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The Waves: Why Joe Jonas’s ‘Bad Mommy’ Story Fl...
The tabloids want you to think Sophie Turner is a neglectful mom as her divorce from Jonas goes public. The internet isn’t buying it.
27 min
A Word: Wrong from the Beginning
Writer Michael Harriot says white-washing Black history is a desperate effort that’s bound to fail.
31 min
Slate Money: Old School Union, New School Strike
The UAW is trying tactics it’s never used before.
35 min
What Next TBD: Can Politicians Keep Kids Safe O...
At a time when lawmakers operate from wildly different standards of children’s “safety”, who can be trusted to regulate the internet?
27 min
Amicus: The Supreme Court We Deserve?
Award-winning documentarian and lawyer Dawn Porter grapples with the Supreme Court’s path to this perilous moment in “Deadlocked”
52 min
Political Gabfest: Impeach ‘Em All, Let God Sor...
Wisconsin Republicans want to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz; Speaker Kevin McCarthy starts an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden; and Biden’s age might be high but Donald Trump’s poll numbers in battleground states are low.
55 min
What Next TBD: Google Makes Its Case
The U.S. claims that Google monopolized search. Google claims that competition is just “a click away.”
29 min
What Next: The Case Against Harm Reduction
A safe consumption site is at odds with area homeowners’ vision for the neighborhood.
28 min
What Next: Fighting “Disaster Fatigue”
Natural disasters exact a mental toll—from the front lines of the recovery to those experiencing it second-hand.
20 min
What Next: How DeSantis Turned New College into...
The conservative vision of education comes down on a Florida liberal arts school.
23 min
What Next: Prison for the Proud Boys. Now What?
What do the harsh sentences for January 6th mean for right-wing extremism?
21 min
What Next/This American Life: The Call
A journey into the opioid epidemic via an overdose hotline.
61 min
The Waves: The Bama Rush to Trad Wife Pipeline
Bama Rush Tok has blow up, but there’s something very familiar about these girls…and what they’re promoting.
38 min
A Word: Black Toy Joy
How a pioneering rapper made toys his new mission.
24 min
Amicus: Alabama Double-Dares SCOTUS Over Voting...
Litigator Marc Elias on fighting for voting rights in the courts against Republicans who increasingly fetishize lawlessness and losing.
48 min
Slate Money - Optimal Illusions: The False Prom...
Coco Krumme joins Slate Money to discuss the false promise of optimization.
37 min
Political Gabfest: Is Biden The Last Politician?
Author Franklin Foer discusses the first two years in President Joe Biden’s White House; the war in Ukraine slogs on and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un wades in; and higher education is in trouble.
53 min
What Next TBD: Bad Air, Worse Vibes
Between COVID and now wildfire smoke, the case for improving school ventilation makes itself. So what’s the hold-up?
17 min
What Next TBD: Tech Disrupts the School Bus
A Silicon Valley start-up promised to modernize school transportation. Instead, it stranded thousands of students.
24 min
What Next: Can Kids Catch Up After the Pandemic?
Test scores remain low, but students missed more than just academics.
23 min
What Next: Our Aging Congress Is a Problem
How money in politics turned our federal government into a gerontocracy.
22 min
Hear Me Out: Overconfidence Is Killing The Supr...
Partisanship isn’t the problem.
36 min
What Next: To Impeach a Republican In Texas
After 15 years of allegations against AG Ken Paxton, the Texas Senate votes on articles of impeachment today.
24 min
Slate Money | Criminals Series: The $5 Billion ...
Jho Low stole billions and funded a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.
38 min
One Year: The Team Nobody Would Play
In 1955, a team of Black Little Leaguers battled the white establishment in the Deep South.
54 min