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What Next: Putin Alone
A look at Putin’s shrinking inner circle.
23 min
What Next: Texas’s Attack on Trans Kids
Goveror Greg Abbott has ordered Child Protective Services to begin investigating gender-affirming care as child abuse.
29 min
What Next: President Biden’s First Supreme Cour...
Why Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson was a strategic nomination.
23 min
What Next: The Long View on Russia’s Invasion
When it comes to answering Putin’s aggression, looking back might show the way forward.
24 min
What Next TBD: Peter Thiel, Patron of the Popul...
Why the enigmatic founder and investor is turning his attention to politics full-time.
20 min
A Word: “Black City. White Paper.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer is taking on the city’s racism, starting with its own.
23 min
The Waves: Why You Need to Downsize Your Skin-C...
All the lotions and potions really aren’t necessary. In fact, they can be harmful.
31 min
Amicus: And the Nominee Is … Judge Ketanji Brow...
President Biden’s Supreme Court pick is unprecedented.
52 min
Gabfest Special: Justice Jackson
Nate Persily dishes about KBJ’s jurisprudence and high-school acting career.
18 min
What Next TBD: Russia's Other Battlefront
Vladimir Putin has spent years testing an arsenal of cyber weapons against Ukraine.
21 min
What Next: The Anti-Government Blueprint in Cal...
A takeover of local government in Shasta County, California could set a blueprint for far-right groups nationwide.
27 min
What Next: Putin’s Obsession With Ukraine
The Russian narrative is that the former Soviet state is rightfully theirs.
27 min
What Next: The Path to the Sandy Hook Settlement
A deft legal strategy led to the largest payout by a gun manufacturer in a mass shooting case.
24 min
Gabfest Reads: Heartbreak
It’s not just in your head; heartbreak can impact your immune system.
30 min
What Next TBD: The COVAX Fantasy
How a plan to vaccinate the world came undone.
25 min
A Word: Porn and Prejudice
Is racism in pornography fueled by the shame and silence of its audience?
23 min
The Waves: Hockey Mom Charm Couldn’t Save Sarah...
The former GOP vice-presidential nominee was the same as ever during her libel trial against the New York Times.
36 min
What Next TBD: "Rampant Racism" at Tesla
What's happening inside Elon Musk's Fremont plant?
18 min
What Next: The Olympics’ Latest Doping Scandal
A Russian figure skater’s drug test has the international sports world spiraling.
26 min
What Next: A Trump Protege Auditions for 2024
Why the Florida governor’s blitz of conservative proposals and policies matters right now.
22 min
What Next: Sarah Palin v. the New York Times
The judge plans to dismiss this case. So why isn’t it going away?
24 min
What Next: Where Does Minneapolis Go Now?
A city councilman struggles to balance his own desire for radical policing reform and an electorate that’s not so sure.
28 min
What Next TBD: The Rise of a Fast Fashion Jugge...
Shein isn’t just changing the fast fashion industry. It’s changing the way Americans shop.
15 min
A Word: Black Balled in the NFL?
Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores says racism is keeping him out of the league. Can he prove it?
23 min
The Waves: All The Layers of Mess at the Winter...
Unpacking all the controversies at this year’s Games, from lack of diversity to climate change.
35 min