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The Waves: How Drake Betrayed Megan Thee Stallion
Tory Lanez was sentenced for shooting Megan, but he’s not the only “Toronto Mans” to do her dirty.
44 min
Slate Money: Rao’s Pasta Sauce is the Zoom of Food
49 min
What Next TBD: How Crypto Fails Sex Workers
Why sex workers turned to crypto, and how crypto turned on them.
22 min
What Next: Who Failed Hawaii?
Did an aging electrical grid, a failed warning system, or an overstretched fire department contribute to the deadliest American wildfire in a century?
18 min
What Next: Fani Willis Takes on Trump
How bluster became a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise Black voters.
22 min
What Next: The Trials of Hunter Biden
Searching for straight answers in the legal turmoil that surrounds the president’s son.
21 min
What Next: Trump’s Spiraling Legal Fees
With every indictment, Trump gets another fundraising boost—and another huge legal expense.
19 min
What Next TBD: Tech's Mask Off Moment
Richard Hanania exposes ugly truths about the power and politics of the tech industry.
26 min
Slate Money: ESPN Bets on Sports Betting
Is it too late for the Worldwide Leader in Sports to get into gambling?
43 min
Political Gabfest: Abortion Rights Win at the P...
Ohio voters decide not to change their state constitution now so they can change it later; Republicans struggle to deal with Donald Trump; and we all need to better prepare for and deal with disasters.
53 min
What Next TBD: Can Smart Guns Save Lives?
Is a gun only you can shoot really safer than a regular firearm?
26 min
A Word: Haiti on the Brink
Can the U.S. help Haiti? Should Biden try?
25 min
The Waves: Why All The First Ladies Want to Be ...
Casey DeSantis is yet another political partner engaging in First Lady cosplay.
33 min
What Next: Justice for the Gilgo Beach Murder V...
All these years later, questions remain about whose disappearance gets investigated—and whose families are left to wonder.
24 min
What Next: Haiti’s Kidnapping Crisis
Though the international response has been slow, Kenya has offered help.
18 min
How To!: Cope With Climate Anxiety
Dr. Britt Wray on turning anxiety into action.
28 min
Hear Me Out: Affirmative Action Failed Poor Bla...
It was a band-aid on the shark bite of inequality.
32 min
What Next: Judges on the Trump Trials
How Judges Aileen Cannon and Tanya Chutkan will preside.
26 min
What Next: Florida Public Schools' New Anti-Wok...
How right-wing propaganda made it into Florida classrooms.
23 min
What Next TBD: Another Summer of COVID
COVID infections are up this summer - again. But it's hard to tell just how bad it is.
25 min
A Word: Golden Lady Ballers
Black women are killing it in soccer and basketball. When will the media catch up?
27 min
Slate Money: America’s Credit Rating Went Down....
Let us explain the ways America is like Mark Zuckerberg asking for a loan.
48 min
The Waves: Hollywood is On Strike. Let’s Burn i...
Hollywood’s time of reckoning has been all talk. The ongoing strikes are proof of that.
39 min
Political Gabfest: The Defendant Knew They Were...
Donald Trump knew his 2020 election claims were false and Special Counsel Jack Smith will prove it; President Joe Biden is battling Trump in the polls; and let’s try talking about small towns.
56 min
What Next TBD: Tesla's Big Lie
Elon Musk’s most recent scandal may upend the way we think of an electric future.
26 min