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Amicus: Alabama Double-Dares SCOTUS Over Voting...
Litigator Marc Elias on fighting for voting rights in the courts against Republicans who increasingly fetishize lawlessness and losing.
48 min
Political Gabfest: Is Biden The Last Politician?
Author Franklin Foer discusses the first two years in President Joe Biden’s White House; the war in Ukraine slogs on and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un wades in; and higher education is in trouble.
53 min
What Next TBD: Bad Air, Worse Vibes
Between COVID and now wildfire smoke, the case for improving school ventilation makes itself. So what’s the hold-up?
17 min
Slate Money - Optimal Illusions: The False Prom...
Coco Krumme joins Slate Money to discuss the false promise of optimization.
37 min
What Next TBD: Tech Disrupts the School Bus
A Silicon Valley start-up promised to modernize school transportation. Instead, it stranded thousands of students.
24 min
What Next: Can Kids Catch Up After the Pandemic?
Test scores remain low, but students missed more than just academics.
23 min
What Next: Our Aging Congress Is a Problem
How money in politics turned our federal government into a gerontocracy.
22 min
Hear Me Out: Overconfidence Is Killing The Supr...
Partisanship isn’t the problem.
36 min
What Next: To Impeach a Republican In Texas
After 15 years of allegations against AG Ken Paxton, the Texas Senate votes on articles of impeachment today.
24 min
One Year: The Team Nobody Would Play
In 1955, a team of Black Little Leaguers battled the white establishment in the Deep South.
54 min
Slate Money | Criminals Series: The $5 Billion ...
Jho Low stole billions and funded a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.
38 min
What Next TBD: Social Media’s Pivot from News
When it comes to natural disasters, getting the latest news via Twitter or Facebook is, well, disastrous.
25 min
A Word: After Jacksonville, Is Antifa the Answer?
Activist: Fascist violence calls for full resistance
30 min
The Waves: The Forced Kiss Seen Round the World
A women’s World Cup soccer champ was forcibly kissed by her boss’s boss. But the problems in women’s soccer go beyond one kiss.
34 min
Slate Money: You Better Not Be Working
Slate Money checks in on the status of work ahead of Labor Day
48 min
Political Gabfest: March Forth, Trump!
Donald Trump’s 2024 calendar is filling up with trials and primaries; Vivek Ramaswamy is talking and being talked about; and is the difference between the best and worst places disadvantage?
56 min
What Next TBD: Is LinkedIn...Cool Now?
Personal posts, influencers, and cultural cachet, all in a surprising place.
23 min
Best of What Next | Fighting for the Right to Die
Her state didn’t allow terminally-ill patients the choice to end their lives—but Vermont did.
24 min
Best of What Next | What Texas' Attacks on Tran...
When Governor Abbott directed the state to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse, trans kids and their families had to decide if Texas could still be home. Many left.
25 min
Hear Me Out: Harm Reduction Saves Lives
And no, it doesn’t normalize hard drug use.
30 min
Best of What Next | He Couldn’t Teach ‘Slavery ...
More teachers are quitting as a wave of restrictive legislation targets the nation’s educators.
26 min
Best of What Next | The Diagnosis Was Fatal. Sh...
Lauren Hall was traumatized by the lack of care. Then she got pregnant again and sued the state.
28 min
What Next TBD: The Cost of "Sustainable" Pet Food
There's been a rise in high-end pet food, marketed as a healthy, environmentally-friendly option for our pets. The reality is much more complicated.
24 min
A Word: Democracy Dies in Dixie?
Even Black candidates who win often fight to serve.
20 min
Why Trans Women Transfix Celebs Like Carlos San...
From celebrities to the International Chess Federation to the Olympics, attacks against trans people - especially trans women - are piling up.
31 min