 min
The Waves: Can Kamala Harris Turn Things Around...
The Veep’s approval ratings are abysmal. How much of that is her fault?
41 min
What Next TBD: Did @jack Ruin Twitter?
In the post-Dorsey era, Twitter will try to grow as large as its competitors. Is that a good thing?
14 min
What Next: Why No One Told Chris Cuomo No
A trove of documents revealed just how involved he was in his brother’s damage control.
29 min
What Next: Everything We (Don’t) Know About Omi...
A new variant is here. How worried should we be?
22 min
What Next: Are the Democrats Making Child Care ...
Biden’s infrastructure bill promises more funding for a broken industry. But money isn’t all that’s needed.
25 min
What Next: RIP to the SAT
Will one university’s decision to scrap the test send shockwaves across higher education?
24 min
A Word: Cooking for the Culture
Chef Vallery Lomas baked her way out of an unhappy law career, and into reality show stardom.
21 min
The Waves: Why Women Are in Charge of Leftovers
To celebrate a very Waves Thanksgiving, we dig into how texture explains why women end up managing the leftovers.
36 min
What Next: Whose Second Amendment Is It?
An unlikely alliance on guns.
24 min
What Next: Inflategate
Are Americans doing inflation to themselves?
23 min
A Word: Colorism, Cluelessness, and Carefree Bl...
Writer Zeba Blay on how Black women writers are flipping the script in pop culture criticism.
24 min
The Waves: Taylor Swift and Adele Take Differen...
As Taylor Swift and Adele release new music, we reflect on the place they’ve taken in our hearts and ears, and what’s next for each of them.
33 min