Thomas & Friends™ Storytime (US)

Join Thomas and his friends on a new adventure in Thomas & Friends™ Storytime, a new kids' podcast series featuring stories from the magical island of Sodor! With new episodes, Thomas & Friends Storytime will feature special origin stories of your favorite engines, magical fairy tales, and so much more. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to your podcasts!

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Stories for Kids
Thomas & Percy Stick Together - Thomas & Friend...
Things get sticky when Thomas and Percy go racing and chasing on the tracks and get stuck together. Can the engines get the day's deliveries done on time? Find out in this hilarious story for kids.
10 min
Thomas and the Royal Engine - Thomas & Friends™...
In this special Thomas & Friends™ story, Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt travel to London for a royal rail request, get lost in the unfamiliar land, and meet a very important new engine friend.
11 min
Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant - Thomas & Frie...
In today's story, Nia faces an unusual challenge: an elephant who doesn't like steam engines! Can she deliver the animal to its new home at the Sodor Animal Park?
9 min
Thomas the Wooden Engine - Thomas & Friends™ St...
A toymaker, a wooden train, and a little bit of magic come together in this special fairy tale-themed Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast for kids.
11 min
James the Super Engine - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
In this comic book-inspired story, James discovers his secret super-engine hero identity: The Rail Rocket!
10 min
Best Engine Ever - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In this heartwarming Thomas & Friends™ railway story, steam engines Emily and Caitlin discover you don’t have to be the “best” to be a valuable member of the team.
9 min
Thomas' Animal Friends - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
Thomas’ day gets wild when he’s asked to help at the Sodor Animal Park only to find the park’s new monkey residents have escaped! Find out what happens in this Thomas & Friends podcast story for kids.
10 min
Railway Celebrations - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Kids can get in on the party-time fun with this compilation of celebratory Thomas & Friends podcast stories, including a surprise birthday party, a special Chinese New Year celebration, and a royal ball featuring a visit from a magical friend.
24 min
Thomas & Friends™ Storytime 2021 Trailer
From the Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast. New stories for kids are coming down the track!
0 min
Dizzy Diesels - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Listen to this Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast compilation for kids and learn about Diesel's first day on Sodor. Sing along with Sidney as he gets himself in a spin and worries he'll forget what his job was. And see Diesel go all dizzy over some cute little springtime ducklings.
25 min
A world of Animals - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Explore a world of animals with Thomas and his friends in this podcast compilation of stories for kids.
29 min
Diesel and the Ducklings - Thomas & Friends™ St...
When Diesel's kind to some cute little ducklings, he's worried he'll be teased by the other engines. But he soon learns that his friends like him for simply being him.
9 min
Banjo and the Bushfire - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
Thomas helps rescue a koala from a bushfire in the Australian rainforest.
11 min
Luke’s New Friend - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
One day at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer. The other engines warn Luke that the quarry is no place for an animal, but when Luke remembers how he scared he was when he first arrived on Sodor he's determined to help the deer feel safe.
10 min
Thomas and the Dragon - Thomas & Friends™ Story...
Thomas gets worried when he's given the honour of bringing a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations in today's episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime.
9 min
New Crane on the Dock - Thomas & Friends™ Story...
When a new crane, Carly, joins the docks, she and Cranky both try to outdo each other, causing confusion and delay in this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast.
10 min
The Beast of Sodor - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Spencer delights in teasing a worried Henry about the abominable snowman in today's childrens' story. But when they meet a man covered from head to toe in snow, it is Spencer who is the most frightened of all.
10 min
Thomas’ Animal Ark - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
The boiler at the Animal Park breaks down at Christmas, so Thomas and his friends need to find a way to keep the animals warm in this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime.
10 min
Terence Breaks the Ice - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
In today's storytime for kids, Terence the tractor shows off to Thomas that he can go anywhere. But when Terence falls through a frozen pond, it is Thomas who has to save him!
10 min
Kangaroo Christmas - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, Thomas is shocked to learn that Christmas in Australia is actually in summer. He goes on an adventure to reunite a baby kangaroo with its mother and learns the importance of family at Christmas.
10 min
Santa's Little Engine - Thomas & Friends™ Story...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, it's Christmas time on Sodor, and Sir Topham Hatt is dressed as Santa for the fair. But when his sleigh slips down the hill, with him still in it, it's up to Thomas to save the day.
10 min
Thomas and the Fairy God Engine - Thomas & Frie...
In today's fairy tale inspired story, it's the King's locomotive ball, and all the engines on Sodor are invited to dress up and join a grand parade. But Thomas has too much work to do and ends up covered in dirt and soot. It will take a spark of magic from a Fairy God Engine to ensure Thomas goes to the ball.
10 min
Letters to Santa - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In this holiday episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, Christmas is fast approaching. Percy and Harold help each other to get the children's letters to Santa in time.
9 min
Last Train for Christmas - Thomas & Friends™ St...
It is a snowy Christmas Eve, and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holidays. But the snow keeps falling and threatens to keep everyone from getting home in time for Christmas. Soon all the engines have to work together to save the holiday in this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime.
9 min
Christmas in the Air - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
On Christmas Eve, Thomas the Tank Engine sees his engine friends with all sorts of special deliveries. Where are they all going? Thomas wonders. In today's storytime, Thomas soon discovers that his friends have brought everything for the Christmas Eve party!
5 min