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What Next TBD: America’s $5 Trillion Grid Problem
The electric grid is the only thing making parts of America habitable this summer. It desperately needs a makeover.
24 min
What Next: Judging the Supreme Court
Senate Democrats want the Court to adopt a code of ethics. Do the Justices have to listen?
22 min
What Next: The Indefensible Defense Bill
The National Defense Authorization Act has been drafted into the culture wars.
19 min
What Next: How Hollywood Shot Itself in the Foot
The paltry wages of the streaming economy made these strikes inevitable.
29 min
What Next: Thousand-Year Floods, Annually
The floodplain maps are falling out of relevance faster than they can be replaced.
21 min
What Next TBD: America’s Killer Car Problem
U.S. infrastructure doesn't prioritize the lives of pedestrians. Why?
32 min
A Word: Black Dolls Matter
Black Barbie: A Documentary traces the origin of a revolutionary toy.
26 min
Amicus: Zero-Sum Justice
Joel Anderson on Justice Clarence Thomas’ journey to his worldview, and Heather McGhee on what her work in The Sum of Us can tell us about the Supreme Court.
71 min
Political Gabfest: The World Is Burning
Extreme weather, heat, and floods are driving up the world’s misery index; Threads is taking social media by storm; and we got fast cars.
52 min
Slate Money: Trouble in the House of Mouse
Bob Iger, two worker strikes, and the challenges of streaming
59 min
The Waves: Watch The Women’s World Cup, Damn It!
Come for Megan Rapinoe’s last tournament, stay for the beautiful game.
36 min
What Next TBD: Will UPS Workers Join "Hot Strik...
It's not just Hollywood—UPS workers may soon be striking too.
29 min
What Next: QAnon Goes to the Movies
How "The Sound of Freedom" wove conspiracy theories into box office gold.
23 min
What Next: What Homelessness Is Really Like
A landmark study on the crisis in California.
27 min
Hear Me Out: You Need To Care About Meghan Markle
Even if you don’t care about the royal family.
40 min
What Next: Can’t Stand the Heat
The smoke, the malaria, the straining infrastructure—it’s all exacerbated by heat.
26 min
What Next: Can Moms for Liberty Swing an Election?
Their conference drew both protestors and presidential candidates—but what’s the endgame for these moms?
22 min
A Word: Trouble the Waters
Beyond Flint and Jackson, many Black communities suffer from dirty water.
19 min
What Next TBD: Is Your Son Watching Andrew Tate?
How one of the biggest misogynists on the internet infected the mindset of a generation of teenage boys.
33 min
Amicus: Supreme Arrogance
Sherrilyn Ifill, Jamelle Bouie and Steve Vladeck join Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern for an end-of-term roundup, taking a close look at SCOTUS’ opinions and the Justices who issued them.
61 min
Political Gabfest: Rural Arkansas Explored in a...
Monica Potts’ new memoir The Forgotten Girls asks what happens to the women you leave behind.
25 min
The Waves: Is the Wedding Dress Dead?
From Michigan to Brooklyn, an exploration of what makes a wedding dress special.
31 min
Slate Money: Can Threads Take Down Twitter?
Meta launched a new competitor to Twitter. Will it be the next big thing?
50 min
What Next TBD: Threads vs. Twitter
If your rate limit has been exceeded one too many times, Mark Zuckerberg is here with an alternative.
24 min
What Next: Is Biden To Blame for the Student De...
The administration chose speed over sound, legal footing—and got burned.
24 min