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The Davos Man (Live from the WEF)
Jacob Weisberg is joined by BuzzFeed's Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith, for a quick chat about Donald Trump's address to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
14 min
A Rot at the Core of the Republic
Virginia Heffernan talks to The Atlantic's David Frum about the Evangelical right's justification for Trump, how the people around him are holding up so far in their positions, and why he thinks what we're facing today is much more serious than Watergate.
26 min
The Shutdown Vote (UPDATED)
Producer Jayson De Leon talks to Slate's Jim Newell about the run-up to the government shutdown. Then, how did the shutdown vote unfold? We have a play-by-play of sorts.
19 min
Racism, The Dems, and #MeToo
Virginia Heffernan talks to the LA Times' Jamil Smith about Trump's racism, how the Democrats have fared over the past year, and what (if any) parallels they can find between the #MeToo movement and Trump's lies.
19 min
$130,000 in Hush Money
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Jacob Weisberg to chat about the Stormy Daniels story, Jacob's involvement in it, and how the story is important in the context of the dossier.
21 min
A Dangerous, Bumbling, Racist Idiot
Jacob Weisberg talks to Brian Klaas, author of The Despot's Apprentice, about Trump's dictatorial tendencies and why the Republicans are still refusing to call out the President after his "shithole" comment yesterday.
24 min
The Immigration Fight Escalates
Jamelle Bouie is joined by Vox’s Dara Lind to discuss the latest going on around Capitol Hill on immigration.
24 min
10 Hours of Dossier Testimony
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Virginia Heffernan to pore through the release of Glenn Simpson's (Fusion GPS) testimony by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).
28 min
Obstructing and Burning
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, to discuss the recent revelations with regards to the President possibly obstructing justice.
38 min
The Commission is Dead, Not the Mission
Jamelle Bouie talks to Ari Berman, a writer at Mother Jones, about President Trump's now disbanded voter fraud commission and how the fight over voter suppression is still far from over.
21 min
The Truth Didn't Set Us Free
How Washington failed to handle Kremlin trolls.
27 min
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Katie Roiphe and Philip Gourevitch to discuss Michel Houellebecq's novel, Submission.
35 min
Strategic Confusion
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Fred Kaplan about Trump’s new National Security Strategy.
27 min
The Impending Tax Bill
Jacob Weisberg chats with economist Jason Furman about the impending GOP tax bill and its economic impact.
26 min
All The President's Accusers
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Dahlia Lithwick and Jacob Weisberg to discuss all the sexual misconduct accusations against the President and what can be done about them.
31 min
Acting Ethically in The Fog of War
Virginia Heffernan talks to Walter Shaub about the Office of Government Ethics, principled governance, and what it's like to run a federal agency.
25 min
Yet Another Round of Attacks on the Press
Jacob Weisberg chats with The Washington Post's Erik Wemple about Trump's most recent round of attacks on the press and about the reporting errors over the last week on the Russia investigation.
21 min
Trump's Endorsement and Alabama's Senate Race
Jamelle Bouie talks to Geoffrey Skelley – associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. The two discuss the upcoming Alabama senate race.
18 min
The Russia Strand Trump Fears Most
Jacob Weisberg talks to The Guardian's Luke Harding about his new book Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win.
29 min
A Desperate Defense Knows No Bounds
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Jeffrey Toobin (Senior Legal Analyst for CNN & Staff Writer at The New Yorker) to talk about Trump's defense in light of the most recent Flynn news.
22 min
Flynn Breaks, What's Next? (UPDATED)
Trumpcast producer Jayson De Leon chats with Just Security's Deputy Managing Editor, Kate Brannen. about the latest surrounding Michael Flynn's plea deal and where this all may point to next.
35 min
Nixon's Slow Burn
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Leon Neyfakh about his latest series Slow Burn | A Podcast About Watergate.
22 min
The Magnitsky Update with Bill Browder
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan are joined by Bill Browder to chat about the latest surrounding the Magnitsky Act, corruption, and those seeking to discredit his efforts worldwide.
32 min
Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate | Martha
A preview of Slate's eight-episode miniseries about Watergate.
24 min
Night Rider
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Philip Gourevitch (The New Yorker) and Katie Roiphe (NYU) to discuss Robert Penn Warren's first novel "Night Rider."
35 min