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What Next: It’s Hot as Hell. Why Are Pools Closed?
Americans are hot,sweaty, and eager to learn how to swim. But public pools across the country are closed.
22 min
What Next: U.S. vs Trump
It’s the first indictment to tackle the former president’s alleged attempts to interfere in the 2020 election—and cover it up.
22 min
What Next: After the Strike
Winning a new contract was the end of the strike. The fight is still ongoing.
22 min
What Next: Congress Wants to Know: Do Aliens Ex...
Three officials say UFOs aren’t just real; in the military, they’re an open secret.
26 min
What Next TBD: America’s Downtown Ghost Towns
What happens to those offices when employees don’t “return to work?”
29 min
Political Gabfest: Can Israel Survive As A Demo...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes a step forward to limit judicial powers but the court and protestors might force a step back; Harvard University and other elite colleges are reconsidering legacy admissions; and Hunter Biden’s plea deal hits a stumbling block.
55 min
Slate Money: Will The UPS Union Deal Deliver?
What does the UPS union agreement mean for other shipping companies?
53 min
A Word: The Rise of Post-Obama Racism
21 min
What Next TBD: Washington vs. A.I.
The government's starting to focus on regulating A.I. But have they learned from previous efforts to keep an eye on the tech industry?
24 min
The Waves: How a Drag Queen Recreated the Ameri...
RuPaul’s Drag Race star Mrs. Kasha Davis breaks down her big moment on All Stars and how she’s turned the idea of a “housewife” on its head.
38 min
What Next: Jason Aldean’s “Dog-Whistle Anthem”
How “Try That in a Small Town” outraged the left, tickled the right – and shot up the charts.
24 min
What Next: Has Netanyahu Lost Control?
From progressive protesters to far-right politicos, Israel’s Prime Minister no longer has his hands on the wheel.
21 min
Hear Me Out: Learning Gun Safety Could Save You...
Arming kids with knowledge might help prevent tragedy.
36 min
What Next: How Far Will Texas Go?
The Justice Department just sued Texas over a recent escalation at the border. Governor Abbott says - “see you in court.”
24 min
What Next: Climate Change Goes to Court
Can we sue our way out of the climate crisis?
24 min
What Next TBD: Why Tech Lays Women Off First
Rounds of layoffs have disproportionately affected women in tech—including those on maternity leave.
27 min
A Word: Justice Delayed, Justice Denied?
Survivors of the Tulsa Massacre waited a century for justice. Will they ever get it?
25 min
The Waves: Why Barbie Lives On
Barbie has been around for generations, as Greta Gerwig takes her to Hollywood, we look at what makes Barbie a legend.
29 min
Political Gabfest: Trump Legal Traffic Jam
Donald Trump’s criminal charges and lawsuits are piling up and his Michigan supporters have been charged; Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, and the not-Trump Republican candidates are struggling; and Congressional Republicans are going to culture-war against the U.S. military.
53 min
What Next TBD: America’s $5 Trillion Grid Problem
The electric grid is the only thing making parts of America habitable this summer. It desperately needs a makeover.
24 min
What Next: Judging the Supreme Court
Senate Democrats want the Court to adopt a code of ethics. Do the Justices have to listen?
22 min
What Next: The Indefensible Defense Bill
The National Defense Authorization Act has been drafted into the culture wars.
19 min
What Next: How Hollywood Shot Itself in the Foot
The paltry wages of the streaming economy made these strikes inevitable.
29 min
What Next: Thousand-Year Floods, Annually
The floodplain maps are falling out of relevance faster than they can be replaced.
21 min
What Next TBD: America’s Killer Car Problem
U.S. infrastructure doesn't prioritize the lives of pedestrians. Why?
32 min