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Join Thomas and his friends on a new adventure in Thomas & Friends™ Storytime, a new kids' podcast series featuring stories from the magical island of Sodor! 

Updating each week, Thomas & Friends Storytime will feature special origin stories of your favorite engines, magical fairy tales, and so much more.

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Stories for Kids
Thomas and the Runaway Pumpkins - Thomas & Frie...
In this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, it's Halloween on the Island of Sodor, but all the pumpkins have gone missing. But never fear–Thomas the Tank Engine is here to help his friends get the festivities back on track!
5 min
Henry in the Dark - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In today's storytime for kids, when Henry gets repainted at the Steamworks, he doesn't realize its with the wrong paint. But as it gets dark, Henry starts to glow, and Thomas, James, and Gordon are convinced they've seen a ghost train.
10 min
Thomas & the Gingerbread Train - Thomas & Frien...
It's Sir Topham Hatt's birthday, and Thomas has asked the baker to create a special gingerbread train as a gift. But the Gingerbread Train comes to life and, terrified of being eaten, escapes down the track. Thomas is joined by various animals and characters in a chase to get the Gingerbread Train back in this fun fairy tale from Thomas & Friends Storytime.
13 min
Sidney Sings - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, Sidney, the diesel, is given a special job. When he worries he might forget to do it, Thomas helps him make up a song to remember.
10 min
Thomas and the Dinosaurs - Thomas & Friends Sto...
Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t afraid of anything … or is he? When dinosaurs are spotted on the Island of Sodor, it’s another engine who turns out to be the bravest of all in today's storytime.
5 min
The Other Side of the Mountain - Thomas & Frien...
When Bertie the Bus tells Thomas about the amazing sights on the other side of the mountain, Thomas wants to see for himself. But Thomas can only go where there are tracks and soon gets into trouble in this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime.
10 min
Red vs Blues - Thomas & Friends Storytime
The Sodor soccer fans wear blue and cheer for Thomas, while Barrow fans wear red and cheer for James. Soon the two engines are competing with each other in this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast.
10 min
Rocky Rescue - Thomas & Friends Storytime
When Rocky, the mobile rescue crane, has an accident, it's up to the other rescue vehicles to save him. But can they learn to work together as a team? Find out in this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast.
10 min
Thomas the Hero - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In today's storytime, when Thomas sees a vintage plane flying overhead, he is fascinated and follows it to the airfield. There he meets many wonderful planes and learns all about the part they played in the war. Thomas wishes he could be a hero too.
6 min
The Story of Cranky the Crane - Thomas & Friend...
Thomas and Percy enjoy working at Brendam Docks until they meet a new bossy crane called Cranky, who is mean and rude to them, and calls the two little engines bugs! In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, when an accident knocks Cranky to the ground, it is the two little engines who come to his rescue.
6 min
Not so Slow Coaches - Thomas & Friends Storytime
Annie and Clarabel are always complaining to Thomas about going too fast. In today's storytime, when Annie and Clarabel find themselves coupled to Caitlin by mistake, they get a taste of what going fast is really like.
9 min
The Story of James the Funny Engine - Thomas & ...
In this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, James is so proud of his new shiny red paintwork. He believes it makes him the smartest, funniest, and most useful engine on the railway. But when James plays a trick on Gordon, he soon learns that not all jokes are funny.
5 min
The Story of Toby the Tram Engine - Thomas & Fr...
Sir Topham Hatt's new tram engine Toby is not fancy-looking like the other steam engines; he is brown and square. In this week's storytime, he soon proves that it's what's on the inside that counts when he bravely saves King Godred's crown.
5 min
Toad and the Whale - Thomas & Friends Storytime
When Oliver’s brake van, Toad, spots a stranded whale on the beach, they alert the Search and Rescue Centre. Everyone must work together to help save the whale in today's storytime for kids.
9 min
The Story of Emily the Clever Engine - Thomas &...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, Emily's first day on Sodor doesn't start well when she takes Thomas' coaches by mistake. But when Emily saves Thomas from a possible crash, the other engines all see that Emily is both brave and clever.
5 min
Who’s Geoffrey? - Thomas & Friends Storytime
Thomas causes a small accident by being silly and he is so embarrassed that he blames it on someone else… an imaginary engine called Geoffrey. Follow along as Thomas learns an important life lesson about telling the truth.
10 min
The Story of Diesel the Diesel Engine - Thomas ...
In this week's storytime, when a new diesel engine called Diesel arrives on the island of Sodor, he thinks he is far too modern and special to be told what to do by an old steam engine. But when he gets into trouble, he soon realizes that it helps to listen.
5 min
The Story of Gordon the Big Engine - Thomas & F...
Gordon is known for taking things too seriously, but one day he can't stop laughing and is worried Sir Topham Hatt will think he is a silly engine. In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, Gordon soon learns that sometimes having fun is ok.
5 min
Marion and the Dinosaurs - Thomas & Friends Sto...
In this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, when Marion the Steam Shovel sees a long line of dinosaurs, she thinks it must be a dream! But then the dinosaurs return, and Marion is chased all the way up to the castle.
9 min
The Story of Nia the Helpful Engine - Episode 9...
Nia is a helpful and resourceful engine who is good at solving difficult problems. In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, she soon learns that even helpful engines sometimes need to ask for help.
5 min
Big World! Big Adventures!™ - Episode 8 - Thoma...
In today's storytime for kids, Thomas embarks on an ambitious trip around the world and discovers magnificent new sights and cultures, as well as making friends with a fun Kenyan engine named Nia.
33 min
The Story of Rebecca the Happy Engine - Episode...
In this week's storytime, yellow tender engine Rebecca is new to the Island of Sodor and works very hard to fit in. Rebecca is worried that unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her, but her new friends soon help her discover her unique qualities.
5 min
The Story of Percy the Small Engine - Episode 6...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, the big engines are causing trouble when they refuse to come out of their sheds, so Sir Topham Hatt enlists the help of a small green engine named Percy.
5 min
Kevin's Cranky Friend - Episode 5 - Thomas & Fr...
In today's storytime for kids, Cranky the Crane is very busy down at Brendam Docks, so Sir Topham Hatt decides to send Kevin from the Steamworks to help him. But Cranky doesn’t want any help, and Kevin has to work extra hard to prove he can be Really Useful.
10 min
The Story of Thomas The Tank Engine - Episode 3...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, Thomas works every day in the yard collecting coaches for the big engines. But the little tank engine has big dreams of pulling coaches on his very own branch line.
5 min
Thomas & the Beanstalk - Episode 2 - Thomas & F...
In this storytime for kids, Thomas tells his friends the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" before bedtime. The next day, while carrying a load of beans, Thomas has an accident and dreams about riding up a giant beanstalk to a land of giants high above the clouds.
10 min
Happy Birthday Thomas - Episode 4 - Thomas & Fr...
In this week's storytime, when Bertie won't race with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt sends him to the Steamworks, Thomas thinks he's not a Really Useful Engine anymore. But little does he know that Sir Topham Hatt and the rest of his friends are planning a surprise party to celebrate his birthday!
5 min
Steamie Stafford - Episode 1 - Thomas & Friends...
In this week's storytime, Stafford doesn’t run on coal and water like the steam engines. Instead, he runs off a battery, which is very quiet. So when Stafford overhears some children saying he doesn’t sound like a proper engine, he asks Thomas and Percy to teach him how to make the same chuffing sounds they do.
10 min
Thomas & the Monkey Palace [Sneak Peek!]
In this week's storytime, Thomas is pulling a cargo load of coconuts when he discovers an old palace and encounters some cheeky monkeys.
9 min
Thomas & Friends™ Storytime Season 1 Trailer
Join Thomas and his friends on a new adventure in Thomas & Friends Storytime, a new podcast series for kids featuring stories from the magical island of Sodor!
1 min