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Amicus: Is The Federalist Society Over?
What’s next for the conservative legal movement after its “dog catches car” moment.
43 min
Political Gabfest: You’ll Miss Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin leaves the U.S. Senate and might hit the No Labels presidential campaign trail; the Supreme Court gets a code of conduct; and collateral damage from the Israel-Hamas war includes Democratic politics.
55 min
What Next TBD: How Deepfake Porn Infected a School
Once an image is on the internet, it’s out of your control—just ask the girls at Westfield High.
21 min
What Next: What If Gaza Boils Over?
Could Israel vs. Hamas become a regional conflict?
20 min
What Next: Trump’s Second Term
A senior national security official compared an experienced President Trump to the velociraptors learning to open doors in Jurassic Park.
20 min
Hear Me Out: It’s Time To Sunset Social Security
It’s a transfer of wealth, and not to the people who need it.
43 min
What Next: How the Israel-Gaza War Rages in Ame...
A conversation over a broken discourse.
29 min
What Next: The Rise of a Red State Democrat
Kentucky's Andy Beshear won reelection decisively. What can other Dems learn from his victory?
22 min
What Next TBD: Will A.I. Take My Job?
A newsroom finds itself wondering if these mysterious new contributors are even real people.
18 min
The Waves: How to Be a Woman in Music
Singer and writer Dessa unpacks not getting paid when she should, the benefits of being a woman in the indie music scene, and writing about heartache.
35 min
Black Voters, Blue Waves?
Despite their role in Tuesday’s Democratic wins, will Black voters back Biden in 2024?
22 min
The Waves: The Golden Bachelor Recap - The Wome...
The Golden Bachelor finale is fast approaching, but first we need to hear from the women Gerry dated–and dumped–along the way.
41 min
Amicus: Dunking On Trump's Lawyers Might Not Be...
The lawyering may be bad and the dunking may be fun, but both things miss the point.
60 min
Slate Money: Unraveling a Wall Street Legend
Unraveling the myth of Wall Street legend Ray Dalio with author Rob Copeland. Plus the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike and WeWork’s bankruptcy.
43 min
Political Gabfest: Was That A Great Or Terrible...
Democrats win on Election Day 2023; President Joe Biden is losing in the polls; and gun control might defeat the 2nd Amendment at the Supreme Court.
57 min
What Next TBD: Tesla vs. the Swedes
The “move fast and break stuff” mentality has hit an organized labor stronghold.
23 min
What Next: The Real Goal of Trump's Indignant T...
Taking the stand in New York and attacking the judge doesn’t seem like a way to win this trial. Maybe he’s not trying to win this one.
24 min
What Next: Israeli Life Will Never Be the Same
One month after Hamas' attack, a documentarian is grappling with her subjects' pain—and her own.
23 min
What Next: Abortion on a Red-State Ballot
Ohio voters decide today whether to enshrine the right to abortion in their state constitution.
19 min
What Next: Mitt Romney Reflects, Regrets, and R...
The author of the new biography explores the rift between the GOP and its one-time presidential nominee.
30 min
The Waves: The Golden Bachelor Recap - Hometown...
The hometown dates have arrived, and Gerry travels the country to meet the families of the last three women. The stakes are high, and deep feelings get revealed.
31 min
The Waves: Penis Politics
Why macho men run amok on the campaign trail
40 min
A Word: A F—ing Funny Lady
The comedy star sounds off in her new book “Leslie F—ing Jones: A Memoir”
31 min
Slate Money: The Crypto Crimes of Sam Bankman-F...
SBF is guilty. Does he deserve 110 years in prison?
56 min
Amicus: The Right to Bear Arms and Terrorize Yo...
Gun safety advocate Shannon Watts on why the Supreme Court’s Second Amendment absolutism is particularly deadly for women
43 min