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What Next: The Fall of Kevin McCarthy
With a party like this, who needs an opposition?
22 min
Hear Me Out: Being Adopted Is Traumatic
And across racial lines? Even moreso.
38 min
What Next: Dianne Feinstein’s Replacement Is He...
California governor Gavin Newsom selected EMILY’s List president, Laphonza Butler.
19 min
What Next: Where the Supreme Court Can Do the M...
How a decision on “Chevron deference” could bring the federal government’s day-to-day functioning to a grinding halt.
21 min
A Word: Talk That Talk
Black culture shapes the national conversation, even among those who hate it.
32 min
The Waves: The Afghan Women Left Behind - Gende...
What one family’s experience trying to get from Afghanistan to America says about the nation’s gender politics.
45 min
What Next TBD: Inside Crypto's House of Cards
This week, Sam Bankman-Fried goes on trial. The entire crypto industry will be watching.
31 min
Slate Money: Delta Sky Miles vs The Two-Percent
When everyone has a positional good, it loses its value. Hence, the terrible state of VIP travel lounges.
48 min
What Next TBD: Who Will Pay For A COVID Vaccine?
The government is no longer footing the bill for the COVID vaccine. What does that mean for access?
27 min
Amicus: A Monumental SCOTUS Term Begins: Our Re...
On the brink of a new term, with plunging public trust and swirling ethics scandals, the Supreme Court eyes dismantling the regulatory state and arming domestic abusers.
55 min
Political Gabfest: Donald Duck and the Seven Dw...
Republicans hold a second Trump-less presidential primary debate; Senator Bob Menendez is being tried again; and it is Amazon’s turn to face the United States in court.
55 min
The Waves Special Episode: Senator Dianne Feins...
The longest-standing female senator leaves a legacy of fighting gun violence and conflict with her left-wing constituents.
24 min
What Next TBD: Is Amazon a Monopoly?
How the FTC’s case against the e-commerce giant could change everything about how you shop.
25 min
What Next: Can Marriage Fix America?
Why is this institution being touted as an economic cure-all?
20 min
What Next: Wait, China’s Taking Our Pandas Back?
A story of soft (and cuddly) power.
27 min
What Next: The Writer’s Strike Is Over: Who Won?
A tentative agreement has been reached between the studios and the writers’ guild. But what about the actors?
23 min
What Next: Rupert Murdoch and the Future of Fox
The audience that the network cultivated is now leaving it behind.
25 min
A Word: School of Destruction
How one southern university’s history is a bitter lesson in race and power.
25 min
The Waves: Incompetent Cervix - The Misogynist ...
Many names in the female reproductive system have roots in misogyny and racism.
40 min
Amicus: SCOTUS Is Not Done With Guns and Abortion
The excesses of the 2021 term bleed into a new SCOTUS term with the possibility of gun rights for abusers post-Bruen, and the impossible tension between medicine and the law post-Dobbs.
71 min
The Waves: Why Joe Jonas’s ‘Bad Mommy’ Story Fl...
The tabloids want you to think Sophie Turner is a neglectful mom as her divorce from Jonas goes public. The internet isn’t buying it.
27 min
Slate Money: AI Facial Recognition's Creepy Evo...
Facial recognition is coming for us all, and society probably isn’t ready for it.
52 min
Political Gabfest: Who’s Winning The Autoworker...
UAW autoworkers are on strike against the Big Three; the dilemma of social media trust and safety continues to loom large; and parent diplomacy adds to teachers’ workload.
58 min
What Next TBD: What Instacart’s IPO Means for Tech
After years of post-pandemic turmoil, Instacart managed to do something rare in the gig economy - turn a profit.
23 min
What Next TBD: Did AirBnB Need to Go?
Short-term rentals are getting blamed for a lack of affordable housing. Is that fair?
21 min