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A Word: Could Musk Kill Black Twitter?
Many users fear the tech bro troll will make Twitter more racially toxic.
28 min
What Next TBD: The Fantasy of Internet for All
Starlink was supposed to revolutionize the global internet. Can it still meet its goal?
15 min
The Waves: Edible Arrangements Is Getting Into ...
And, a gender-based theory on why fruit chunks on sticks are popular to begin with
38 min
What Next TBD: What Elon Wants With Twitter
The purchase of Twitter is almost across the line. Now what?
18 min
What Next: L.A.’s Alarming Latino Mortality Rate
And why one doctor sees it as a call to action for his community.
21 min
What Next: The Crisis in Special Education
States are mandated to provide quality education for students with disabilities. What’s getting in the way?
23 min
What Next: Florida’s Most Powerful Flak
How Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary fired up right-wing Twitter and further distorted a debate over education.
19 min
What Next: The Librarians Fighting Book Bans
“The whole point [of a library] is to provide a wide variety of viewpoints and let the reader decide.”
18 min
A Word: Black Lives Matter: More Money, More Pr...
Some bereaved relatives and activists say a BLM founder’s spending breaks faith with the movement.
32 min
What Next TBD: A New High-Tech Weapon in Ukraine
How is facial recognition technology is being deployed on the front lines in Ukraine?
18 min
The Waves: Ecofeminism Isn’t Just For Hippies
The bond between feminism and the environment should be stronger than ever.
34 min
What Next TBD: The COVID Data Disaster
The CDC moved the goalposts on COVID-19. Can we still fight the pandemic without a clear picture of the data?
21 min
What Next: Putin’s Hunger for Money
Bill Browder on why the war in Ukraine is about more than NATO expansion and Ukraine's shift towards the West.
22 min
What Next: Biden's Immigration Mess
The administration plans to rescind a Trump policy that limited immigration into the U.S. Why are Democrats running scared?
23 min
What Next: A Caseworker Quits Over Texas’ Trans...
One transgender man quit his job as a child welfare worker in Texas after having to investigate families of trans kids for child abuse.
18 min
What Next: Cracking Down on Ghost Guns
Biden wants to regulate homemade weapons. Will it make a difference?
20 min
A Word: Holy Roller Racism?
White evangelicals have more political power than ever, and many use it to fight against racial justice.
26 min
What Next TBD: How TurboTax Tricks Taxpayers
The popular software is the product of a 20-year fight to make free tax filing nearly impossible.
18 min
One Year 1977 Rewind: Anita Bryant's War on Gay...
The pop singer who launched an anti-gay movement, and the activists who fought back.
61 min
The Waves: The Vagina Et. Al.
Author Rachel E. Gross explains, science is still lagging when it comes to the female anatomy below the belt.
37 min
What Next TBD: Elonnnnnnnnnnnnn!
What does Elon Musk really want with Twitter?
16 min
What Next: Is France About to Elect a Far-Right...
Emmanuel Macron appears to have taken reelection for granted.
21 min
What Next: Disney vs. DeSantis
The entertainment giant is going head-to-head with Florida’s governor over what critics are calling the “don’t say gay” law.
22 min
What Next: Pennsylvania’s Nutty Senate Race
This club has everything: moderates, populists, and exactly one (1) Trump endorsement.
26 min
What Next: From Homeless to Housing Reporter
How living in a car for a year helped shape one journalist’s trajectory.
24 min