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Political Gabfest: Still No House Speaker
52 min
What Next TBD: Inside Hamas' Social Media Strategy
Since war broke out, Hamas has been using social media to spread its message in ways we’ve never seen.
24 min
What Next: Biden to Israel; Bombs to Gaza
America’s credibility in the region, even among allies, is faltering.
22 min
What Next: Bob Menendez: Secret Foreign Agent?
Gold bars, cash, and a Mercedes—and yet the case against the New Jersey senator has gotten still stranger.
21 min
What Next: Does Trump’s Violent Rhetoric Matter?
Following his indictments, the number of Americans who agree that force is justified to restore Trump to office rose, according to researchers.
23 min
What Next: Israel’s New Wartime Government
How the strategy emerging from the newly formed coalition government differs from past conflicts.
19 min
The Waves: The Case For Taking A Sabbatical
Because sometimes the grind demands a hard reset.
36 min
The Waves: The Golden Bachelor Recap: - Gerry’s...
The waterworks can’t stop-won’t stop.
48 min
A Word: Cruel and Usual Punishment
Is better data the way to make American prisons humane?
25 min
Slate Money: SBF (Sweaters, Birkenstock, FTX)
The Sam Bankman-Fried trial got a little wild this week.
52 min
What Next TBD: The $30,000 Zelle Scam
What can you do when you lose $30,000 to a Zelle scammer?
22 min
Political Gabfest: Gaza War
Hamas attacks Israel, Israel retaliates against Gaza, and the war impacts geopolitics; despite winning the Republican run-off, Steve Scalise faces an uphill battle to become Speaker of the House.
55 min
Amicus: Justice Samuel Alito Got Out Of Bed on ...
SCOTUS turned into a trial court this week as conservatives sought to refute evidence of a racial gerrymander in South Carolina
46 min
What Next TBD: The Israel-Hamas War Instantly B...
The global town square is in ruins. Where do we go from here?
30 min
What Next: Could Student Debt Relief Still Happen?
The Supreme Court closed a door, so Biden’s looking for a window.
22 min
What Next: A Bipartisan Border Wall?
Even though President Biden says walls don’t work, the White House announced another 20 miles will be built along the Rio Grande.
24 min
What Next: Where Israel Vs Hamas Is Heading
A surprise attack caught Netanyahu off-guard. The fallout could reshape the entire Mideast.
24 min
The Waves: Female CEOs Can’t Save Us
Manipulative and toxic bosses are even more insidious when they’re women using feminism as a shield.
31 min
A Word: Black Grief, White Grievance
Why white feelings often seem to matter more than Black lives.
24 min
Political Gabfest: We Need to Talk About Kevin....
Representative Matt Gaetz ends the historically short tenure of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy; the Supreme Court starts its term; and the conversation about crime in America continues.
62 min
What Next TBD: The Man Who Turned You Into Data
How Hank Asher created the systems that track everything about you.
24 min
Slate Money: Is Ozempic Eating Into Snack Profits?
34 min
Amicus: Senator Elizabeth Warren is Deeply Worr...
Government is in the crosshairs this Supreme Court term. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s argument for saving the administrative state is also a closing argument in defense of democracy.
63 min
What Next TBD: Sam Bankman-Fried—and Crypto—on ...
The government says FTX was a house of cards. SBF says it was just business.
29 min
What Next: Who Is Trump Without Trump Tower?
Trump’s latest trial has nothing to do with his stint in the White House. But it’s the legal peril that could hurt him the most.
22 min