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What Next: The Proud Boys' New Plan for Power
From a loose coalition of “ironic misogynists” to a political force in the GOP.
22 min
What Next: The Real Risks of Monkeypox
The latest outbreak threatens more than any one community.
23 min
What Next: The Russians Invaded. The Opera Play...
Facing bombardment and blockade, music has returned to Odesa’s storied theater.
24 min
What Next: The War on LGBTQ+ Rights
How The Trevor Project sees the impact of the GOP’s newly-introduced, anti-LGBTQ+ laws on American youth.
26 min
The Waves: The Caregiver Crisis
Women have been depending on the labor of other women in order to succeed. What has it cost us?
25 min
A Word: Back to Black Colleges?
Why are growing numbers of elite African American students considering Black campuses?
31 min
What Next: How to Fix the Economy
Tackling inflation won’t be easy – or painless.
20 min
What Next: The Supreme Court Needs an Upgrade
What options do Congress and the president have?
22 min
What Next: A Fight to Put Abortion on Arizona’s...
Activists need to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures in a few days to put abortion rights on the state’s ballot.
24 min
A Word: No Choice: Fighting for Abortion Rights
Apps and virtue signaling won’t save abortion rights, says legal analyst Imani Gandy.
30 min
The Waves: Unpacking NY Mag’s Teen Cancel Cultu...
It shows a lot of sympathy for its male protagonist. But is that a bad thing?
22 min
What Next: The Shocking Jan. 6 Hearing Was Not ...
Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is a bombshell, but Trump’s still a long way from accountability.
25 min
What Next: What Texas Can’t Forget
One state senator’s fight for Uvalde and for modest gun law changes in the Lone Star State
25 min
What Next: The State That Brought Down Roe
Mississippi voted down fetal personhood in 2011. In 2022, it was the state that flipped Roe v. Wade.
24 min
What Next: Your Body, Their Choice
“All of those rights are now up for grabs.”
27 min
Amicus: Abortion, Guns, and Justices Doing What...
Crushing, predictable decisions from SCOTUS at the dawn of an alarming new era
56 min
The Waves: What The F*** Do We Do Now?
Abortion rights have fallen. Let’s all scream together.
27 min
Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade, Roe Against Wade
How Justice Harry Blackmun became an accidental abortion rights hero.
10 min
A Word: Full Court Stress
How Black NBA players stay sane and on top of their game.
22 min
What Next: The Poll Workers Targeted by Trump
The anger that exploded on Jan. 6 was being stoked for weeks.
28 min
What Next: Why Biden Can’t Ice Out Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom buys its way out of the dog house.
22 min
What Next: An Overlooked Tool to Stop School Sh...
From a student-centered approach, “hardening” a school is obviously counter-productive.
21 min
The Waves: The Truth About “Normal” Sex
Human and animal history is queer as hell
24 min
A Word: Black Gay Pride and Prejudice
“I think they’re really threatened by love.”
32 min
What Next: Bill Barr Calls B.S. on Trump
Why the former attorney general has been particularly useful to the House Select Committee.
20 min