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What Next TBD: When A.I. Denies Your Health Care
A predictive algorithm tucked into Medicare Advantage plans is routinely denying coverage for patients, leaving them with little recourse.
26 min
What Next: The Diagnosis Was Fatal. She Couldn'...
Lauren Hall was traumatized by the lack of care. Now, she’s pregnant again—and suing the state.
27 min
What Next: March Madness Comes to Capitol Hill
College sports still has a money problem.
26 min
How To!: Bounce Back From a Layoff
Career coach Susan Peppercorn on how workers (and companies) can do better.
33 min
Hear Me Out: Secession Could Be A Good Thing
Slate’s new podcast tackles increasing, nationwide calls for secession.
33 min
What Next: Why Israelis Are Protesting
What started as judicial reform could cost Netanyahu his coalition.
23 min
What Next: Will Crime Decide Chicago’s Mayoral ...
Police reform, carjackings, and abortion have shaped the race between Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas.
24 min
Slate Money: Succession S4 Ep1: High-Calorie In...
This week, Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers are joined by author and journalist Jim Stewart to recap episode one, season four of HBO’s Succession.
54 min
A Word: When a Race War Threat Was Real
Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder broke Black America’s spirit. It never fully healed.
28 min
What Next TBD: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Woes
Cost cutting, regulators, and Elon’s obsession with Twitter have cast doubt on Tesla’s promise of a fully autonomous vehicle.
29 min
Slate Money: Too Big, To Fail, Too Furious
This week, Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers discuss the rescue of Credit Suisse.
62 min
Amicus: What To Expect When You're Expecting An...
Analysis of a trio of nested investigations into the former President, and a call for patience from Andrew Weissmann.
44 min
Political Gabfest: Trump Will Be Indicted Next ...
Trump announces his impending arrest; promise or peril from ChatGPT; and unrest in France.
59 min
The Waves: We Need to Talk About Postpartum Psy...
It’s one of the “worst psychiatric emergencies.” But the United State’s system for treatment isn’t working.
34 min
What Next TBD: The Case Against TikTok
After years of negotiations, and a testy hearing, the government seems set to ban it.
32 min
What Next: Why Biden Broke his Promise on Drilling
The Willow Project from ConocoPhillips may be one of the last of its kind—but environmental advocates still worry about its impact on the Arctic.
23 min
What Next: Why Is Adderall So Hard to Find?
The shortage is starting to impact users of other ADHD medications, too.
21 min
What Next: Atlanta's Battle Over "Cop City"
Protests over the construction of a massive police training center have turned violent—and led to domestic terrorism charges for dozens of “forest defenders.”
23 min
What Next: Could Trump Be Arrested Over Stormy ...
The former president warned supporters his arrest is imminent. Is he right?
20 min
What Next TBD: When A.I. Steals Your Voice
Your mom hears you calling in distress, but it’s not really you.
22 min
A Word: No More “Black Picket Fence”
Black, unmarried, childfree adults are a growing middle-class force
23 min
Political Gabfest: Go Ahead, Call It A Bailout
The Silicon Valley Bank bailout; DeSantis advocates abandoning Ukraine; and free speech fights on campus.
62 min
Slate Money: Normal Bank Failure
Slate Money talks about the latest SVB fallout, the Credit Suisse drama, and the relationship between banks and government.
51 min
What Next TBD: Where Is Silicon Valley Going to...
The easiest money is gone for the industry.
25 min
What Next: Is the SAT Done For?
Colleges are dropping the test requirement to create fairer admissions processes—but what will take its place?
25 min