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What Next: The Basketball Phenom Shaking Up the...
Caitlin Clark, the NCAA women’s basketball all-time leading scorer is changing the sport, one logo-shot at a time.
17 min
What Next: Why a Hi-Tech Gun Safety Tool Isn’t ...
New technology, same problems.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Un-Cancel Woodrow Wilson
It’s time to reassess what a great president looks like.
41 min
What Next: Who’s Left to Help Migrants?
Nearly 40,000 people have arrived in Denver—and about two dozen have taken shelter at a local church.
22 min
What Next: Alexei Navalny Is Dead. Is His Movem...
Putin’s fiercest foe died in an Arctic Circle penal colony at age 47.
20 min
A Word: Ghost in the Medical Machine
Artificial Intelligence plays a growing role in health care. Is medical racism growing with it?
23 min
What Next TBD: Apple Vision Pro: The Ultimate S...
When you look through these smart goggles, they look back—and can tell what you’re seeing.
25 min
Slate Money: America is Beating Everyone
The Money squad explains why the U.S.’s post-COVID economy is doing so well, TikTok’s big feud with Universal Music, and Lyft’s very expensive typo.
45 min
Political Gabfest: Well-Meaning, Elderly Man Wi...
Special Counsel wanders off-topic on President Joe Biden’s memory; Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s impeachment and the lack of vote on Ukraine aid; and Democrat Tom Suozzi re-blues New York’s 3rd Congressional District.
49 min
Amicus: Fani Willis and a Tale of Two Ethics Vi...
Ethics for thee but not for me in the many trials of Donald Trump
50 min
What Next TBD: Warfare Enters the A.I. Era
How an invasion became an innovation hub for private tech companies - and the future of war.
24 min
What Next: The Attack on Rafah
Gazans were told to head south. Now that’s where the bombs are falling.
21 min
What Next: The American Oligarch Class
Who needs a Swiss bank account when you’ve got a Delaware shell corporation?
23 min
What Next: The Fight for George Santos’s Seat
What today’s special election in New York’s 3rd Congressional district tells us about what to expect in the fall.
24 min
Hang Up: The Chiefs Are Super
58 min
What Next: Is Biden Too Old?
The good news for Biden is that he’s not getting in trouble for mishandling documents. The bad news is why.
23 min
A Word: True Crime in Black and White
What a decades-old murder and hoax tells us about race and policing today.
22 min
Well, Now: Football’s Pre-NFL Concussion Problem
The NFL has faced controversy about its connection to traumatic brain injuries for years. But how do we protect the majority of football players who don’t make it pro and still face the same risks?
30 min
What Next TBD: Breaking Up with Dating Apps
You can’t put a price on love—or your user base will swipe left on you.
22 min
Slate Money: Disney's Wish Upon a (Pop) Star
The Money gang talks Disney’s Fortnight and Taylor Swift investments, why NYCB’s loss is renters’ gain, and the comeback of the SAT.
40 min
Amicus: Is SCOTUS Afraid of Holding Trump to Ac...
The Justices were so obsessed with finding off-ramps in the Trump disqualification case, they may have set a dangerous trap for the future.
50 min
What Next TBD: The NFL’s Concussion Settlement ...
Nearly a decade after a “landmark” settlement, former players are still struggling to get the help they’re ostensibly entitled to.
26 min
What Next: How Trump Gets Kicked off the Ballot
The Constitution pretty clearly states he should be booted. Will the Supreme Court agree?
19 min
What Next: A Mass Shooter’s Mom Found Guilty
Two years after Jennifer Crumbley’s son shot up Oxford High School, she’s been convicted of manslaughter.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Campus Assault Hearings Are A Disa...
Restorative justice might be the solution.
33 min