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What Next TBD: The Code That Runs Your Life
COBOL is 60 years old and still propping up the world’s financial and healthcare institutions.
17 min
A Word: Homegrown Black History
In his children’s book Who Are Your People?, commentator Bakari Sellers delivers Black history, and gets targeted over Critical Race Theory.
23 min
The Waves: Romantic Comedies Are Making a Comeb...
From stalking to punishing women, can rom-coms escape their sometimes icky past?
38 min
What Next TBD: Spotify’s Joe Rogan Mess
For the Swedish streaming service, the Experience has been a wakeup call.
20 min
What Next: A New Kind of Gun Control
San Jose is trying to pioneer a fresh way to address gun violence. Will it survive all the lawsuits?
24 min
What Next: The Mineral The Future Is Built On
Creating a fleet of electric vehicles means sourcing a lot of cobalt. But extracting it without hurting the environment is no easy task.
19 min
What Next: The Life and Death of the Expanded C...
Was burying the credit in Build Back Better the fatal blow?
20 min
What Next: How China Is Spinning the Olympics
The Beijing Olympics aren’t a triumph of international cooperation. They’re a triumph of China.
22 min
A Word: Black Horror is Killing It
From “Candyman” to “Get Out,” Black filmmakers are escaping “the sunken place” to lead a renaissance in horror.
27 min
The Waves: Can Women Exercise Without the Patri...
A look at the history and current state of exercise with Danielle Friedman, author of Let’s Get Physical.
33 min
What Next TBD: The Downfall of One of the World...
IBM’s Watson was supposed to transform health care. Last week, it was sold off for scrap.
21 min
What Next: Bye Bye, Breyer
The oldest sitting Supreme Court justice has taken the hint.
25 min
What Next: Putin’s Plan
As Russia looks to halt the advance of the West towards its borders, Ukraine’s independence hangs in the balance.
22 min
What Next: Policing-for-Profit
Inside a town where law enforcement sees citizens as dollar signs.
22 min
What Next: How the Texas Synagogue Survived
The security expert who trained the Colleyville congregants explains what to do in a crisis.
22 min
A Word: Home Robbery
Discrimination has cost Black home owners of billions of dollars of generational wealth. What can change that?
24 min
The Waves: Was the Women’s March Successful?
Five years after the first march, we look back on what’s changed, and what it was all for.
43 min
What Next TBD: Why Does Matt Damon Want Me to B...
A former teen star unpacks the hottest Hollywood hustle.
14 min
What Next: Is Biden Flunking COVID?
Something’s wrong with the plan. Or the message. Or the messengers. Or, maybe, there’s a problem with all three.
26 min
What Next: The Supreme Court, Unmasked
The conservative majority is openly challenging the power of the federal government.
26 min
What Next: The New King of Conservative Media
Dan Bongino is the most popular radio host you’ve probably never heard of.
24 min
A Word: Biden: Fighting or Failing on Voting Ri...
Why exasperated organizers skipped Biden’s “photo op” on voting rights in Georgia.
22 min
The Waves: What's Different About Women's Brains?
Breaking down misconceptions about intelligence
32 min
What Next: Should Democrats Compromise on Elect...
If additional voting protections can’t pass the Senate, there’s another way to protect future elections from sabotage.
21 min
What Next: Greg Abbott’s PR Play at the Border
In an election year, Governor Abbott is using his power to make a show of force on immigration.
24 min