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What Next TBD: Space After NASA
The passionate weirdos and hedge funds that want to boldly go where only governments have gone before.
30 min
The Waves: What E. Jean Carroll Did For Women
She won her defamation case against Donald Trump. Will it have a lasting impact?
34 min
Amicus: The Supreme Court's Dangerous Return to...
The Supreme Court’s revanchism and scandals are cratering its legitimacy at the very moment it needs it most.
45 min
Political Gabfest: Donald Trump is Liable
Donald Trump is liable for sexual abuse and defamation and now owes E. Jean Carroll $5 million; Title 42 ends and now President Joe Biden must revise U.S. immigration policy; and the debt ceiling crisis is now imminent.
54 min
What Next TBD: Who’s Afraid of A.I.?
Real harm from A.I. doesn’t have to look like Skynet—it’s already happening.
29 min
What Next: Debt Ceiling Dinner Theater
Why does America have to keep having this fight?
21 min
What Next: The Border's New Normal
Can the Biden administration live up to the campaign’s rhetoric when Title 42 lifts?
23 min
What Next: Why Richard Glossip Has Escaped Exec...
Inside nearly a decade of delays, stays, and last meals.
24 min
What Next: Can DeSantis Beat Disney?
What may have started as bluster and rhetoric is now a matter for the courts.
24 min
What Next TBD: What's Going on at Meta?
Market instability, bad bets and low morale are putting Silicon Valley's poster child in uncharted territory. Can it claw its way back?
29 min
A Word: Becoming “The Black Mozart”
Actor Kelvin Harrison Jr., star of “Chevalier,” on bringing forgotten virtuoso Joseph Bologne to film.
18 min
Slate Money: Why The First Republic Failure Is ...
Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers talk about the failure of First Republic Bank.
46 min
Amicus: Clarence Thomas and the Billionaires
As news of undisclosed gifts and payments to the Thomases mount, a network and a project becomes clear for all to see.
44 min
Political Gabfest: E. Jean Carroll, ‘Why Didn’t...
The latest on the debt ceiling. E. Jean Carroll testifies in her lawsuit against Donald J. Trump. And Republican supermajorities defy the will of the people in state legislatures across the country.
50 min
The Waves: How to Protect Your Kids From Diet C...
Virginia Sole-Smith’s new book makes the radical case for letting your kids be kids when it comes to food. With Mom and Dad Are Fighting’s Jamilah Lemieux.
35 min
What Next TBD: What the Writers' Strike Is Real...
The WGA is fighting to get ahead of A.I.—and finally catch up with the streaming era.
27 min
What Next: Charles In Charge
A coronation is a good time to ask of the monarchy “Do we have to?”
21 min
How To!: Raise Kids in a Nation Full of Guns
Melinda Wenner Moyer on breaking out of the ‘what-ifs’ and creating actual change.
34 min
What Next: America’s Rich History of Gun Control
How “originalist” arguments against gun control distort actual history.
21 min
Hear Me Out: The Iraq War Was a Necessary Evil
Iraqis are freer now than they would have been without us.
28 min
What Next: What E. Jean Carroll Is Fighting For
And how Donald Trump’s defense team is trying to sway the jury.
24 min
What Next: War in Ukraine: The View Behind Clos...
The country is bracing for a spring counteroffensive, with still no end to the conflict in sight.
23 min
Slate Money: Succession S4 Ep6: Living+
Felix Salmon, Emily Peck and Elizabeth Spiers are joined by Ed Lee of the New York Times for a spoilery recap of episode six of the final season of HBO’s Succession.
53 min
What Next TBD: Is Your Uber Drivers' Pay Rigged?
Same ride. Same route. Different pay.
21 min
A Word: Autism Beyond Awareness
Systemic racism and lack of resources can complicate autism treatment for Black people
30 min