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What Next TBD: Sam Bankman-Fraud
The disgraced crypto mogul faces up to 110 years behind bars. Will the industry ever recover?
27 min
Political Gabfest: Could Nikki Haley Actually Win?
In the presidential races, Nikki Haley gains, Ron DeSantis is stuck, and Dean Phillips begins his campaign; the Supreme Court hears its first but not last social-media cases of the term; and David Leonhardt writes about the American Dream.
57 min
Slate Money: The Crypto Crimes of Sam Bankman-F...
SBF is guilty. Does he deserve 110 years in prison?
56 min
Amicus: The Right to Bear Arms and Terrorize Yo...
Gun safety advocate Shannon Watts on why the Supreme Court’s Second Amendment absolutism is particularly deadly for women
43 min
What Next TBD: Biden Goes After AI
What the new executive orders on artificial intelligence will—and won’t—address.
28 min
What Next: Can Hamas Actually Be Destroyed?
What Hamas’s history tells us about Gaza’s future.
25 min
What Next: How to Catch an Insurrectionist
The online community helping—and in some ways surpassing—the FBI.
22 min
What Next: Can Threat Assessment Stop Mass Shoo...
In Lewiston, warnings were everywhere—why did it happen anyway?
22 min
What Next: What Survived in Lahaina, Maui
A Hawaiian businesswoman and her community are searching for normal after August wildfires.
19 min
The Waves: The Golden Bachelor Recap - WTH, Ger...
It’s the most important rose ceremony to date as Gerry has to decide which women he wants to move onto hometown dates.
36 min
A Word: Sidelined by Racism?
Football journalist Jim Trotter says his tough questions cost him his job.
35 min
The Waves: Get on the WNBA Train Already!
Women’s sports are increasing in popularity. Here’s what you need to know to not get left behind.
44 min
Political Gabfest: The “Live from Madison!” Edi...
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers joins the hosts on stage; Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House; and Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, and more are the latest witnesses against Donald Trump.
80 min
Amicus: Watching Trump Shrink in Court
As a slew of flipping alleged co-conspirators reveal, inside a courtroom may be the only place where the Venn diagram between LOL hilarious and actual meaningful democratic accountability overlaps.
50 min
What Next TBD: SBF Takes the Stand
It’s a high risk move, but he’s running out of options.
22 min
Slate Money: Why Dimes Shouldn’t Exist
Slate Money is a cashless podcast now
45 min
What Next TBD: Self-Driving Cars Crash Into Rea...
If autonomous vehicles aren’t safe in California, where ARE they safe?
26 min
What Next: How Extremists Won the Speaker Fight
After 22 days, the House settles on Mike Johnson.
21 min
What Next: The State Dept. Official Who Quit Ov...
He worked in arms transfers for 11 years—and found the typical human rights debate within the department stifled.
22 min
ICYMI: A Former School Shooter is a TikTok Star...
Jon Romano’s platform raises thorny questions about online life after prison.
46 min
Hear Me Out: You Don’t Need to Post About Israe...
Social media is never compulsory.
37 min
What Next: Why We Still Don’t Have a Speaker of...
Weeks after Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker, Republicans don’t seem any closer to picking a replacement.
20 min
What Next: Abortion Providers in the Line of Fire
She’s faced threats of violence, arson, and the assassination of colleague—and persisted.
25 min
A Word: Courting a Voting Rights Disaster
Drawing racist voting maps is illegal. But how do you prove it?
24 min
The Waves: The Golden Bachelor Recap - The ‘D W...
Gerry continues his journey to love, and the topic of divorce finally enters the conversation.
49 min