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What Next: Is Biden Too Old?
The good news for Biden is that he’s not getting in trouble for mishandling documents. The bad news is why.
23 min
What Next TBD: Breaking Up with Dating Apps
You can’t put a price on love—or your user base will swipe left on you.
22 min
A Word: True Crime in Black and White
What a decades-old murder and hoax tells us about race and policing today.
22 min
Well, Now: Football’s Pre-NFL Concussion Problem
The NFL has faced controversy about its connection to traumatic brain injuries for years. But how do we protect the majority of football players who don’t make it pro and still face the same risks?
30 min
Slate Money: Disney's Wish Upon a (Pop) Star
The Money gang talks Disney’s Fortnight and Taylor Swift investments, why NYCB’s loss is renters’ gain, and the comeback of the SAT.
40 min
Amicus: Is SCOTUS Afraid of Holding Trump to Ac...
The Justices were so obsessed with finding off-ramps in the Trump disqualification case, they may have set a dangerous trap for the future.
50 min
What Next TBD: The NFL’s Concussion Settlement ...
Nearly a decade after a “landmark” settlement, former players are still struggling to get the help they’re ostensibly entitled to.
26 min
What Next: How Trump Gets Kicked off the Ballot
The Constitution pretty clearly states he should be booted. Will the Supreme Court agree?
19 min
What Next: A Mass Shooter’s Mom Found Guilty
Two years after Jennifer Crumbley’s son shot up Oxford High School, she’s been convicted of manslaughter.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Campus Assault Hearings Are A Disa...
Restorative justice might be the solution.
33 min
What Next: Inside a Gaza Hospital
An American pediatrician finds herself in desperate demand.
24 min
Money Talks by Slate Money: You Should Buy Art
Author and journalist Bianca Bosker peels back the canvas of the high-end art world.
45 min
What Next: The Media Is Missing the Trump Bump
Last time, Trump famously wasn’t good for democracy but was great for news organizations. This time, he’s neither.
22 min
A Word: Revolutionary Recharge
Be a Revolution: fighting the good fight, with joy.
29 min
Well, Now: How ER Taught Thousands Of Viewers A...
Behind the beautiful actors and high-stakes surgeries, medical dramas have found ways to communicate important health information to thousands.
25 min
What Next TBD: Streaming Is Cable Now
The ad-free binge wasn’t the future, turns out, and now it’s gone.
27 min
Amicus: The Neglected Constitutional History Th...
But will the Supreme Court’s originalists stick to their guns in next week’s Colorado ballot case?
50 min
Political Gabfest: Will The Carroll Verdict Hur...
We’re talking numbers: $83.3 million in Carroll v. Trump; 1920-1948 in Israel and Palestine; and the billionaires of techno-authoritarianism.
63 min
Slate Money: Why Musk Lost $56 Billion
The Money team discusses Tesla’s struck-down compensation package, the downfall of 23andMe, and art dealer Sotheby’s auction house shakeup.
40 min
What Next TBD: The Taylor Swift Deepfake Saga
If you don’t have a Swiftie-sized fan base to moderate the internet for you, good luck.
23 min
What Next: Vince McMahon: Full-Time Heel
What finally broke the wrestling godfather’s chokehold on the WWE.
24 min
What Next: Has Trump Already Beaten Fani Willis?
The Fulton County District Attorney is mired in scandal.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Actually, Trump Supporters Are Del...
“Death cult” may sound hyperbolic, but it also might be true.
35 min
What Next: Inside America’s First Execution By ...
“It was the most violent thing I’ve ever seen.”
24 min
Money Talks: Is Pop Finance Rubbish?
In a special bonus episode, Yale professor James Choi weighs the advice of personal finance books against real economic theory.
38 min